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13 Ways to Buy Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile, Lots of Bonuses!!

As a PES Mobile player, did you know that there is currently a purchase menu available? Player Theme ? Well, if it’s not like how to buy Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile, you must read this article to the end.

The Player Theme or also known as the Player Package is a purchase feature in the eFootball PES 2022 game application. By purchasing these items, the appearance of PES Mobile on your cellphone can be more attractive.

In addition, KONAMI also presents a choice of paid themes from several Star players, one of which is Lionel Messi. Interestingly, from every purchase of the Player Theme you will also get many attractive bonuses.

The bonus itself is in the form of exclusive items, including Agents from Unique Moments to Black Balls. Then how much is the budget to buy Player Themes on PES Mobile? How to do it? To find out the answer, just look at the review below.

Price of Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile

Price of Player Themes in PES 2021 Mobile

eFootball PES 2022 Mobile is one of the best types of Football games for Android and iOS smartphone users. This game application is available for free on the Apps Store and Google Play Store.

Besides being claimed to be the best Football Mobile game of all time, PES 2022 Mobile also has many purchase features in it. Recently, KONAMI has introduced the Player Theme feature from World-class soccer stars, such as C. Ronaldo, L. Messi and so on.

As we mentioned above, this Player Theme is useful for changing the appearance of PES 2022 Mobile on smartphones to look more exclusive. But do you know how much the Player Theme costs in PES 2022 Mobile? If you don’t know, please refer to the information in the table below:

Player Theme TypePrice Buy
“High-Flying” C. RonaldoRp. 259,000
“The Kiss” L. MessiRp. 259,000
“Step and Fire” M RashfordRp. 259,000

How to Buy Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile

How to Buy Player Themes in PES 2021 Mobile

After knowing the price of the Player Theme, now let’s move on to the procedure for purchasing it. So, for every player who wants to have the exclusive Player Theme above, they need to prepare a budget of 260,000 rupiah. The nominal can be in the form of credit, GoPay balance or cash.

Besides that, please note that KONAMI has a stipulation that each user can only buy one Player Theme. Therefore, choose the Player Theme that you really like. If so, then you can make a purchase in the following manner:

1. Run PES 2022 Mobile

Run PES 2021 Mobile

First of all, please open the PES 2022 Mobile game application.

2. Open the Shop Menu

Open Shop Menu

After that open the menu Shop in the top right corner.

3. Tap Player Packages

Tap Player Pack

On the next screen, please tap the menu Package Player.

4. Choose Player Theme

Choose Player Theme

Then select Player Theme as you wish.

5. Click Price

Click Price

Then a pop-up will appear containing details of the Player Theme option. Just click here price information in the lower right corner.

6. Choose Payment Method

Choose Payment Method

After that you will be asked choose payment method. Option via GoPay, Credit and Alfamart.

7. Buy With One Tap

Buy With One Tap

Then click Buy With One Tap to complete the purchase of the Player Theme pack in PES 2022 Mobile.

8. Purchase Successful Player Theme

Purchase Successful Player Theme

Until here you have successfully purchased Player Theme in eFootball PES 2022.

How to Change Theme in PES Mobile 2022

Even if the purchase of the Player Theme has been successful, the appearance of PES 2022 Mobile will not change automatically. Here you have to make changes to the Theme first in the following way:

1. Open the Extras Tab

Go to Extras Tab

The first step please open the Tab Extra at the far right.

2. Click Settings Menu

Click Settings Menu

After that select the menu Arrangement.

3. Select Theme Settings

Select Theme Settings

Then a number of Settings menu options will appear. Just click here Theme Settings.

4. Define Theme

Define Theme

Next choose Player Theme then click Confirmation.

5. Change Theme Successful

Change the Player Theme in PES 2021 Mobile Successfully

Now the appearance of the PES 2022 Mobile Theme has changed according to the Player Theme.

Bonus Buy Player Packages in PES 2022 Mobile

Bonus Buy Player Packages in PES 2021 Mobile

Then as we mentioned at the beginning of the discussion that there are many bonuses from purchasing Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile. Curious what bonuses can be obtained? Check out the answer below:

1. MyClub Coin

The first bonus is Free MyClub coins 1,600 pieces where these items can be used to buy the best players in every Player Recruitment Event available in PES 2022 Mobile. Besides that, you can also EARNING MYCLUB COINS through other means, such as playing events, compensating for disturbances and so on.

2. Agent Black Ball

Another bonus is 2 Agent Black Ball of card type Highlight Player. If you’re lucky, you can get a target player that hasn’t been obtained yet.

3. Unique Moment Agent

Finally, from each type of Player Theme purchased, you can get a Unique Moment Agent from that player complete with the history behind it, including:

Player ThemeUnique Moment Player Bonus
“High-Flying” C. RonaldoC. Ronaldo 2022 who managed to score with a super header against Sampdoria.
“The Kiss” L. MessiLionel Messi 2009 where at this time he became the decisive victory against Manchester United as well as securing the European Cup title.
“Step and Fire” M RashfordMarkus Rashford with his best performance shown during the Manchester United match against Paris Saint German.

In addition to buying a Player Theme bonus, you can GETTING THE ICONIC MESSIRonaldo, Rashford and so on with the Roll Player trick we’ve described.


That’s the information from about how to buy Player Themes in PES 2022 Mobile. This method may be applied to players who love or are fanatical fans of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Markus Rashford.

In addition to promising the appearance of the theme in the form of faces of favorite players, by making transactions above KONAMI provides bonuses in the form of MyClub Coins and Black Ball Agents. But what’s most interesting is the Unique Moments series player bonuses from L. Messi, C. Ronaldo and M. Rashford.