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15 Very Adorable Cat Games on Android

Junebe most people will choose a cat as a cute and adorable pet.

Playing with cats is very fun, especially if you are a lover of this cute four-legged animal. However, as technology develops and advances, you don’t need to have a cat to just play, just play this cat game!

A cat game where a game that takes the theme of a cat animal as the main actor. Of course it will be very exciting to play a game that has character cute like a cat.

These cat-themed games can range from talking cats imitating our voices, dressing up cats, and even virtual cat care games. Curious? Check out the following review.

1. My Talking Angela

my talking angela

After My Talking Tom, a virtual male cat, now comes with a female version named My Talking Angela. This cat game is not much different from My Talking Tom. The virtual cat Angela is also equipped with a feature where you can take care of and care for Angela.

In addition, Angela is also able to imitate any sound that comes out of your mouth. You can even dress up Angela’s virtual cat with dress even clothes like a woman.

Adorable, funny, and also quite a fun game to play, right? You can click here to get the game, it’s free!

2. Talking Tom Gold Run

talking tom gold run

This game is a cat-themed game with the concept of playing like Temple Run. Yes, you will play as Tom the cat who will keep running to get the gold that is on the road.

Every gold you pick up will be a point for you. The more gold you get, the more points you get for doing upgrade items other. Let’s play the game here.

3. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars


If cats generally act cute, sweet, and adorable, now is the time to see a cat full of action and courage in the game CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

In this game, you’re not going to make these cats as pets to feed. Instead, you’ll have to work on assembling and arming your cat’s “mount” so you can beat the rest of the cats.

Become the cat with the most powerful engine in the world and take on other players online on lineeither in a duel or a battle clan 3 x 3. What a unique game, isn’t it? Get CATS now via this link.

4. Bubbu


Bubbu, a virtual cat that you are ready to raise using only your Android smartphone. This cute and adorable cat will make the best and most unique virtual pet. Of course, as the employer, you are responsible for maintaining and completing all of Bubbu’s needs.

Bubbu the feisty cat will always be waiting for you to feed him, drink as well as shelter. It’s not just about eating and drinking, you also have to bathe it. Bubbu’s health and hygiene remains one of the most important things.

If you and Bubbu are tired of doing the same things, both of you can play by taking advantage of the 30 mini games that are ready to be played anytime. If you are interested in maintaining Bubbu, you can download it directly here.

5. Nyan Cat

nyan cat

The next cat game that is no less adorable and funny comes with the name Nyan Cat. This game has the concept of an adventurous cat game. You only need to collect the existing coins and then you can exchange them for items what the cat needs. You can exchange coins with power in the form of drinks and food.

And what’s unique about Nyan Cat is the graphics and animations it offers. Not 3D animation and not depicted as a real cat. The images presented seem funny and unique, only in the form of an ordinary picture but still interesting. Are you curious? Try playing the game here.

6. Cats & Soup

cats & soup_

This cat game comes with a fairly simple graphic display. Gameplayits easy too. This Cats & Soup game is intended for you cat lovers who want to relieve stress.

Your task in this game is to help the cute cats to make delicious warm soup. Apart from making soup, you can help these cats decorate their homes. Interested in Cats & Soup? Download the game here.

7. Kitten Match

kitten match

Next up, there’s Kitten Match. In this game, you will find a cute abandoned cat. Your job is to bring the cat home and take care of it.

You can feed him, bathe him and play with him. In addition to taking care of the cat, you also have to decorate the house so that it becomes even better. This one cat game can be downloaded for free via the following link.

8. Cat Games – Cat Collector!

paint collector_

This cat game is also very fun to play. You can keep more than 10 cats of different breeds. Make them grow up, invite them to play and feed your cats.

You can also enter your favorite cats in cat contests. Not only caring for cute cats, you can play mini games to get rid of boredom. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play this game and create a club together. Play Cat Game – Cat Collector! here.

9. Catapolis


This is an AR (Augmented Reality) game that can bring your pet cat in the game near you. Yes, you just need to activate the camera, then the beloved cat in the game will ‘appear’ in the real world.

Don’t forget to always invite them to play by scratching their stomachs or touching them. This fun cat game can be played for free. Download Catapolis via this link.

10. CatHotel

hotel paint

It’s not just humans who need hotel facilities, but pets like cats also need to be pampered with all the best 5-star hotel facilities. Yes, the CatHotel game is a game that will make you a hotel owner for cute and adorable cats.

Of course you will be asked and assigned to care for and serve the cats that come to visit.

Serve the best you can, starting from feeding him, caring for the cat, bathing and cleaning the cat, even supervising when the cat is busy playing. Unique and fun, right? Click here and get the game, it’s free!

11. Cat Room – Cute Cat Games

paint room_

In this game, you can raise various types of cute cats with different breeds. One of them is the Scottish Fold. You can feed them and invite them to play.

Don’t forget to invite your cat to meet pet cats from other players. Make the cats’ homes more comfortable with a variety of cat furniture. Interested in playing Cat Room? Download the game here right now.

12. Paint Condo

paint condo_

This one game allows you to build a Cat Condo from scratch. Yes, to add a new resident, you only need to combine one cat with another cat.

you will get rewards if managed to build a Cat Condo well. This cat game has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android users. Try playing the game by downloading it via this link.

13. My Little Cat – Virtual Pet

My Little Cat - Virtual Pet _

If this one game is suitable to be played with children. You can care for and care for the cute cat from small to large.

You can also bathe him, give your beloved cat a delicious treat, or take him out to play. Don’t forget to take your cat to bed if he’s sleepy, okay? Download and play the game My Little Cat – Virtual Pet here.

14. Cat Simulator: Kitty Family

Cat Simulator- Kitty Family _

If you usually take care of a cat in a game, in the game Cat Simulator: Kitty Family you will play the role of the cat.

Yes, you can take him to explore the city and help the residents. Plus, you can find a mate and mate, then build a cat family when you get to level 10.

Don’t forget to help the townspeople get rid of the naughty rats. Catch and defeat the rats before they run away and take the colony.

This game comes with a 3D graphic display that looks quite realistic. Are you interested in playing it? Download Cat Simulator: Kitty Family here.

15. Cat Diary – Cat Game

paint diary_

You could say, this game is similar to Cat Condo. Your task is to build a cat hotel and breed them to have lots of cute offspring.

The trick, just combine two of the same cat. Don’t forget to make your cats happy, by taking them to play and go for walks. The fun thing is, you can also dress up the cat and his house with various types of cute accessories. Download Cat Diary – Cat Game here.

Adorable, practical, and still fun, these are the ten reviews of the best cat games recommended by Carisignal. Well, you are also curious to play one of the games?

Oh yes, if you keep a cat at home, don’t forget to invite them to play this application for cats, OK?