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15 Best Games for Elementary Children on Android Smartphones

Parents often feel worried when giving smartphones or tablets to children, especially children who are still underage. In fact, when children play games, parents are afraid that the game contains elements of violence, pornography, or even other criminal behavior.

So, is there a game that is completely free from these negative things so that it is suitable for children to play?

Well, the solution for parents who always feel worried when choosing games for their children are some educational games. Carisignal will provide recommendations regarding games for elementary school children on Android that are very educational. So, parents don’t have to worry when their little ones play this game.

1. Toca Life World

Toca Life World _

Toca Life World is a game for elementary school children that can be played on Android phones. Later, the children will play a funny character. The character must explore the world of Toca and manage a city called Bop.

In Bop Town, children will meet many other characters and interact with them. Children can also visit several places in Bop City, such as salons, malls, apartments, and many more.

Children can also learn how to design a house and build a city. Try to download the game Toca Life World here.

2. Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop

Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop_

Strawberry Shortcake Sweetshop is a cooking game for kids developed by Budge Studios.

In this game, children will learn how to manage a dessert shop owned by Strawberry Shortcake. They have to help Strawberry to make a delicious sweet dish.

The food recipes in this Strawberry Shortcake game can even be practiced in the real world, you know. This game was released in 2014 and until now there have been more than 50 million Android users who have downloaded it.

3. Coloring and Learning

Coloring and Learn_

This is a coloring game that can be played by elementary school children. They can try to color more than 100 different objects. There are animals, cars, letters, dinosaurs, and much, much more.

While coloring, kids can learn the names of the objects too. In this game there is also a neon coloring option, you know. Oh yes, children’s fine writing skills can also be improved through this exciting game. Download Coloring and Learn game here.

4. Hello Kitty’s Nail Salon

Hello Kitty's Nail Salon _

Next up, there’s Hello Kitty’s Nail Salon. This is a game salons for kids popular on Android. In the game, children can learn to decorate their fingernails with beautiful paints. They can also add cute stickers on their nails.

Uniquely, the nails decorated in this game can use real fingernails. The trick, just upload a photo of the child’s fingernails, then start decorating the nails as desired. Try Hello Kitty’s Nail Salon game by downloading it here.



This game is actually intended for early childhood. However, that doesn’t mean elementary school kids can’t play it. Yes, this Lego game can of course be played by your children over the age of 5 years.

This game will invite children to learn to understand social skills with rescue missions, to hone their imagination and creativity.

LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is a multi-award winning educational game for kids. One of them is the KAPI Awards for the Best Application category. Download the game via this link.

6. PAW Patrol Rescue World

PAW Patrol Rescue World _

The cute characters in this game are inspired by a cartoon called PAW Patrol which was broadcast on Indonesian television. Kids can try to help the master dogs complete their missions.

Yes, PAW Patrol Rescue World will take your child on rescue missions in the city and earn rewards. This game can be downloaded for free, but there are in-app purchases. Try PAW Patrol Rescue World here.

7. My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game

my chicken pet_

My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game allows kids to learn how to care for and raise a virtual pet, a cute chicken. Children can invite the chicken to play, bathe, and also give him food.

Apart from raising the chickens, even the kids can try to play more than 20 mini games in this game. Children can also know how to grow crops in the garden, you know. Try the fun of My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game here.

8. Math games for kids ages 5-12

math games for kids ages 5-12_

Learning mathematics is now more exciting since the presence of various types of educational games for this subject. One of these games is a math game for children aged 5-12 released by RV AppStudios.

In the game, children will learn about arithmetic operations, such as subtraction, addition, division and multiplication with more fun. There are several types of games that they can also try.

In order to make the game more fun, children can invite their friends to play this game with this mode multiplayer. Download the game via the following link.

9. Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World _

This game will take children to know what it’s like to be a machinist. Yes, the child will be assigned to take the passenger train from its place of origin to its destination.

Games released by The Voxel Agents can be downloaded for free, but there are in-app purchases. Try playing the game here.

10. Doctor Kids

doctor kids_

Doctor Kids is another game for elementary school kids on Android that kids can play. This game requires the child to play the role of a doctor in a clinic. The doctor will help some sick pediatric patients.

Through this game, children can learn to know the profession of a doctor and what he does to cure diseases. For example, treating a patient with a toothache. Download the game now via this link.

11. Jurassic Rescue:Games for kids

Jurassic Rescue-Games for kids _

Yateland recommends this game for kids. Yes, in this game, children will go on an exciting adventure with T-Rex to find some trapped dinosaurs.

Besides being able to play, they can also learn about various types of dinosaurs. This game is equipped with child-friendly graphics and sound effects. Jurassic Rescue: Games for kids can be downloaded for free here.

12. Monster Truck Games for Kids

Monster Truck Games for Kids _

This game comes from the Yateland developer as well. Monster Truck Games for Kids is a kid-friendly car racing game with a monster truck as the vehicle.

Kids will take part in exciting adventures and races on three different maps. Of course, every map of this location is guarded by a creepy boss. Kids can choose one of 12 cool monster trucks in the game. Amazingly, this game can be played offline.

13. Learn English + Voice

Learn English + Voice _

Learning English becomes fun with this educational game. Invite your child to know more than 10 topics of conversation in English.

Through the game Learn English + Voice, children will be able to learn English easily. What’s more, this game comes with beautiful animations eye-catching and also sound.

Children can solve puzzle contains a noun or other written in English. Download Learn English + Voice via the following link.

14. Sholeh Children’s Game

pious child game_

Yes, this game is intended for Muslim children who want to learn religion in a fun way. Children can learn how to perform ablution, pray, learn hijaiyah letters, and much more.

There are also exemplary stories that can be told to children in this application. Don’t forget to invite them to finish mini games which is fun too. Download the Sholeh Kids Game for free here.

15. Elementary Exam Questions

Elementary Exam Questions

Even though the name is the same, the SD Exam Question game made by Solite Kids is different from the game discussed in the first point. This game is designed with various questions that can be done for practice before school exams or National Examinations.

There are various questions from the subjects of Mathematics, Indonesian, English, Social Sciences, Science, and PPKn. Uniquely, in this SD Exam Question, features are also provided try-out.

There is also a discussion of exam questions so that children can better understand each question that is worked on. Then, at the end of the game you can print certificates and test report cards.

These 15 games for elementary school children are not just ordinary games. This educational game will help children learn and achieve brilliant achievements. Come oninvite your children to play all the games above.