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17 Ways to Install Mobile Legends VNG on Android & Complete Terms

Lately, Mobile Legends VNG has often been the talk of many Mobile Legends players. Some have managed to install and play the game at the same time. So, for those of you, do you know how to install Mobile Legends VNG? If not, keep reading this article until the end.

Before we explain further, first you need to know that Mobile Legends VNG is different from ordinary Mobile Legends. To play Mobile Legends VNG, you need a supporting application in the form of a VPN.

In addition, for now, Mobile Legends VNG has only been played by Android users, so iPhone users are currently unable to enjoy the excitement of the game. If so, does that mean that Mobile Legends VNG is available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, you can download this version of Mobile Legends via the Google Play Store. It’s just that to do it is not as easy as installing games on Android in general. Here you need to fulfill several requirements. Instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Terms of Installing Mobile Legends VNG

Terms of Installing Mobile Legends VNG

For those of you who don’t know what Mobile Legends VNG is, so this game is the Vietnamese version of the Mobile Legends game. There are several differences between the regular ML and the VNG version of ML, starting from the choice of language, size, compatible devices and so on.

Especially for playing Mobile Legends VNG, here you are required to have several supporting applications, including:

  • Vietnam VPN App
  • OpenVPN App For Android

You can download and install these two applications for free through the Google Play Store. Later this application is useful so that Mobile Legends VNG can run or be played on your Android smartphone.

In addition, as we mentioned above, currently Mobile Legends VNG can only be played via Android devices that already support a minimum operating system of 4.1. So, make sure your smartphone supports the Android OS.

How to Install Mobile Legends VNG

How to Install Mobile Legends VNG

After listening to some of the requirements above, have you met all of them? If so, now let’s move on to the procedure for installing Mobile Legends VNG on Android. Here we have prepared a tutorial starting from downloading the Vietnam VPN application, setting and installing Mobile Legends VNG:

1. Open Google Play Store

Go to Google Play Store

First step please Go to Google Play Store on smartphones.

2. Search Vietnam VPN

Search Vietnam VPN
Search Vietnam VPN 2

Then in the search field please type Vietnam VPN. After that select Vietnam VPN from LWFD.

3. Install Vietnam VPN

Install Vietnam VPN
Install VPN Vietnam 2

Next press the button Install to install Vietnam VPN on smartphone.

4. Click Install

Click Install

If so, please open Vietnam VPN then on the main page you will find a display like the image above. Please click Install.

5. Install OpenVPN For Android

Install OpenVPN For Android

Then the display will switch as shown above. Please Install OpenVPN For Android.

6. Run OpenVPN For Android

Run OpenVPN For Android

After that open the OpenVPN For Android app then go to the tab menu Chart and tap the little square Use Logarithmic Scale in the lower left corner.

7. Apply Settings

Apply Settings
Apply Settings 2

Next switch to the Tab menu Arrangement then apply settings like the picture above.

8. Go to Settings

Go to Settings

Now exit OpenVPN For Android and go to Settings menu on smartphones. On the Settings page, please scroll down and select menu Apps.

9. Select Manage Apps

Select Manage Apps

Then select Manage Apps on the next view.

10. Search Google Play Store

Search Google Play Store

In the list of available applications, just search Google Play Storee.

11. Go to Storage

Go to Storage

Next go to the menu Storage.

12. Clear Google Play Store Data

Clear Google Play Store Data

Click button Clear Data at the bottom and select Erase All Data on the pop-up that appears.

13. Run Vietnam VPN

Run Vietnam VPN

After deleting Google Play Store data, now you canopen the Vietnam VPN app. On pop-up Attention you just tap the small box I trust this app then select OK.

14. Enable VPN

Enable VPN

Next click the icon Play for enable connection from Vietnam VPN.

15. Click OK

Click OK

Then click OK to confirm Connection Request. After that, wait for a while while the system searches until the screen says Connected.

16. Install Mobile Legends VNG

Install Mobile Legends VNG

If Vietnam VPN is active, then you just have to go to the Google Play Store and type Mobile Legends VNG in the search field. After that click Install to install the application on an Android smartphone.

17. Mobile Legends VNG Installed Successfully

Mobile Legends VNG Installed Successfully

Until here you have succeed download and install the Vietnamese version of the Mobile Legends game application (VNG). Have a nice play.

Advantages & Disadvantages of ML VNG

Now you know how to install Mobile Legends Vietnam on an Android smartphone. Then, do you also know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the game? If you don’t know, please see the full information below:


  • The application size is smaller, so it is lighter and can be played smoothly on potato cellphones
  • Often provides events with free Skin to Diamond prizes
  • Offers the same gameplay and fun as the regular version of Mobile Legends


  • The risk of getting a virus, because it can only be accessed through a VPN
  • No Indonesian option available
  • Unofficial, because Mobile Legends VNG is not marketed by Moonton, but by a Vietnamese developer named CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN VNG


That’s the explanation from about how to install Mobile Legends VNG on Android. In addition, above we also explained that to play this version of Mobile Legends, each user is required to install additional applications, namely Vietnam VPN and OpenVPN for Android.

We also keep reminding you that this Mobile Legends VNG might be able to invite various viruses to the device. Not without reason, considering that this game can only be accessed using a VPN and plus this version of Mobile Legends is not officially released by Moonton.