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15 Best and Most Exciting SmackDown Games on Android

The games or games provided on the PlayStore do have a lot of variety. For those of you lovers of racing games, there are various variants of racing games ranging from offroad games, drag racing games and others. Likewise with fist fighting games. You can find games smackdown on PlayStore.

This time, Cari Signal will summarize it for you into 15 games smackdown the best and most challenging for you to try.

The power struggle between the player and other players is of course the way to play it. The goal? Of course bring down the opponent in any way. Starting from punching, throwing, even pressing the opponent.

1. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Conquer the opponent until health bar what they have runs out and shows a red color, that’s what Wrestling Revolution 3D game players have to do. This game featuring SmackDown-style wrestling will bring the players into the SmackDown game that is fun and feels real.

The reason is, Wrestling Revolution 3D presents a 3D animated graphic display. In addition to presenting 3D in the animation, Wrestling Revolution 3D has: controller or gameplay which tends to be easy.

Here you can hit the enemy with a punch, throw a punch, even throw it, interested in trying? Download the game by clicking here, it’s free!

2. WWE Junehem

WWE Mayhem

Next, there is the WWE Junehem game where you can choose your favorite character according to your taste. In addition to the varied characters, this game also prepares superstars who are divided into 6 classes, namely BRAWLER, HIGH FLYER, POWERHOUSE, TECHNICIAN, WILDCARD & SHOWMAN.

Not only that, in this game you can also play as a team. Later, you can determine your own team members to beat the other team, whoever is strong will emerge victorious. If you want to win this game, you can directly download here.

3. Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling Revolution

Although it doesn’t present a modern look like 3D, but the game smackdown this one can be a choice of power fighting games that are no less good than other games. Wrestling Revolution, commonly referred to as that. This game is developed by MDickie.

Unique, it’s not you who chooses the character for the master wrestler. You can create your own hero. However, if you don’t feel comfortable creating your own character, Wrestling Revolution is ready with around 350 characters that you can choose freely.

Don’t worry, this game that has got more than 300,000 downloads has gameplay and interface which is in the good category. How, interested? Download here.

4. Weekend Warriors MMA

Weekend Warriors MMA

Exciting and challenging wrestling can also choose the Weekend Warriors MMA game. There are more than 300 wrestlers that can be directly selected as the hero of the Weekend Warriors MMA game player. you also do upgrade for each player you choose.

upgrades, can make the character stronger and of course easier to conquer and also bring down enemies.

Also, Weekend Warriors MMA has gameplay tend to be easy. Even though it’s easy, children under the age of 16 are still prohibited from playing the Weekend Warriors MMA game. Download here.

5. WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard

This one game also presents a para star wrestling in the world, such as Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, and many more. In addition to having many interesting characters, this game also has exciting features.

Here, players can play in PvP mode directly on line against WWE SuperCard players around the world.

In addition, every match you make, the score will be displayed in the leaderboard.

Every time you win the game, the player is entitled to an exclusive card. Well, you can also use these exclusive cards against other players to be even stronger. Want to try playing the game? Download here.

6. WWE Champions

WWE Champions 2019

Just like other games, in WWE Champions also features the stars wrestling popular ones, such as Becky Lynch, NWO Randy Savage and Wolfpac Sting. In fact, in this game you can also recruit other stars, such as Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and many more.

Apart from being complete with popular players, this game is also quite exciting with the presence of a mod multiplayer.

Here, you can play with other WWE Champions players from all over the world. Well, if you want to win in this game, you have to pay attention skills and attack moves. All those things can always be you upgrade when getting points or items the good one.

7. Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling

Although this game does not feature stunning 3D animation, Rowdy Wrestling is quite fun to play.

Here, there are 55 characters that players can choose from. Each character that is chosen has a strength and skills each unique. Now, skills can be used to play in two modes, namely Solo Career or Tag Team Battle.

The difference between the two modes is the number of players. In Solo Career, you will only fight 1 opponent.

However, if you choose Tag Team Battle then you can form a team to fight other teams. And, how to fight it is also simple because you only need to aim back and forth and attack movements, such as kicking, punching, slamming, etc.

8. Tag Team Wrestling Game

Tag Team Wrestling Game _

Tag Team Wrestling Game is a smackdown game that features battles between professional wrestling players. Yes, they don’t fight one on one, but join a team to beat the other team.

You can choose from several different battle modes. One of them is Quick Play Mode. In this game mode, there are several levels of play: easy, medium, hard, and hell.

In this game mode, you will face off against opposing teams of wrestling athletes with different fighting abilities. Try the Tag Team Wrestling Game here.

9. Pro Wrestling Fighting Battle

Pro Wrestling Fighting Battle _

This game was released by the developer Fighting Arena. Pro Wrestling Fighting Battle brings the fight smackdown like real thanks to the realistic graphic display.

Besides that, fighting moves what is in this game can also be said to be in accordance with what is in the real world. Examples such as karate and kung fu.

To fight, you can choose the hero you want. On average, the wrestlers in this game are male wrestlers. Pro Wrestling Fighting Battle can be downloaded for free via this link.

10. WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated _

Next up, there’s WWE Undefeated. It’s a wrestling game that will have you and other players fight head-to-head real-time.

In the game, you can choose from several famous wrestlers: The Rock, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and many more. You can customize the fighting moves, appearance and ultimate moves of these superstars, you know. Interested in playing WWE Undefeated?

11. Real Wrestling Rumble Fight

Real Wrestling Rumble Fight _

You can also try challenging battles in the Real Wrestling Rumble Fight game. This game made by Fighting Gamerz allows you to fight like WWE superstars, one of them is John Cena.

If you want to play this game, please download it directly via the following link. For your information, until now the Real Wrestling Rumble Fight game has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android phone users.

12. The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle_

The Muscle Hustle is a very fun game to play. Not only participating in battles in the ring, in this game you can also train great athletes. Yes, you can hone their fighting skills, and turn these athletes into legends.

Since this is a PvP game, you can fight real-time with other players. You can fight as a team, or one-on-one with other players.

The fun will increase because this game adds commentators like in real battles.

13. Bad Girls Wrestling Game

Bad Girls Wrestling Game _

If almost the whole game smackdown in this list is dominated by male athletes, you can fight with female athlete characters in game Bad Girls Wrestling Game.

There are more than 20 female wrestling athletes who have extraordinary fighting abilities. They use several different fighting styles. You can pick your favorite female athletes and take them to fight in the ring.

You can take part in online battles with other players, or complete daily in-game challenges. Oh yes, this game can also be played offline. Try Bad Girls Wrestling Game by downloading it here.

14. Offline Wrestling Game 2022

Offline Wrestling Game 2022_

True to its name, this is a game smackdown which can be played offline. The athletes in this game have unusual fighting abilities. In addition, there are certain visual effects when fighting moves are made by the athlete.

The excitement of this game increases with the presence of a fairly realistic battle arena. In addition, you will also be made comfortable because the controls of this game are easy to operate while playing. If you need games smackdown offline, download the Offline Wrestling Game 2022 game via the following link.

15. 80s Mania Wrestling Returns

80s Mania Wrestling Returns _

In this game, your job is to be the manager of the athletes smackdown. Uniquely, this game is set in the 80’s and 90’s. The athletes are also inspired by real-world athletes who were legendary and victorious at that time.

vibe the 80-90s are increasingly felt with the graphic display of the 80s Mania Wrestling Returns game. Curious about this one game?

That’s 15 games smackdown the most challenging is also fun to play on the Carisignal version of Android devices.

Although it looks easy to play, none of the games above are intended for children. So, children should not play these games. How about it, which game do you want to play?