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15 Best Early Childhood Educational Games on Android Phones

Not only aims to relieve fatigue or entertain the players. Some games that can be played on Android devices can also provide good education for children, adults and even children who are categorized as early childhood.

For preschool children, Carisignal is now reviewing 15 educational games for preschool children that are suitable and appropriate for their age.

Early childhood educational games have the same function and purpose as math games or brain teaser games.

The purpose of all these games is to make children feel happy to learn new things and of course it is adjusted to their age. So, what about the educational games for preschoolers on the Play Store? Read this article to the end, OK!

1. Baby Panda World

15 Best Early Childhood Educational Games on Android Phones 1

With a rating of 3+, Baby Panda World is a game suitable for children aged 8 and under. In this game kids can play any role they want, such as police, doctor, chef, pilot, and many more.

In this game there are also 100 fun areas for kids to explore! They can enjoy shopping in supermarkets or go to amusement parks which have many entertainment facilities.

If girls like to dress up, they can be a stylist and create a stylish look. Or if they like farming, they can raise livestock, and grow fruit and vegetables. Download Baby Panda World.

2. Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Painting, Glow Draw

Coloring Games- Coloring Book, Painting, Glow Draw_

This game is specifically for children 3 years and over and has been approved by the teachers. Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Painting, Glow Draw allows your little one to learn to recognize colors, and add colors to existing images.

There are three different drawing modes in the game. There are coloring by paint mode, glow pen, drawing mode and coloring by number mode. This game provides more than 50 objects that can be colored. Try the game here.

3. Baby Games: 2,3,4 y. Toddlers

Baby Games- 2,3,4 y.  Toddlers_

As the name implies, this game is intended for children aged two, three and four years. In the game, there are more than 10 games that your little one can try. One of them is taking care of cute animals.

This game has a graphical display and simple controls, making it suitable and safe for children to play. In addition, Baby Games: 2,3,4 y. Toddlers have been approved by experts in their fields. Download the game via this link.

4. ABC Kids

ABC Kids educational game for preschool children

This early childhood educational game is here and brought in by developer RV AppStudios. This game called ABC Kids has a concept and specializes in educating children to recognize letters only.

There are no other concepts and that makes this game more focused on one topic.

Children will be facilitated in memorizing also recognize the letters. Not only that, interface as well as interesting animated presentations are also designed so that children feel happy and also feel at home in learning letters.

Don’t forget to also embed ABC Kids features for how to pronounce each letter that has been shown. Want to download? Click here.



LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is a game for young children that will help hone their creativity.

Kids can play more than 5 different games. Such as exploring space, following certain scenes, carrying out rescue missions, and much more.
The LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD game won several awards, you know.

One of them is the 2022 Kidscreen Awards for the Best Educational Application category. The game also has a good graphic display colorful and suitable for children aged 2-5 years. Try the game here.

6. 384 Puzzles

384 Puzzles

Playing puzzles is one way that children can learn while playing. This is then used as a concept to make early childhood educational games. 384 Puzzles, takes a simple concept but is quite attractive to children. Not difficult and tend to be very fun for children.

384 Puzzles only asks children to arrange puzzle pieces and then arrange them into a blank picture. For example, there is a picture of a giraffe but it is just blank.

Well, on the side there are several pieces of giraffe images that must be arranged. Easy isn’t it? If you are interested in downloading it, click here.

7. ABC Song Rhymes Learning Games

ABC Song Rhymes Learning Games _

This is one of the best educational games for Kindergarten and PAUD kids on Android. ABC Song Rhymes Learning Games was released by Kidzooly in 2022 and has been downloaded by more than 3 million users.

By playing this game, your little one can learn many things. These include recognizing numbers and letters through children’s songs, learning to recognize musical instruments, compiling puzzles, and learning mathematics specifically for children. You can download the game via the following link.

8. Kids Games: KidloLand

Kids Games- KidloLand _

Want to teach your child to speak in a fun way? Try this game from KidloLand. Through this game, your little one can learn his first words through flash cards.

Not only that, there are also children’s songs that can be sung together. Children can also recognize the alphabet and numbers through the available songs. You can also teach him to color different types of objects.

Kids Games: KidloLand has been tested to be safe for children under 5 years of age to play. This game has won several awards. One of them was the Mom’s Choice Award in 2022.

9. Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

Thomas & Friends - Go Go Thomas_

There’s no one who doesn’t know the cartoon character Thomas, right? Thomas is the main character of the Thomas & Friends cartoon that has aired since 1984 until now. Thomas himself is a cartoon character in the form of a train.

Well, not only through the cartoon series, children can also learn many useful things from the game. One of the games that can be played is Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas.

In this game, children will be invited to go on an adventure with Thomas and his friends. Their job is to drive these cute trains. There are some folder which your little one can explore with Thomas and friends. Download the game Thomas & Friend: Go Go Thomas here.

10. Math Kids: Math Games For Kids

Math Kids- Math Games For Kids _

This game is suitable for those of you who want to teach your little one about math. Math Kids: Math Games For Kids from RV Apps has several mini games related to math.

By playing it, you can help your little one to learn to recognize numbers, as well as hone his logic skills. Your little one will learn to count using fruits or objects.

Try playing the game with your child right now. Download the game Math Kids: Math Games For Kids via this link.

11. My Town: Preschool kids game

My Town- Preschool kids game _

Well, if this game can be said to be a preschool simulation game. Yes, by playing My Town: Preschool kids game, kids can feel how fun school is and do lots of activities with teachers and friends.

Children can explore several places in the school, such as classrooms, nursing rooms, canteens, and many more. Of course, each room has its own activities. For example, in the nursing room, your little one can find out how to care for a sick friend.

This one game is suitable for children under 5 years of age to play with parental assistance.

12. ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+

ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+_

Next up, there’s ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+. As the name implies, this game is intended for children aged 2 years and over.

Inside the game, there are several fun games to learn numbers and letters. There are also games that will introduce children to certain forms. Even children can learn to color and draw.

There are more than 200 pictures that your little one can color, you know. Download ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+ here.

13. Learn to Read: Kids Games

Learn to Read- Kids Games _

This game focuses on teaching children to read. Inside, there are several exciting game modes. One of them is Learn to Spell to introduce children to spelling.

It’s easy, the child just fills in space blank with a certain letter. There is also a Sentence Maker that will help children learn to compose sentences. Download the game Learn to Read: Kids Games via this link.

14. Complete Kindergarten and PAUD Learning Applications

Complete Kindergarten and PAUD Learning Applications _

This game was released by the developer Solite Kids, who often releases games for children. You can invite your little one to learn many things, such as reading, learning to recognize animal names, hijaiyah letters, and others.

In addition to learning, children can also play several games, such as matching objects, guessing animals, practicing concentration, guessing letters and numbers, to assembling railroad tracks. The game can be downloaded for free here.

15. Piano Kids

Piano Kids

Learning doesn’t just mean counting or drawing. You can also increase your child’s creativity through music. Well, if you want to teach children the basic notes in music, maybe you can download this Piano Kids game.

Why? In this Piano Kids game, children will be freed to press buttons like they are playing the piano. Also, each key is assigned a tone ranging from do until do again. How, interested to download it?

Well, that’s a collection of educational games for preschoolers, the best and the best version of Carisignal. So, you don’t have to bother bringing your children to preschool.

The reason is, you can also teach children while playing one of them by playing the 15 games that have been mentioned. What do you think?