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14 Ways to Play PES Mobile Using Joystick on Android Without Root!!

There is no doubt that the PES Mobile game does have more fun than other Football games. But, what if this game is played via Joystick? In this article, we will discuss how to play PES Mobile using a Joystick that may not be widely known by you gamers.

For those who don’t know, Joystick is an External Controller that can connect to Android phones. Later the device will replace the PES Mobile Controller that was previously on the cellphone screen. You can also adjust the buttons on the Joystick according to your convenience.

In this way, those of you who often play soccer games on console devices, be it PS4, PS5 or Xbox, may find their own comfort. However, it is important to know that how to play PES Mobile using the Joystick cannot be applied to all Android phones.

There are several special criteria that must be met to play PES Mobile on Android using a Joystick. Not only that, there are also several other requirements that must be met by PES Mobile players if they want to enjoy the fun of playing using Joysticks. Instead of being curious, just look at the full review below.

Terms of Playing PES Mobile Using Joystick

Terms of Playing PES Mobile Using Joystick

Being one of the best Football games on Android, PES Mobile does offer many interesting features, one of which can be played using an External Controller or Joystick. The main advantage of playing PES Mobile using this method is that you can be more optimal in applying beautiful Driblle tricks, Shoot tricks and so on.

However, as we mentioned above, there are special terms and conditions that must be met by Android users if they want to play PES Mobile using the Joystick. These requirements include the Joystick, the operating system to the Processor on the Android cellphone used. The following are the criteria that apply to playing PES Mobile using Joystick

1. Have IPEGA 9090 . Joystick

The first requirement is to have a joystick IPEGA type 9090. You can buy this device through Tokopedia at a price of 250 thousand. We recommend the joystick because of the quality and comfort it has.

2. Minimum Android Operating System 9.0

The second condition, make sure the Android phone that you are using already supports Android Operating System version 9.0 or higher. If not, then it is very likely that the PES Mobile match process using the Joystick will lag.

3. Android Phones Don’t Use Mediatek Processors

The third condition is that the Android phone used does not use a Mediatek Processor. So, to play PES Mobile using the Joystick on Android, it only applies to Android phones with Snapdragon Processors and so on.

4. Have the ShootingPlus App

The fourth and last requirement is to install a supporting application called ShootingPlus. This application will later be useful for connecting Android HP devices to the Joystick. You can download the ShootingPlus application for free on the Google Play Store.

How to Play PES Mobile Using Joystick

How to Play PES Mobile Using Joystick

If you have met all the requirements above, now let’s move on to an explanation of how to play PES Mobile using a Joystick. So in this way you can customize the Dash, Shoot, Pass and so on buttons with the Joystick.

Here we also inform you that to play PES Mobile using the Joystick you don’t need to Root your Android phone. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Press Home Button & A

Press Home Button A

First of all please press Home button and button A on the Joystick simultaneously until the flashing light indicator appears.

2. Connect Joystick to HP

Connect Joystick to HP

After that open Bluetooth menu on your cellphone then connect with a device named PG-9090. If status appears Connected then the indicator light on the joystick will stop, which means the joystick and the cellphone have been successfully connected.

3. Run the ShootingPlus Application

Run the ShootingPlus App

Now open the ShootingPlus application on your cellphone.

4. Activate Display the Floating Ball Key

Activate Display the Floating Ball Key

Then activate Display the Floating Ball Key by pressing the small box to the right of the menu.

5. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile 2

If so, now open the PES Mobile game.

6. Make a Match

Do Match Match

After that do Match in Event Mode or Campaign (don’t play online just yet).

7. Tap on Ball Key

Tap Ball Key

Before Kick Off, please tap Ball Key (see image above) then tap menu New to customize PES Mobile Controller with Joystick.

8. Move Analog Left

Move Left Analog

Move left Analog on the Joystick, then point the icon that appears on the screen to the PES Mobile Analog button.

9. Press A . Button

Press A Button

After that press button A on the Joystick to replace the Pass button.

10. Press RB / R1 . Button

Press RB Button R1

Press RB/R1 . button on the Joystick then navigate to the Dash/Run button.

11. Move Right Analog

Move Right Analog

Next move right Analog on the Joystick to be set as the Through button / hull bait and breakthrough bait.

12. Press X / Square Button

Press X Square Button

As for Shoot you can press the X button / Square button on the Joystick.

13. Save Settings

Save PES Mobile Play Settings Using Joystick
Save PES Mobile Play Settings Using Joystick 2

If you have, now save the Joystick settings by clicking the menu Save and check the little box Bind to the game simultaneously then click OK.

14. Happy Playing

Happy Playing PES Mobile Using Joystick

Now the Joystick is connected to the PES Mobile Controller, then you can play PES Mobile using the Joystick. Have a nice play.

Notes : If the settings above are not comfortable, you can adjust them according to your comfort.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Playing PES Mobile Using Joystick

At this point, you already know the steps to play PES Mobile using the Joystick on an Android phone. Meanwhile, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages when playing PES Mobile using the above method? Check out more information below:


  • Controller movement is much more comfortable
  • You can set the button according to your convenience
  • Does not interfere with the display of the player’s position on the screen


  • Need to spend money to buy a Joystick device
  • Cannot be played on Android phones with Mediatek Processors


That’s the explanation from about how to play PES Mobile using a Joystick on an Android cellphone without Root. In addition, above we also explain some of the terms and conditions that must be met to play PES Mobile using this method.

For you PES Mobile players, we think you must try the fun of playing PES Mobile through the method above. With a more comfortable controller movement, of course you can easily win matches when playing Friend’s Matches, Matchdays or Matches vs. Computers on PES Mobile.