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15 Ways to Install SSD on PS5 to Expand Storage

As a PS5 user, of course you have installed several games, both in Digital and Disc form. Each game that is installed will later take up storage space or Console Storage. Therefore, some people are looking for ways to install SSD in PS5.

By installing an additional SSD on the PS5, users can have more freedom in storing many games on the PS5. For those who don’t know, an SSD is an additional component that functions as a data storage space for games and applications on the PS5.

Unlike an external hard drive, the use of an additional SSD does not only store data, but stored applications can still be played. Or in another sense, game applications that were previously stored in Console Storage can be moved to an additional SSD.

Well, the question is how to install the SSD on the PS5? How much do PS5 SSD components cost? How much storage space capacity is offered? Well, regarding these questions, we have prepared complete answers below.

Additional SSD Price For PS5

As we mentioned above that every time you install a game application on the PS5, the Console Storage or the default storage space will decrease in capacity. Therefore, sometimes some users need additional storage space or SSD.

SSD capacity for PS5 itself varies, ranging from 500 GB to 2000 GB (2 TB). As for the price of the PS5 SSD, it is adjusted based on the capacity and brand of the SSD itself.

Well, as a recommendation, here we have information about some of the best PS5 SSD brands, including:

SSD BrandCapacityPrice
WD Black SN850500GBRp. 2,239,000
WD Black SN8501 TBRp. 4.450.000
WD Black SN8502 TBRp. 7,991,900
Samsung 980 PRO1 TBRp. 3,464,000
XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade1 TBRp. 2,699,000

As you can see in the table above, the price of the PS5 SSD is almost equivalent to the price of the PS5 in Indonesia. This is possible considering that this device is still new, or recently released by Sony, so the components needed for the PS5 are also still priced quite expensive.

How to Install SSD on PS5

How to Install SSD on PS5

Until here, you already know how much the PS5 SSD costs, please choose the brand and capacity of the PS5 SSD according to your budget and needs. If so, now we proceed to the procedure for installing an SSD on the PS5 to increase storage space.

Actually to install the PS5 SSD is very easy, you just need to open the back case and then open the SSD slot cover. To be more clear, just look at the complete procedure below:

1. Open PS5 Case

Open Case PS5 1

First of all please open case PS5 rear.

2. Remove the SSD Cover

Remove the SSD Cover

After that let go SSD cover using a screwdriver.

3. Remove the SSD Locking Bolt

Remove the SSD Locking Bolt

If it is already, remove the locking bolt SSD contained in the SSD slot.

4. Install SSD

Install SSD

Next you stay install SSD PS5 (see instructions in user manual).

5. Install the Locking Bolt

Install Locking Bolts

After that install the SSD lock bolt in the available holes.

6. Install the SSD Cover

Install the SSD Cover

Install the SSD cover as before then reinstall the PS5 Case.

7. Turn on PS5

Turn on PS5

If so, now turn on PS5 and turn on the DualSense Controller. Then select M.2 SSD Format and wait for the process to finish.

8. Select OK

Select OK

If a display like the image above appears, it means that the formatting process has been completed succeed and PS5 SSD installation is complete.

How to Move Games From Console Storage to PS5 SSD

As we mentioned above, installing an additional SSD on the PS5 aims to expand storage space. Besides that, this method is also useful so that games that were previously stored in Console Storage can be moved to an additional SSD.

Then how to move games from Console Storage to SSD? Without further ado, just take a look at the following tutorial:

1. Login PS5

PS5 Login

First step please PS5 Login as usual by selecting Profile.

2. Go to Settings

Go to Settings

After entering the main page, please go to the menu Settings.

3. Go to Games and Apps

Go to Games and Apps

Next select menu Games and Apps in Console Storage.

4. Select the Game You Want to Move

Select the Game You Want to Move

Then search game app in Console Storage by pressing the small box to the left of the game name. If you have, click Move.

5. Transfer Confirmation

Transfer Confirmation

Then a pop-up will appear on the screen Confirm game transfer from Console Storage to SSD. Please click OK for confirmation.

6. Wait for the Transfer Process

Wait for the Transfer Process

Next you stay waiting for transfer process until finish.

7. Done


Now game app succeed moved to the PS5 additional SSD.


That’s the explanation from on how to install an additional SSD on the PS5 to expand storage space. For those of you who don’t know the best PS5 SSD recommendations, above we have shared some recommendations.

In addition, to move PS5 game applications from Console Storage to SSD, we have also presented the procedure for doing so above. By adding an SSD on the PS5, then there will no longer be the term running out of storage space to install the best PS5 games that you want to play.