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15 Most Challenging Brain Games for Android Phones

Games are not just to entertain the players. Sometimes some games actually provide education or benefits for the players. You can choose the type of game that can make your brain performance even better, such as the 15 brain teaser games that we recommend this time.

Even these brain teaser games, some of which are games that can sharpen the right and left brain, some have the concept of being a logic puzzle game.

So, are there any brain teaser games with the concept of brain teaser quizzes, math games, and finding puzzles? Curious? Watch until the end of this article, OK!

1. Brain Out – Can you pass it?

brain out

Not only honing your logical way, Brain Out forces you to think creatively in solving problems. The commands in this game seem to try to trick you into giving the wrong answer. You have to try to think out-of-the-box to complete each challenge.

There are hundreds of levels that you can play in this game, it is guaranteed that you will be dizzy and “irritated”, and feel proud because you have successfully completed each level. absurd. Enjoy this brain teaser game by clicking this link.

2. Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle

roll the ball

Bitmango is quite successful in developing and launching a brain teaser game called Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle. This game is quite popular with more than 900,000 downloaders on PlayStore. You can play this game on Android phones and other Android devices.

Simple but quite brain draining, Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle only asks you to roll the ball. However, you must connect the pipes that are not yet connected. After all the pipes are connected, the ball will automatically roll according to the existing pipe lines. Interested? Download the game by clicking here.

3. Aa

brain teaser game

Games that make your brain honed quite well, namely by playing aa games. sound simple with simple graphic animations making it an easy game. However, in reality it is not like that. Indeed this game is very easy to play.

You just have to tap on each of the numbers that are at the bottom. Then, each number you tap will enter the circle in the middle. For the initial level it will be very easy, but in the higher levels you will find black lines in the circle.

Well, you have to tap each number without hitting the black line in the circle. Remember, that the circle will continue to spin, so you have to be extra focused to play it. Curious? Click here.

4. Tile Connect

tiles connect

In this game you have to connect tiles with a large number of pairs of pictures in a limited time.

When you destroy all the tiles on the board, you can win the level. Interestingly, you can see a collection of various pictures on the tiles: cute animals, fresh fruit, cakes, clothes, vehicles, toys, etc.

Other features include a sign map: 20+ constellations representing each chapter, easy rules to play: tap the tiles and connect them as fast as you can, auto save and offline so you can play anytime and anywhere, etc. Download the game right now here.

5. Unblock Me FREE

unblock me

No less exciting and having to be extra focused as well as having strong logical power, Unblock Me FREE is one of the best brain teasers of our choice. Game made by developer Kiragames is enough to attract the attention of Android users by reaping more than 600,000 downloads.

Simple, this game will not make you difficult in how to play. However, each level will be more challenging. In the game Unblock Me FREE, all you have to do is let the red blocks go outside.

However, the brown blocks will get in the way. Your task is to move the brown blocks so they don’t block the path for the red blocks. Can you do it? Prove it by clicking here.

6. Infinity Loop

infinity loop

Merging irregular lines into a neat block arrangement is a task that can be done by playing this one brain teaser game. Infinity Loop, as the game was developed by developer Infinity Loop.

This game is also classified as being able to hone your focus as well as hone your logic. The reason is, it is not easy to combine ruffled lines with different curved shapes into a neat arrangement of blocks.

Do you feel capable of doing it? Try and prove it by playing the game Infinity Loop, click here to download.

7. Brain It On!

brain it on

Sharpen your brain with Brain It On! Not much different from the Brain Dots game. It’s just that this game made by Orbital Nine Games has more variations in difficulty levels that are not easy or challenging. Brain It On! will ask the player to describe what was ordered.

So for example there is an order to roll over a glass, you have to make an image that makes the glass will roll over. Also, there is a challenge where you have to put 2 balls into the glass, then you have to make a picture to push the two balls into the glass. It’s fun and challenging, let’s try it here.

8. 2048


Another brain teaser game is now coming with the name 2048. Yes, this game is completely filled with numbers. Don’t worry, you are not asked to count or add up the numbers until 2048. You just need to combine the same numbers to get a higher score.

How to play is easy, you just need to slide the numbers. For example, the number two is shifted to the right or to the left.

However, every time you move a number, there will always be a new number. Do not let you fill all the boxes with numbers. You can combine the same numbers. Interesting and fun, let’s play 2048 by clicking here.

9. Guess the Picture

guess the picture_

This brain teaser game is very popular among Android phone users. Guess the Image has been downloaded by more than five million people.

This game has simple puzzles. You just need to guess the existing picture. Later, there will be vocabulary that explains the picture that has been guessed. In the game, you can work on problems according to the level.

The fun thing is, at the end of each game, there is a ‘boss’ that you must defeat. Interested to play this game? Download Guess the Picture here.

10. Easy Game

easy game

Easy Game is a fun brain teaser game to play. This game has many puzzles that you have to solve with logic. For example as in the image above. You have to help the person to find the right solution.

At first glance, this game looks easy. However, the longer the level of difficulty will increase. Not only can you sharpen your brain, you can also train your concentration and memory by playing this game. Download Easy Game for free here.

11. Peak


The Peak brain teaser game is the result of the developer’s collaboration with researchers from several well-known universities in the United States, including New York University.

Peak brings you more than 20 fun brain teasers. There are games to sharpen memory, problem solvingmathematics, and much more.

You can also monitor the progress of the brain teasers in this game. Try Peak by downloading it via this link.

12. Skills


Next, there are Skills. This brain teaser game offers lots of puzzles for you to solve. Among them, such as finding cards, analyzing lines, pressing numbers in a certain order, and much more.

The fun thing is, you can play this game with more than one other player. So, you can invite friends or family members to play together and compete for the highest score.

With this game, you can hone your brain skills, train your memory and train your reflexes. Try the Skills game here.

13. Case Hunter

case hunter_

The Case Hunter game invites you to hone your brain skills by solving mysterious things in the city. One of them is to solve a mysterious case.

This game has a cute graphic display, with cute cartoon characters. Even so, the puzzles in the game are still challenging.

The excitement of the game is also supported by good sound effects. Interested in playing Case Hunter? Download the game via this link.

14. Memorado


Memorado is a brain teaser game on Android that is no less interesting than the other games we’ve discussed. Memorado itself has more than 10 brain teasers with 300+ different levels of play.

This game allows you to sharpen your brain with five different concentrations: logic, memory, concentration, speed and reaction.

The Memorado app also provides daily workouts to improve your skills. In this application there is also a Duel Mode which allows you to play brain teasers with friends or family. Download Memorado by clicking on the following link.

15. Braindom 3

braindom 3_

Next up, there’s Braindom 3. This game features fun puzzles that increase in difficulty as your level gets higher.

Some of the games in Braindom 3, for example, are looking for certain objects that are stacked in a picture, mathematical puzzles, guessing who killed a victim, and much more. Want to try the game? Download Braindom 3 here.

So, what do you think about the 15 best and best brain teasers above? All these games can be played from various groups including children. Which brain teaser game would you like to play?