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2 Complete Ways to Play Friends Matches in PES Mobile 2022

eFootball PES 2022 does offer several match menus, one of which is the Friends Match. Then what is the way to play Friend’s Match in PES Mobile 2022? see more in the discussion this time.

Friends Match in PES Mobile 2022 is a match menu that brings you together with friends. Friend Matches can also be played close together or remotely.

There are two game methods in Friend Matches, including Friend List Matches and Local Matches. We will explain both in detail in the discussion section. Before that, there are several things that you must know before playing online with your friends.

First is the account or Owner ID. This information must be known before starting the match. Then make sure your internet connection is stable so that the opponent search process can run smoothly. In addition to these two things, below, the Game has prepared how to play Friend’s Matches, the causes of problematic Friend’s Matches to tips on how to smoothly play Friend’s Matches on PES Mobile 2022.

Here’s How to Play Friends Matches in PES Mobile 2022 Using Network and Bluetooth

How to Play Friends Match in PES Mobile 2022

How to Play Friends Match in PES Mobile 2020

In playing Friend Matches in PES Mobile 2022 you need to know the Owner ID of other users. To get this data, you can ask your friends to open the Extra menu -> User Information. After that, ask them to copy the Owner ID and share it via WhatsApp. For more details, please refer to the procedure for playing the PES Mobile 2022 Friends Match below:

  1. Run the eFootball PES 2022 Mobile application.
  2. After that open the menu Extra -> User Information.
  3. Then tap Owner Search.
  4. Copy PES ID your friends on the menu Enter the Owner ID.
    Copy your friend's PES ID on the Enter Owner ID menu
  5. Then tap OK.
  6. If so, ask your friends to confirm Friend request.
  7. Next open the menu Competition -> Friends Match.
  8. Choose Friends List Match -> Other User Accounts / Your Friends.
  9. After that the system looks for the opponent’s account (the friend’s account that you invited earlier).
  10. If you have, then the display will change to the menu strategy.
  11. Use BEST FORMATION to beat the opponent.
  12. Have a nice play !.

How to Play Friends Match via Bluetooth

How to Play Friends Match via Bluetooth

In addition to the above method, you can also play Friend Matches via a Bluetooth connection. This method is quite effective for playing online with friends while in the area signal difficulty. To play PES Mobile 2022 Friends Match via Bluetooth, you can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open menu Match -> Friends Match.
  2. Tap menu Local Match.
  3. Choose allow on Turn on Bluetooth . pop-up.
  4. Then tap Make new.
  5. Then ask opponent for turn on Bluetooth push Reload.
  6. Wait for the system to match your account with your opponent (friend).
  7. If you have stayed set formation then the match will start immediately.

Why Can’t Find Opponents in Friends Match?

Why Can't Find Opponents in Friends Match

When playing Online on PES Mobile 2022, especially for Friends Match, some users often experience problems Can’t Find Opponent or Problem Connection. The disturbance is usually caused by several things as follows:

  • Internet connection is not stable.
  • There is a server disruption from PES Mobile 2022.
  • The Bluetooth of one of the users has not been activated (applies to Friend Matches via Bluetooth).

Tips for Playing Friends Match Online in PES Mobile 2022

Tips for Playing Friends Match Online in PES Mobile 2020

To get maximum fun when playing Online Friends Match on PES Mobile 2022, you need to apply some of the tips below:

  • Use a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi recommended).
  • Clean PES Mobile 2022 cache regularly.
  • Refresh Bluetooth before playing Local Match.
  • Avoid playing online while the phone is charging.
  • Try to play online at night after 10 pm. Because at that time the Internet signal is usually more stable.

Those are some ways to play Friends Match Online on PES Mobile 2022 that has successfully presented. Besides that, we also explain about the causes of the problematic friend’s match to tips for smooth playing online friend’s match on PES Mobile 2022.