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12 Ways to Install PES 2022 Patch on PS4, Free & Permanent

Besides being available for the Mobile version, for those of you PES 2022 players on PS4 you can now pair the data file. But many don’t know how to install the PES 2022 Patch on PS4.

Installing the file on eFootball PES 2022 PS4 is of course different from the Mobile version. For PS4 users, you need to download the data file first and make some settings.

Patch files or commonly called Data Packs are very much needed in the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer game. By installing this file, all Clubs, players and Jerseys will be updated according to the original.

Please note that KONAMI as the developer of the game does not have a license with several well-known Football Clubs. For those of you who have not been able to install the PES 2022 Patch until now, try to see the information regarding the requirements and how to install the data below.

Requirements to Install PES 2022 Patch on PS4

Requirements to Install PES 2021 Patch on PS4

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer or better known as PES is one of the BEST BALL GAME made by KONAMI which is very popular in Indonesia, even the world. Until now, PES has reached its newest series, which is 2022.

However, as we mentioned above, KONAMI does not have licenses for several football clubs, such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and so on.

Therefore, you need to install the PES 2022 Patch so that all the clubs above can have a license so that the Jersey and Club Logo are in accordance with the original. However, before we explain how to install the Patch file, you need to prepare the following conditions:

1. Patch Files eFootball PES 2022

First, you need to download the PES 2022 Patch file on your PC first. You can get the download link easily through the PES 2022 Group / Channel on Telegram, Facebook and so on.

2. External Storage Device

Then you also need an external storage device in the form of a Flashdisk with FAT32 format or Harddisk. Later the device is useful for storing Patch data and moving it to PES 2022 on PlayStation 4.

How to Install PES 2022 Patch on PS4

If the two conditions above are ready, now let’s look at the procedure for installing the PES 2022 Patch on PS4. Remember, this process is different from PATCH INSTALLATION ON PES 2022 MOBILE. Instead of being curious, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Extract PES 2022 Patch Files

Extract PES 2021 Patch Files

Please open the result folder on your PC that stores the PES 2022 Patch download results. Then right click and select Extract Here. After that a folder named will appear WEPES in which there are various files for updating Players, Club Logos and Jerseys from all PES 2022 Clubs that do not yet have a license.

2. Copy the WEPES folder

Copy Folder WEPES

If you have, all you have to do is copy the WEPES folder on the external storage that you have prepared. Remember, if you use a flash drive, make sure the device has FAT32 format so that it can be read on PS4.

3. Open PES 2022 Game on PS4

Open PES 2021 Game on PS4

Now turn on the PS4 and plug the Flashdisk / Harddisk in the USB slot. Then open the eFootball PES 2022 game on PS4 and select menu Settings / Settings on the main view.

4. Apply Latest Live Update

Apply Latest Live Update

After that click menu Apply Latest Live Update and wait for the update process to complete.

5. Select Import/Export

Select Import Export

If so, select the menu Edit then press YES on the pop-up that appears. Then scroll down and select Import / Export.

6. Click Delete Images

Click Delete Images

Then enter the menu Delete Images.

7. Delete All Images

Delete All Images

Please delete all pictures contained in PES 2022 PS4, starting from the Club Logo, Competition Logo, Manager Photos, Stadium Photos and so on.

8. Select Import Team

Select Import Team

If you have, now just enter the menu Import Team. Press YES / OK on the notification that appears on the screen.

9. Select Data Flashdisk

Select Data Flashdisk

Then you will see Flashdisk name already installed on the PS4. Please open it by pressing the round button ( O ) on the controller.

10. Select All Files

Select All Files

Please Select all Patch Files by pressing the Box button on the Controller. If so, press the round button to confirm.

11. Confirm Settings Details

Confirm Settings Details

On page Settings Details please check the little box to agree Apply Player and Squad Data as well as Overwriting image files of the same name. After that the Import / Export process will take place. Do the same way to install or Import Competition and others.

12. Install PES 2022 PS4 Patch Successfully

Install PES 2021 Patch on PS4 Successfully

Until here you have succeed install PES 2022 Patch on PS4. Please check in each League or Competition, then you will find several Clubs that previously used a special Logo and Jersey because they were not licensed, have now changed to the original.

Advantages of Installing Patch Pro Evolution Soccer 2022

Advantages of Installing Patch Pro Evolution Soccer 2021

After successfully knowing how to install PES 2022 Patch on PS4, it’s also worth noting that the method above has several advantages. So, what are these advantages? see more information below:

1. 100% Free

First, the PES 2022 Patch Data can be downloaded for free. As for how to install you just see the tutorial above. Thus, you have saved Rp. 100,000 where the fee will be charged if you choose to install the Patch in Game Center.

2. Can be used permanently

Second, PES 2022 Patch Data can be used permanently, both for Digital and Disk. This means that you do not carry out the installation process again when there is the latest update in PES 2022.

Disadvantages of Installing Patch Pro Evolution Soccer 2022

Disadvantages of Installing Patch Pro Evolution Soccer 2021

If there is an advantage, there is usually also a loss or drawback. Well, the shortcomings of the PES 2022 Patch itself include the following:

1. Can cause bugs

Given that this method is not officially available on PS4, it is possible that installing PES 2022 data can cause bugs or problems on PS4.

2. Can only be installed on 1 account

In addition, PES 2022 Patch can only be activated on one account. That is, when you want to play with friends, you need a special trick to keep the PES 2022 Patch installed.


That’s the information from about how to install the PES 2022 Patch on PS4. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful for you PES 2022 players. Through the method above, you don’t need to spend a penny to update all players, jerseys and Club logos in eFootball PES 2022.