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12 Ways to Change PES 2022 Mobile Team Name & Change Logo

As new players, maybe many of you don’t know how to rename the PES 2022 Mobile Team. Therefore, at this meeting we will explain it in full.

When you first play PES 2022 Mobile, of course you will be directed to create a Club complete with a Team name. Well, for the manufacture of Team names in PES 2022 Mobile itself, some terms and conditions apply.

Then when the name of the first team is bored, you will want to change the name of the team, right? If so, you need to make changes through the User Information menu. Then what are the steps to change the team name?

We have prepared the procedure for changing the team name in PES 2022 Mobile below. In fact, we will also explain the terms and conditions for changing the team name to how to change the Club Logo from your PES 2022 Mobile Squad.

Terms & Conditions for Team Name Change in PES 2022 Mobile

Terms and Conditions for Team Name Change in PES 2021 Mobile

As you all know that in the PES 2022 Mobile game there are many interesting features, ranging from RECRUIT PLAYERS from well-known Clubs to features for editing Team information. Now, in the Edit Team information feature, you can change the Team name at will.

However, in the process KONAMI still applies the terms and conditions, namely: may not use names that violate third parties and are personally identifiable.

How to Change PES 2022 Mobile Team Name

How to Change PES 2021 Mobile Team Name

After knowing the terms and conditions that apply to the process of changing the Team name in PES 2022 Mobile, now let’s move on to the procedure for doing it. For those of you who want to change the team name from the PES Mobile Squad, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Extras Tab

Go to Extras Tab 2

First of all, please open PES 2022 Mobile then open Tab Extra.

2. Go to User Information

Login to User Information 1

After that go to User Information.

3. Select User Profile

Select User Profile

On the next screen, just click User Information.

4. Tap Team Name

Tap Team Name

Then scroll down and select Team Name.

5. Change Team Name

Change Team Name

Edit Team Name as you wish, if you click OK.

6. Done

Done 1

Until here Team name in PES 2022 Mobile has been successfully changed. Done.

Notes : You can also change stadium name and Hometown in the column below it.

How to Change Team Logo in PES 2022 Mobile

How to Change Team Logo in PES 2021 Mobile

After changing the team name, of course you want to adjust the Club Logo to the team name. If so, you can follow the procedure below to change the Club Logo in PES 2022 Mobile:

1. Run the PES 2022 Mobile Application

Open the PES 2021 Mobile Application

The first step is to run the PES 2022 Mobile game application. Then on the home page, please go to Extras Tab.

2. Open User Information

Open User Information

Then several menus will appear, here just select the menu User Information.

3. Tap User Profile

Tap User Profile

To change the Club Logo, please tap User Profile.

4. Tap Basic Team

Tap Basic Team

Then go Team Info settings tab and select Basic Team.

5. Define League

Define League

Next define league contains the desired Club.

6. Choose Club Logo

Choose Club Logo

If it is already, Search Club which will be used. If you have, click Done.


That’s the review from on how to change the Team name to the Club Logo in PES 2022 Mobile. In addition to changing the two information above, you are also allowed to CHANGE UNIFORM, Comments, Language and so on. For how to do it maybe we will explain on another occasion.