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15 Best Games for Girls on Android Phones

Dressing up, cooking, even up to shopping is a common thing that is usually done by women.

Not only adults, girls also enjoy doing these three things. Of course, doing things like dressing up, cooking, and shopping not actually done by children. They can do it with these 15 games for girls.

This time, Carisignal is aiming for a game that is intended for girls. We’ve summarized them into 15 games for girls that are fun and fun to play on Android phones. Want to also download the ten games specifically for girls? Just take a look at the following reviews.

1. My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

My Little Pony- Harmony Quest _

This game for girls is fairly popular on Android. My Little Pony allows players to complete missions against criminals in several regions of Equestria.

As the game progresses, the player can collect all six cute ponies. Some of these ponies became captives and had to be rescued.

The ponies in this game have special powers. One of them is Twilight Sparkles which is able to solve puzzles and move objects. Try the game My Little Pony: Harmony Quest here.

2. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures _

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is arguably one of the best girls games on Android. Until now, the game has been downloaded by more than 30 million users, you know.

In this game, kids can help Barbie to decorate her house. In addition, children can also try to cook delicious food recipes, do makeover to Barbie friends and much more. Download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures here.

3. Squishy Slime

squishy slime_

Children are very happy to play with slime. Did you know, now they can play slime via cell phone. There is a Squishy Slime game that you can try. This game allows children to play slime with various shapes, textures and colors.

In this simulation game, children can not only make slime in accordance with the wishes. They can also play slime which has been made as in the real world.

Slime These can be pulled, pinched or pressed according to the child’s wishes. Sounds interesting, right? Try Squishy Slime by downloading it via this link.

4. Super JoJo: My Home

Super JoJo- My Home _

Game Super JoJo: My Home is also suitable for girls to play. In this game, children will learn to identify each member of the JoJo family.

Not only that, they can also help the JoJo family in carrying out their daily activities, such as brushing teeth, playing games, caring for pets, washing their faces, and much more.

By playing this game, children are expected to be able to learn these daily activities to be applied in real life. Download Super JoJo My Home by clicking on the following link.

5. Mermaid Coloring Book Glitter

mermaid coloring_

In the past, parents provided drawing books containing sketches that were ready to be colored, now there are drawing book applications for children that you can try on Android phones.

One of them is Mermaid Coloring Book Glitter. This application allows children to learn to color with mermaids as objects. There are more than 20 images ready to color, with 90 glitter stickers and various color palettes.

Through this game, children can hone their creativity in the field of art while enjoying the game. Try Mermaid Coloring Book Glitter here.

6. Makeup Games: Makeover Salon

makeover games_

Another game for girls is Makeup Games: Makeover Salon. Girls can try out the work of salon owners in the game.

Children will try to serve customers who want to do spa-style body, hair and facial treatments in a real salon.

Some forms of treatment that can be applied in this game are applying face and hair masks, applying lotion and do nail care. This exciting game can be downloaded for free via the following link.

7. Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash

masha and bear cooking dash_

Who doesn’t know Masha and the Bear? This children’s cartoon series from Russia is so loved because of the excitement of the story. The main character of this cartoon series is a little boy named Masha who befriends a bear.

Not only in the cartoon series, children can play with Masha and the Bear through Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash.

This is a girls game that allows the player to manage a cafe and make delicious dishes for Masha’s friends.

Players will be faced with different levels of the game, with different recipes of course. For your information, this one game is suitable to be played by children aged 2 to years. Download Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash here.

8. Momo’s Dress Up

momo's dress up_

Next up, there’s Momo’s Dress Up. This game which was released in 2022 offers a dress up and dress up game which is very easy to play.

In this game, players are required to dress the doll as beautiful as possible. There are several fashion items that can be chosen to enhance the appearance of the doll.

For example, there are skirts, blouses, shoes, various wigs and much more. Players can do mix and match so that the doll’s appearance becomes more beautiful.

Not only dress up dolls, in this game players have to collect cute items too. Interested to try this game? Download directly Momo’s Dress Up here.

9. Cupcake Maker

cupcake maker_

Through this game, children can learn how to make cakes, especially cupcakes. They will do one step at a time to cook the cupcakes. Starting from processing the ingredients to baking them.

The last stage of the game is to decorate the cupcakes that have been made. Children can hone their creativity in playing with colors by decorating cupcakes in Cupcake Maker. Download this exciting game for girls via the following link.

10. Candy House Cleaning

candy house cleaning_

This game can teach children how to clean the house. They can try level after level of the game, performing different tasks to clean the house.

These include taking out trash, cleaning bathroom tiles, sweeping dust, and much more.

Not only cleaning the house, children can also learn to beautify the interior of the house by decorating it. They can add a variety of furniture, install photo frames, roll out rugs, and much more. Try Candy House Cleaning here.

11. Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner has the concept of playing like the Temple Run game, only one character in this game princess so maybe girls like it more because it shows a girl who is stylish. It’s simple, players just need to run to avoid being chased and don’t get caught.

During your run, you have to pick up every coin that is scattered on the street. You can collect these coins and become your points.

The more coins you get, the bigger the score you get. If you are interested in playing this game, please directly click here to download it.

12. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Who the hell girl who doesn’t recognize franchise Candy Crush Saga? Its popularity, which skyrocketed at the time of its release, has made it very attractive to various groups of people, especially women. Well, this one is Candy Crush Soda Saga which also offers other types of games 3-match combos.

Candy Crush Saga also has a variety of game modes that you can enjoy such as Episode Race for those of you who want to play competitively with friends, or cooperative game modes to get various rewards.

This game is really easy to play, but also still offers challenges that are difficult to pass. Interested? Get Candy Crush Soda Saga via this link.

13. Hello Kitty Nail Salon

Hello Kitty Nail Salon

From the name of the game, surely you can already guess that this game does have elements of the Hello Kitty character. Yes, here players will do nail makeup, starting from nail polishing, to providing sweet accessories on the customer’s fingernails.

There are many choices of nail polish colors available at Hello Kitty Nail Salon, ranging from bright colors to colors with bling-bling ornaments.

14. Baby Panda’s Fashion Dress Up Game

Baby Panda's Fashion Dress Up Game

As the name implies, this game will invite players to make beautiful clothes and stylish.

Here, players will act as a cute and adorable panda. Even though he is a panda, the panda has the talent to be a designer. The task of the player is only to make clothes as good as and according to creativity without any limitations.

To make clothes, Baby Panda’s Fashion Dress Up Game also provides various tools for measuring clothes, forming patterns, cutting cloth, and other necessities. In fact, this game has also prepared a variety of interesting accessories so that the clothes can look even more beautiful. Exciting, right? Come on, play the game here.

15. Supermarket Games

Game Supermarket

Judging from the name, hell, maybe you can already guess the meaning of Supermarket Game. Yes, here players will be asked to shop, starting from carrying a trolley, picking up some groceries, to paying for it at the cashier.

So, this game is also suitable for those of you who want to educate children about shopping procedures at the supermarket or who want to play games shopping/shopping. Interested? Download here.

That’s the excitement of a collection of games for girls that can be the best choice. All of these games are unique and will certainly be very fun for girls to play. How, have you determined the game you want to download?