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2 Important Tips for Jungler Opponents of the Poor in the Early Game of Mobile Legends

Here are 2 tips that you can do if you want to make a poor opposing team jungler in the early game Mobile Legends.

As we know that the jungler hero is a hero who really needs farming from the early to the late game, so that his damage is sick and can be from the opponent jungler first.

To counter that, the most effective way is to make it poor or difficult to farm since the early game. And SPIN Esports has 2 important tips to make the jungler a poor opponent since the early game in Mobile Legends.

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Use Hero Tank Riot Buff

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These are the most common tips that you can do, namely pick a tank hero who can destroy the opponent’s buff easily. Especially their blue buff.

Tank heroes like Tigreal, Franco and Hylos are the best when it comes to destroying the opponent’s buff.

Take the Red Buff

Still related to the first reason, when your tanker hero is attacking the opponent’s blue buff. Then one or two of your team’s heroes take their red buff right away.

This makes the opposing jungler miss leveling very far from your team’s jungler.

Those are 2 important tips that you must do if you want to make a poor opponent jungler since the early Mobile Legends game.

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