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15 Unique and Best Fish Games on Android Phones

Are you interested in playing a unique and interesting game? Now Cari signal presents 15 unique fish games and of course also very fun to just fill the void of time.

Games that take the theme of animals, fish, this has many kinds. Starting from the game of whales, sharks, to games to keep fish in the aquarium.

Not only that, even the presentation gameplay provided by each game is quite interesting.

Do you think there are fish eat fish games, fish shooting games, or even shark eat people games? Find the answer in 15 unique and interesting fish games for your Android phone. Let’s see the following review.

1. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution, a game that carries the theme of animals, sharks, into the game. The game, which has been played and downloaded more than 6 million times on the PlayStore, presents a shark game that will eat anyone, especially humans.

You the player must be able to control the action of hungry sharks. However, besides being able to control the shark’s hunger, you also have to explore the underwater world to collect the uniqueness that exists in the sea.

You can also recruit baby sharks as shields so you don’t get eaten by the sharks. Curious? Download the game directly here.

2. Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Developer Even those who have a name like Ubisoft don’t want to lose in taking part in developing and creating a fish game that is challenging and interesting to play using an Android phone. Hungry Shark World, as the name implies, this game is a predatory shark game.

There are various types of missions offered by Hungry Shark World. And uniquely, this game is one of the open world games too, you know. Players can explore maps of the Pacific islands, Antarctica, and even the Arabian seas. Interested to play it? Directly download the game by clicking here.

3. Fishdom


This game is not a fishing or eating fish game. In Fishdom, you just have to match the pictures of the existing fish.

Sounds simple but quite addictive where every point you can can be used to decorate the aquarium display in Fishdom. Also, you can collect various types of fish that are unique according to the fish’s personality. Unique, right?

4. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

Unlike the Hungry Shark Evolution game, Fishing Hook is just a game for fishing in the ocean. Of course you have to get a wide variety of fish in the sea for your collection.

you will get rewards and achievements if managed to catch a large and rare fish. In addition to hunting big fish, the length of the fish’s body will also be calculated.

You also don’t have to worry about the language problem used by this Fishing Hook game. The reason is, the game developed by developer This mobirix provides about 16 different languages.

Other advantages and features, Fishing Hook offers a game offline without using the internet. Interested? Directly download the game here.

5. My Dolphin Show

My Dolphin Show

There are many types of fish, one of the interesting fish-themed games is dolphins. If you are interested in becoming a trainer for cute dolphins, then you can try playing the game My Dolphin Show.

Here, you will be made a trainer for dolphins. You have to prepare attractions that can make the audience satisfied and amazed.

Well, there are various kinds of attractions that are adjusted to the level. If you can reach a high level, of course you will get even better attraction tricks.

6. Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash

Back again with a fun fishing game to play on Android devices. This time the game is called Fishing Clash where you can catch various types of fish in rivers, seas, or lakes. Here, you have to fish quickly and precisely before first other anglers.

Uniquely, in this Fishing Clash there are several events interesting every week for the players. Besides the fun game, Fishing Clash also features 3D graphic animations that are quite good for Android games.

7. Ninja Fishing

ninja fishing_

This is a fish game where you have to compete in fishing with your opponents. There are more than 100 different species of fish that you can find. Uniquely, in this game you will fight for fishing a la ninja.

Ninja Fishing game can be downloaded for free on Google PlayStore. Until now, the game has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android users.

8. Hungry fish fun game


Next up, there’s As the name implies, in this game you play as a hungry fish that preys on other fish. However, while traveling in search of prey, you have to watch out for the big shark. Otherwise, it will eat you!

If you manage to prey on other fish, you will get stronger and bigger. You will also get rewards. If you play this game, don’t forget to complete the daily challenges, OK? Download Hungry fish fun game via this link.

9. Rapala Fishing

rapala fishing_

Rapala Fishing is perfect for those of you who want to try the sensation of fishing realistically through a game. This game comes with a fairly good graphic display, complete with gameplay the fun one.

You can take part in daily fishing tournaments and hone your fishing skills to become more proficient. Try playing the game Rapala Fishing here.

10. Fish Eaters

fish eaters_

This one fish game is no less exciting. You will initially play as a small fish. Your task is to make the fish strong and big. The method? Of course by preying on other small fish.

After evolving, you will be faced with the greatest enemy, namely the shark. Play the game here and be the winner.

11. Fish Mania

fish mania_

This fish game is released by ZenLife Games Ltd. Your task is to explore the ocean in the company of three different fish. You have to raise the fish by feeding them.

While exploring, don’t forget to find other fish too. You can create an aquarium filled with fish from the ocean. This game has many levels that you can play. Download Fish Mania via this link.

12. Fish Farm 3: Aquarium

Fish Farm 3- Aquarium _

Fish Farm 3: Aquarium allows you to build an aquarium containing various types of fish, both freshwater and saltwater fish. You can even take care of sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles.

This game has a fairly realistic graphic display. The fish also display movements like real fish. Download Fish Farm 3: Aquarium here.

13. Big fish eat small fish

Big fish eat small fish

Indeed, the game of fish eating fish is quite fun and challenging to just fill the void of time. Just like other predatory fish games, here you as a fish also have to eat other fish. The rule of this game is that the big fish will eat the small fish.

If you meet a bigger fish, you automatically have to avoid the big fish. Don’t let you be declared a failure in the game because you meet the big fish. How, you are interested in playing this game? You can download big fish eat small fish by clicking here.

14. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

In this Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium game, players will be asked to keep various kinds of fish in an aquarium.

Well, every fish you raise must be cared for, from feeding it to cleaning the aquarium. In addition to caring for, you can also sell the fish that you raise to earn money.

Meanwhile, the money you get from selling fish, you can use to buy new fish and decorate the aquarium again. Interestingly, in Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium there are more than 400 species of fish that can be collected. Fun and complete, huh? Come on, play the game here.

15. Fishing for Kids

Fishing for Kids

In accordance with the name of the game, Fishing for Kids is indeed more suitable if played by children. The reason is, Fishing for Kids has cute and adorable fish animations. In addition, Fishing for Kids is also given cheerful colors so that children like it.

For how to play it is very easy, players only need to fish and take fish in the ocean. However, each fish that is caught has its own score. If the fish is big, of course the score will be higher, and each score will be exchanged for coins for upgrade fishing equipment.

Well, above were 15 fish games that we recommend to play on Android phones. Which game is the most interesting and the most exciting in your opinion?