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13 Ways to Use the Most Complete MSI Afterburner 2022

Junebe some of you don’t know how to use MSI Afterburner. Therefore, in the following discussion we will explain it in detail.

MSI Afterburner is one of the favorite software for Point Blank, GTA V and PUBG players on PC. The main reason, of course, is how easy it is to use this software.

Then when you use this service, you don’t have to worry about costs. Because, MSI Afterburner does not impose any fees for its users.

Besides that, MSI Afterburner also has one of the interesting features that streamers often use. Well, more information about how to use the advantages and disadvantages of the MSI Afterburner software, you can see below.

MSI Afterburner at a Glance

MSI Afterburner at a Glance

MSI Afterburner is a software that allows you to know the performance quality of the PC or laptop device you are using. MSI Afterburner can be downloaded for free at and can be installed on all Windows, Linux and MacOS devices.

How to Use MSI Afterburner

Then to use MSI Afterburner is also not difficult, we are sure all of you can do it. Well, here we present the procedure for using MSI Afterburner for several activities:

1. Open MSI Afterburner

Open MSI Afterburner

Make sure here you already have the software. To run it please right click -> Open on MSI Afterburner.

2. Open the Settings Menu

Open the Settings Menu

In the main view please click the gear icon to enter the menu Settings.

3. Select Monitoring Tab

Select Monitoring Tab

After that, several Settings menus will appear, just click Monitoring at the top.

4. Determine the Activities You Want to Know

Determine the Activities You Want to Know

Now define activity what does MSI Afterburner want to show you by click the tick on the left. Options available for CPU Temperature, CPU Usage, Memory Usage and so forth.

5. Enable Show in On Screen Display

Enable Show in On Screen Display

Then look at the bottom then there is a small box that says Show in On Screen Display. Please check the box to display device performance data on the monitor screen. Later on the right side of the tab Graph inOSD will appear.

6. Click Apply

Click Apply

To save these settings, please click Apply on the bottom.

7. Done

Done 2

Now try to run the game application on your PC or laptop. There you will find the FPS display, CPU usage, Memory and others.

How to Record Screen Using MSI Afterburner

Besides being able to be used to find out CPU usage and display FPS, MSI Afterburner also supports the Video Capture feature to record screen displays. Below we have presented the procedure for using these features in MSI Afterburner:

1. Run MSI Afterburner

Run MSI Afterburner

In the main view, please select the menu Arrangement.

2. Click the Video Capture Tab

Click the Video Capture Tab

On the display will be written None. please tpress any key on the keyboard as a shortcut for recording the screen using MSI Afterburner.

3. Set Video Format

Set Video Format

After that scroll down and select the column Video Format. In this setting we recommend using RTV1 Compression.

4. Determine the Video Quality

Determine Video Quality

Then adjust video quality resulting from. If you want maximum quality then slide the blue strip to the right to 100%. But you should use 90% so as not to eat up too much device performance.

5. Maximize Framerate

Maximize Framerate

Next in settings Framerate please use 120 FPS so that the screen recording video results are better.

6. Click Apply -> OK

Click Apply OK

Finally, please click Apply then select OK. To record the screen using MSI Afterburner, all you have to do is click the predefined button.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using MSI Afterburner

Advantages Disadvantages of Using MSI Afterburner

Then please also note that in using MSI Afterburner there are several advantages and disadvantages to be gained. What are those? see more below:


  • Can be used on all PC devices.
  • Easy and simple way to use.
  • In using MSI Afterburner does not cost anything.
  • Has a Video Capture feature.


  • Takes about 10 – 12% FPS.
  • Cannot be used on old-school VGA devices.


Why Can’t Show FPS in MSI Afterburner?

It is possible that the type of VGA used is inadequate.

Can MSI Afterburner Record 1080p Screens?

Can. MSI Afterburner provides a choice of video quality ranging from 360p – 1050p.


That’s the information from about how to use MSI Afterburner on a PC or laptop. Through this software you can DISPLAYING FPS POINT BLANK and other PC games with ease. Even MSI Afterburner also provides a feature to record the screen display for you streamers.