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13 Ways to Backup Game Origin Client on PC 2022: Very Easy!

Until now, it turns out that there are still people who don’t know how to backup the Origin game. Therefore, through the following article will explain it in full.

Backing up Origin game data on a PC or laptop is actually very easy. This process does not require any special terms or conditions of any kind.

Indeed, Origin does not provide a special feature for transferring game data on the device used. Different from STEAM which has an automatic Backup and Restore feature for its users.

Well, on Origin you can only do this process manually. Curious what the steps are? just see in full below.

What is Origin Client?

What is Origin Client

For those who don’t know, Origin Client is a supporting software that provides various PC game applications from EA (Electronics Arts). The games available on the Origin Client are also free and also paid. Well, if you are interested in using the software, please download it here.

Origin Client itself can be used on computer devices with Windows and MacOS operating systems. Then we need to remind you that every game application available on Origin Client is all official from Electronics Arts.

How to Backup Game Files on Origin Client

Then we get to the core of the discussion of the following article, namely how to Backup game Origin. So, to backup data from games installed on Origin, you need to prepare a Flashdisk or External Hard Drive.

This device will be useful if the drive on your PC or laptop is not sufficient to accommodate game backup data. After that, follow these steps to Backup the game on the Origin Client:

1. Open Origin on PC

Run Origin Client

On the main page please click menu Origin -> Application Settings -> Install & Save.

2. Specify File Directory

Specify Directory Folder

After that find out the folder where you save the Game data. In the picture above we use Drive E:\Origin\ to hold game data in Origin.

3. Open File Explorer

Open File Explorer

Now open the directory folder on the File Explorer menu then click Drive E -> Origin.

4 File Backup

File Backup

Next right click on the game you want to backup then select Copy.

5. Done

Done 1

Finally, paste the file on either Drive or External storage device by right click -> Paste or press the button Ctrl + V. Wait until the file transfer process is complete 100%.

How to Restore Game Files on Origin Client

Through the method above, you have successfully moved or backed up game data on another Drive. This process is useful so that you don’t need to download game data again when you have uninstalled it. Well, to restore the game on Origin, please follow the steps below:

1. Download Games on Origin

Download Games on Origin

Run Origin Client on PC then search games which will be in Restore, for example Plants vs Zombies. Click icon Download on the display on the monitor screen.

2. Click Next

Click Next

Then a pop-up will appear containing information where you will save the downloaded file. After that check the small box that says I have read and accept the above license agreements then select Next.

3. Click the Pause Button

Click Pause

After that the download process will run. When it reaches 1 – 2% please click the button Pause / Pause.

4. Open the Backup Folder

Open Backup Folder

Now open a folder on Drive or external storage where you save the backup file. After that right click -> Copy.

5. Clear Game Data Remaining

Clear Game Data Remaining

Then go to Drive where the game download results are stored on Origin (E:\Origin). Delete remaining game data Uninstalled Plants vs Zombies.

6. Paste the Backup File

Paste File Backup

Then just press Ctrl + V for move backup files Plants vs Zombies game.

7. Click Resume Download

Click Resume Download

If so, please open the Origin Client again and click Resume Download.

8. The Restore Process Has Been Successful

The Restore Process Has Been Successful

Finally, on the screen will appear the button Play which means the game Plants vs Zombies Restore successfully. This way you don’t need to download the full application data.


Why Can’t Backup Game Origin Files on Drive D?

Junebe the storage capacity on your device is not sufficient. Try using a Flashdisk or External Hard Drive to fix it.

Does the Restore Process Require Additional Data?

The possibility exists, but at least a few MB, the point is not to have to download the game data completely.


So, for Origin game data backup, you can use an external storage device. That also applies if the PC or laptop does not have enough space to accommodate backup data.

Then when you have uninstalled the game on Origin but want to play it again, above has explained how to restore game data on Origin. So you can simply move the backup data that has been stored, without the need to download the game data completely in the Origin Client.