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2 Easy Fighter Heroes Counter Ultimate Johnson Mobile Legends

You must know that these 2 fighter heroes can easily counter Johnson’s ultimate in Mobile Legends when they are active, who are they?

Are you users offlaner but afraid of Johnson? Because suddenly while being engrossed in fighting mechanics but was hit by him?

Calm down spinners, there are two fighter heroes that you can use as offlaners to overcome Johnson’s ultimate.

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Guaranteed when Johnson hits you with his ultimate, you won’t die and even turn things around. Who are the two fighter heroes?


MLBB Lapu Lapu

The first hero we highly recommend is Lapu-lapu, while activating his ultimate Lapu-lapu has a very high immune.

His body is immune from cc effects including from Johnson’s cc skill 3, so when Johnson is on ulti then you just press the first or second 3 Lapu-lapu skill, then instead of Lapu-lapu dying, Johnson can die right away.


Hero auto win mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Finally, there is Paquito, specifically for Paquito, he must cancel Johnson’s ultimate with his 3rd skill. Although Johnson will not be affected by cc and still Paquito who is affected by cc from Johnson’s collision.

However, the hero who is on Johnson’s body when Paquito is in skill 3 will be affected by a knock up effect from Paquito and this is very beneficial for Paquito because what is dangerous for Johnson is the hero in his body when he activates his ultimate.


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♬ suara asli – DENII – DENII

Those are the two Mobile Legends fighter offlaner heroes who can easily counter Johnson’s ultimate.

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