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17 Ways to Overcome Lose Streak Mobile Legend 2022: Causes, Meaning, Tips

How to Overcome Lose Streak Mobile Legend – Playing games is fun and relieves fatigue after a tiring activity. And one game that is quite exciting is Mobile Legend (ML).

This game with the MOBA genre can be one of the games that can be played in your spare time. Many cool heroes that you need to have in order to win a game once.

But what is called a game, of course there is such a thing as defeat, but if you experience a losing streak then it is called a losing streak in Mobile Legend. Junebe those who have played are familiar.

So what if you experience a losing streak when playing Mobile Legends? What are the causes and how to overcome the losing streak in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, we will present in full the causes and how to overcome them.

What is Lose Streak Mobile Legend?

But before proceeding to the main discussion about what causes and how to overcome a losing streak when playing ML. First you need to know what it means to lose streak in ML games.

Where the losing streak in the Mobile Legend game is a losing streak, but usually this sentence will be used by gamers which, if interpreted, will be a losing streak in the game.

Cause of Lose Streak Mobile Legend

Cause of Lose Streak Mobile Legend

After knowing what it means to lose streak in the Mobile Legend game above, then let’s return to the discussion about what causes when playing ML you experience a losing streak or consecutive defeat. There are several factors, including:

1. Playing at Prone Hours (Solo)

First, you can play Mobile Legend at vulnerable hours, what is meant by vulnerable hours here is the time when many other players are playing Mobile Legends games.

The vulnerable hours are from noon to the afternoon, so it’s not recommended to play ranked mode solo at those hours.

2. Blind to the Map

Second, map blindness is also a problem when you lose streak. Where map blindness is a condition where you in playing the Mobile Legend game do not pay attention to the map / enemy position.

Players who are map blind will always move without a clear direction, so when the team is at war and tends to be easier to ganking.

3. Only Master One Role Hero

Third, ML’s losing streak also occurs when playing solo ranked mode. Not only the team factor that can cause a losing streak, but you yourself can be the main cause.

At least master at least 3 hero roles to be safe when playing solo. Why? The answer is because the team you get when playing solo ranked is often selfish in using heroes.

4. Greedy Buffs Without Concerning the Team

Fourth, players who don’t attach importance to the core hero in the team tend to be greedy for buffs and are very detrimental to the team. This is one of the causes of losing streak when you play Mobile Legends.

In general, this kind of player is very annoying and looks like a pro who thinks he is the greatest on the team even though the hero used is not a hero and doesn’t really need buffs.

5. Toxic While Playing

The five things that make losing streaks or losing streaks when playing Mobile Legends are toxic. When you are toxic to your team’s players, it will make the atmosphere of the game less or even less conducive.

This is what makes other players / players trolling you and don’t deny that the player you are toxic in will be AFK.

In general and experience when playing Mobile Legend, indeed some of the things above make a losing streak. However, from some of the causes above, there is also a bad mood and forced to be ranked.

How to Overcome Lose Streak Mobile Legend

How to Overcome Lose Streak Mobile Legend

When you manage to find out what the cause of your losing streak is when playing Mobile Legend, the next thing you just need to know is how to overcome the losing streak. There are several ways to overcome a losing streak when playing ML, among others, such as:

1. Play Squad

The first solution is to play with a squad, when you play with a squad, certain factors will get a noob team that will disappear because you’ve played with a squad and clearly know each other’s skills from the squad players.

2. Mastering Multiple Hero Roles

The second way to overcome this can be done when playing solo is to master at least 3 Hero roles in ranked mode play. This is due to overcoming the selfish problem of team players.

There are many hero roles that must be mastered, but the most important are Fighter, Marksman and Tank. The three hero roles must be mastered so that later they win in the game.

3. Always Pay Attention to the Map

The third way to overcome is to always pay attention to the map properly and correctly. Paying attention to the map will be advantageous because it can monitor the enemy’s position.

That’s what can be used to rotate and gank enemy core heroes. When you do ganking, it will be very profitable for the team and there is a high possibility of victory in front of your eyes.

4. Give Buff to Hero Core

The way to overcome these four when you lose streak in Mobile Legends is to give a buff that is not too needed to the team’s Core hero. The goal is for Core heroes in the team to quickly build items and increase levels faster.

5. Don’t Be Toxic While Playing

How to overcome the five ML losing streaks can be done in a non-toxic way when playing. Because it’s very important for a toxic player to cause consecutive defeats, it’s better to give the team good support.

6. Make a Plan / Surprise

The way to overcome the six playing ML always loses streak is to make a careful and full of surprises planning. Please start by choosing the strongest hero in Mobile Legend, items and playing style. In addition, see also the opponent’s draft pick, is there anything that can be used or can be done to win.

7. Adaptation to the Game

The way to overcome the seven lose streaks in Mobile Legends is to adapt the game. That way, you must be able to adapt quickly in the game so that plans that have been planned but don’t go smoothly can be resolved.

8. Evaluation After Game End

The way to overcome the losing streak in ML games is to always evaluate after the game. Find out the main problems that cause Mobile Legends’ losing streak by looking at some of the ways to overcome the above.

9. Make more use of Meta

In addition to some of the ways to overcome the above, you also need to make more use of meta or abuse in Mobile Legend. This can be done from selecting heroes to item builds, because effective meta can help win the game.

Tips for Avoiding Lose Streaks in Mobile Legends

Tips for Avoiding Lose Streaks in Mobile Legends

In addition to the causes and remedies to overcome the ML losing streak above, you also need to know tips to win while playing. There are several tips that you need to know, including others such as:

  • Don’t force yourself to play vulnerable hours (solo), the hero isn’t okay, the team is toxic (squad) and other technicalities.
  • Always hold on to the belief and optimistic to win.
  • Do variations of playing by giving a surprise or plan B when plan A is less effective.


With the causes, how to overcome losing streaks and tips to win when playing Mobile Legends above, hopefully it can help all of you who are experiencing similar problems. Junebe that’s all that can provide about how to overcome ML’s losing streak and other related information.

Most importantly, always avoid the causes of losing streaks and pay attention to the tips we gave earlier. Good luck trying to play again and enjoy the fun and win ranked by paying attention to these things.