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15 Best Apps to Learn Various School Lessons

Not only applications for learning mathematics to support students to make learning easier. However, applications to support learning various subjects are needed by all students, from high school, junior high, to elementary school children.

No need to bother spending millions of dollars to come to the course. Taking advantage of the Android smartphone you have is enough to learn all subjects.

Therefore, this time Carisignal will discuss 15 applications for learning various school subjects. What are they? Check out the following review.

1. Ruangguru

Teacher's room

Want an app to study at once with tutors and tutors guiding? This one application may be for you. Because this application provides private lessons via online. Ruangguru provides a variety of subjects ranging from elementary, middle, and high school.

In the application, users can conduct Q&A sessions with teachers or tutors directly either via chat and video calls. Thousands of study videos to prepare for exams can be watched by students.

Indeed, to download the Ruangguru application is free of charge. However, for uses such as private chat, video calls with tutors, there is a separate fee. Interested? You can directly download it here. You can also find out how to use the teacher’s room application in this article.

2. Zenius


Zenius is another popular learning service in Indonesia. Zenius also provides online learning applications that can be used by students of all levels. So far the Zenius application on the Play Store has been downloaded by more than one million users with a high rating.

Zenius presents learning programs according to the current school year. The program is designed according to student learning needs, from studying school subject matter to preparing for exams.

In its application, Zenius offers several learning features, Zenius Aktiva, Zenius Optima, and Zenius Ultima. Interestingly, the video content for learning school materials and a collection of questions and answer keys on Zenius can still be accessed for free. This is one of Zenius’ advantages over other learning services in Indonesia.

3. Brainly

Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Although this application is based on English, Brainly Homework Help & Solver is a completely free application to support students in solving various problem cases.

With this application, students are freed to ask questions about subjects they don’t understand, such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, to music lessons. So, it really helps, right?

4. Quipper


Quipper is one of the best learning apps on Android. This app was released by in 2014 and is still popular today.

Quipper provides a large selection of plain material, as well as video material from different school subjects. There are math, science, social studies, and many more. There are more than 5000 practice questions that you can do too.

If you need extra help while studying, you can count on SUPER Teacher. These SUPER Teachers are professional teachers who will help you to understand the subject matter more easily and not be boring.

5. Qanda


This application is devoted to finding answers to complex math problems. You just need to take a picture of the math problem you want to solve using your phone’s camera in the Qanda app.

Well, after the answer is found, you can try asking for an explanation from the professional teachers in this application. Besides being able to solve problems, in the Qanda application you can learn some additional material through free classes. Try the Qanda app here.

6. Edmodo


Learning does not mean students have to sit in class or attend expensive courses. The reason is, the Edmodo application is able to make students learn from home online and real-time.

They can also chat with the teacher to discuss solving problems, homework, or exams. So, if you need the Edmodo application, you can directly download it here for free.

7. Smart Class

smart class

Smart Class is another online learning solution that has been used by more than one million Android users. This application can be used by elementary, middle, and high school students. They can learn according to their respective characters, both visually, audio, and kinesthetically.

Smart Class has several features. Two of them are Learn which contains comprehensive learning materials with deepening of learning concepts, animated videos, interactive multimedia and e-books and Practice for concept strengthening through practice questions in the form of HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) and VBQ (Value Based Questions).

This application also provides a Ask feature where students can ask all the lessons for free to teachers who are experts in their fields, and are ready to answer your questions quickly and comprehensively. And there are many more features that are not mentioned here.

8. Quizziz


More than 10 million people use the Quizziz application to learn, ranging from junior high, high school or college students. Quizziz is often used by teaching staff to make fun quizzes like playing a game. So, teaching and learning activities do not feel boring.

In addition to being able to take quizzes, in this application there are also many quiz questions and answers that can of course be learned.

Not only students or college students, Quizziz can also be relied on by workers who want to learn to take professional training. Download the Quizziz application via this link.

9. Understand


Next up, there’s Understandify. This one application is suitable for use by you, prospective students who will face UTBK.

Yes, in the Pahamify application there are UTBK materials that you can learn. If you need guidance to better understand the material, you can take an online class held by Pahamify.

In addition to studying UTBK material, in this application you can also join discussion groups to share knowledge with other Pahamify users. Until now, this learning application on Android has been downloaded by more than one million users, you know.

10. EdX


Well, if this one application seems more suitable for students who are starting to think about a career. Yes, at EdX you will be given intense training and courses on subjects that are really needed to support a career.

There are also courses available for high school students to face college entrance exams you know. Want to try? Can be downloaded here.

11. Elementary Exam Questions

Elementary Exam Questions

Learning by practicing working on questions continuously is one way that children can easily understand the subject matter. Like one of the SD Exam Question applications, an application that provides special exam questions for elementary school children.

This SD Exam Question application also has various kinds of school subjects, one of which is mathematics. In addition to mathematics, this application also provides lessons in Indonesian, science, social studies, citizenship, English, arts and culture, national exams and Islamic religious education.

Elementary school exam questions are intended for elementary school children who are preparing for exams, starting from grade 1 elementary school to grade 6 elementary school.

Not boring and certainly can make children feel at home, because this application for learning is like an application for playing games where there are 20 levels in it. Easy isn’t it? You can download the application here.

12. Smart in Middle School

Smart and Careful Middle School _

This is a practice question application intended for junior high school students. In the SMP application, there are many quizzes that students can do.

Practice questions in this application also come with complete material from various subjects. The SMP application can be used by students in grades 7 to 9.

The app is very user friendly and easy to use. Download SMP Smart Carefully here.

13. CoLearn


The CoLearn application can be relied on by those of you who want to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry which are known to be difficult. You can solve problems from the lesson with the help of CoLearn videos.

In addition, in this application there are also online classes that are held live. App users can try this online class in the first seven days after using CoLearn.

In order to sharpen your learning skills, there are practice questions that you can try to solve. Interested in CoLearn? Download the app by clicking on this link.

14. Study Studio


The Study Studio or SB application can also be relied on to study at home. You can study a variety of materials from several subjects, such as math, physics, English, and many more.

The SB application also features a summary of the subject matter you have studied. For those of you who will face the exam, sharpen your skills and knowledge of the subject matter through the practice questions provided by SB. This application can be downloaded for free on the Google PlayStore.

15. Skolla


Skolla is a learning application on Android that contains school learning materials, from elementary to high school. The Skolla application can be used by students to study regular subject matter and exam material.

In this application there is a question bank that is fairly complete. There are also learning materials in the form of videos that can be watched. If you still don’t understand, students can immediately consult about the material they want to understand to professional teachers at Skolla.

Those are 15 applications for online learning for students and only need to bring a smartphone. You don’t have to carry heavy books and you don’t have to pay a lot of money. What do you think?