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16 Ways to Save Replays of Mobile Legends to Gallery Without an Application!!

When playing Mobile Legends sometimes players want to re-watch the results of a very exciting match. Therefore, in this game there is a feature to record the screen. In addition, there is also a way to save Replay Mobile Legends to the smartphone gallery.

To make a Replay Mobile Legend recording, you can do it without an application. So there are special features of Mobile Legend to meet these needs. In addition, you can also take advantage of the additional Screen Recorder application to record the screen during the Mobile Legend Match.

Regardless of the method used, here we will inform you that the recorded results of Replay Mobile Legend can now be directly saved to the Gallery. That way, you can re-watch Mobile Legend matches that have been previously recorded.

Then what is the way to save Replay Mobile Legends to the Gallery? Without needing to linger, just see the full explanation on how to save Replay ML to the Gallery, either without an application or using the following application.

How to Save Replay Mobile Legends to Gallery

How to Save Replay Mobile Legends to Gallery

As one of the best online games today, ML or Mobile Legend does provide more excitement for each player. As we mentioned above that Mobile Legends also offers many interesting features in it, including the screen recording feature to save Replays directly to the device Gallery.

Talking about the ability of the Mobile Legends application to capture the screen display so that match replays can be saved, you can take advantage of a feature called Highlights Recording.

By activating this feature, later you can record Replay Mobile Legends without the need for additional applications. After the Replay results are stored in the application, then you can save the Replay to the smartphone Gallery. If it’s still not clear, here we have prepared the procedure for activating Highlight Recording to save Replay Mobile Legends to the Gallery without an application:

1. Open Mobile Legends

Open Mobile Legends

The first step, please open the Mobile Legend application on the smartphone.

2. Enter the Settings Menu

Enter Settings Menu 1

Then on the main page please enter the menu Arrangement in the top right corner.

3. Select Highlights

Select Highlights

If so, then choose the menu Highlights

4. Enable Highlight Recording

Enable Highlight Recording

Then enable Highlight Recording feature (see image above). After that this feature is active, then all you have to do is match and then to record the game replay you can press the Record button in the lower left corner. Later the recording will be stored in the Replay Mobile Legends menu.

5. Go to Profile

Go to Profile

After successfully making a Mobile Legends Replay recording and wanting to save the Replay to your Gallery, just enter the menu Profile

6. Select Battlefield

Choose Battlefield

After that select Battlefield

7. Open Replay

Open Replay

Then select Replay on the Sub Menu that appears below it.

8. Save Replay

Save Mobile Legends Replay to Gallery

Now search Replay recording you want then click Keep. If so, please open My Replay and tap the icon Downloads to save Replay to Gallery.

How to Save Replay Mobile Legends Using Applications

In addition to the above method, saving Replay ML to the Gallery can also be done by using a supporting application called DU Screen Recorder. For those who don’t know, DU Screen Recorder is a screen recorder application that is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Through this application, you can capture the screen display during a Mobile Legend match without having to activate any features in the application. In addition, the results of the replay made will also be directly saved to the smartphone gallery. Curious about how to record and how to save Replay ML to the Gallery using the DU Screen Recorder application? Watch the tutorial directly below:

1. Run Mobile Legends

Run Mobile Legends

First, you run the Mobile Legends game first

2. Open the Profile Menu

Open the Mobile Legends Profile Menu

After that open the menu Profile

3. Tap Battlefield -> Replay

Tap Battlefield Replay

Then select Battlefield -> Replay

4. Define Replay

Define Replay

Define Replay recording which is already saved in the application then tap Keep. If you have, open the menu My Replay.

5. Activate DU Screen Recorder

Activate DU Screen Recorder To Record and Save Replay Mobile Legends to Gallery

After that, press the button Home on last smartphone open the DU Screen Recorder app and click Start Now to activate it.

6. Tap the Download Icon

Tap Download Icon

Then reopen the Mobile Legends application and tap the Download icon to run the Replay recording.

7. Start Screen Recording

Start Recording Mobile Legends Replay Screen

Next you stay record display on screen smartphone using the previously activated DU Screen Recorder.

8. Replay Has Been Saved to Gallery

Replay Mobile Legends Already Saved to Gallery

If you have, please slide the screen from top to bottom then tap the button Stop in the DU Screen Recorder app pop-up. After that, the recorded replay results will be live saved to Gallery.

Benefits of Saving Replay Mobile Legends to Gallery

Until here, you already know how to save Replay Mobile Legends to the Gallery. Next, you also need to know what the real benefits or goals of the above method are. So, saving Replays from Mobile Legends matches to the Gallery is useful for the following things:

  • Learn Fighting Tricks
  • Evaluating the Squad
  • Content needs


So that’s the procedure for saving Replay Mobile Legends to the Gallery that explained. To do the above method, you can take advantage of the Highlight Recording feature available in the Mobile Legends application.

Or you can also use a Screen Recorder application called DU Screen Recorder to record Replays while saving them directly to the Gallery. The above methods can be applied when Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook, OmeTV or other platforms.