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12 Games for Mothers, Guaranteed to be Fun and Can Release Stress

Who says games are only for young people? Mothers can also play games, you know! Playing games is one way to relieve fatigue due to daily activities.

Regarding genre, it can be adjusted according to individual tastes, but games that are suitable for mothers are usually mobile games that are relatively light, easy, but still fun to play.

Well, if you are a mother or want to recommend games for your mother, Carisignal has 12 selected games that you can try. Come on, see the review below!

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a legendary game that is quite popular among smartphone users. The game is also suitable to be played by mothers because it is relatively easy and will certainly make you addicted.

The rules of the game are quite easy, players just need to match at least three of the same candies to score. The more candies matched, the more automatic scores will increase.

What makes this game even more exciting is the challenges at each level with increasing difficulty levels.

In addition, there are also various combos that are very profitable, such as striped candy combined with wrapped candy.

This combo will produce a giant candy that will wipe out most of the candies on the game board. Download this game on Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

2. Hay Day

Hey Day

Games with agricultural themes are also quite fun to play, one of which is Hay Day. This game requires players to manage a farm with various kinds of crops, ranging from wheat, corn, to fruits.

Not limited to plants, players can also build chicken farms, cows, and bees.

These agricultural and livestock products can later be processed with special machines to produce various goods.

These items are then sold in order to make money. This game is also more exciting because there will be many events that can be followed to get profitable prizes. Download this game on Play Store or App Store.

3. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Next is Bubble Shooter, which is an arcade game and has fairly easy rules. Players will be treated to a game board containing bubble or bubble balls of various colors.

The task of the player is to shoot the ball that is at the bottom towards the pile of balls on top of the same color.

The rules of the game seem easy, but this game is not as easy as it seems because this game requires accuracy, especially when the number of bubbles that are shot is limited. So if you don’t hit the target, players will run out bubble and can game over. Download this game on Play Store or App Store.

4. Worms Zone

Worms Zone

If you’ve ever used an old phone and played the Snake game, you are certainly no stranger to this game because the two are quite similar. The difference is, the Worm Zone has other rules that make the game much more exciting.

Players must move their worms in search of food. Not only will the food increase your score, it will also make the worms grow longer and longer.

The challenge here is that the worm must not hit the worms of other players who are also wandering in the same place. If it crashes, then it can game over.

Not only that, you yourself can trap other players so that their worms crash into yours. Other worms that hit you will immediately die and turn into a row of food that you can eat to increase your score. Download this game on Play Store or App Store.

5. Mahjong Master

Mahjong Master

Then there is Mahjong Master which is no less exciting and still suitable for women to play. The rules of the game are quite simple, players will be faced with a game board containing lots of blocks with a variety of different images. The player’s task is to match blocks of the same picture.

The available blocks will be arranged in stacks, so players can only match the blocks that are on the top or are not covered.

This game is actually not too difficult, but requires accuracy because the images listed can be very precise even though they are different. Download this game on Play Store or App Store.

6. Zumbla Deluxe

Zumbla Deluxe

Zuma is an old game that can now be played on mobile devices, while Zumbla Deluxe is a game that adapts the Zuma game.

The game is quite simple but very challenging. Similar to Bubble Shooter, players have to shoot balls at other balls of the same color.

If you manage to arrange at least three balls of the same color, then the player will score. On the other hand, the row of balls will continue to move forward towards a hole and this makes the game even more challenging.

The player’s task is to finish the row of balls before they reach the hole at the end of the ball path. Download this game on Play Store.

7. Guess the Picture

guess the picture_

Next, there is the Guess the Picture game. This one game requires players to guess one by one the images that appear on the screen.

Later, there will be an answer in the form of writing that explains the picture. This game is one of the most popular brain teaser games.

Until now, the Guess the Picture game has been downloaded by more than 5 million players, especially Android users. Download Guess the Picture game on PlayStore and AppStore.

8. Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets

sally's salon beauty secrets_

Sally’s Salon game is also suitable for mothers to play. In this game, players will play the character of Sally, a beauty salon owner.

The task of the player is to help Sally to build her salon. In addition, players must also help Sally serve salon customers. Players can complete many mini games, including cutting customers’ hair, and putting on face masks.

Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets has more than 10 different levels of play. The higher the level, the more difficult the game. Even so, this game is still fun to play when relaxing. Download Sally’s Salon – Beauty Secrets on PlayStore and AppStore.

9. Original TTS


The Original TTS Game is a game made in Indonesia. This game itself is a virtual version of the crossword puzzle or crossword puzzle book which was once victorious in its time.

Yes, to be able to solve crossword puzzles, you now only need to install the game on your cellphone. There are many crossword puzzles that need to be solved in this one game. You can sharpen your brain as well as relieve stress by playing Original TTS games.

If you are confused by the answer to the question, you can take advantage of the feature hint in this game. Try the Original TTS game by downloading it on the PlayStore via this link.

10. Block Puzzle

block puzzle_

Block Puzzle is a light game suitable to be played anytime anywhere. This game requires the player to drop block vertically or horizontally to complete block others under it.

You could say, this game is similar to the legendary game, Tetris. Curious about Block Puzzles? Download the game here.

11. Express Chicken Porridge

express chicken porridge_

This game is also a game made in Indonesia. In the game Bubur Ayam Express, your job is to help a young man peddle his wares.

One by one your chicken porridge customers will arrive. Each customer has a different order. You have to make the porridge and serve them as quickly and accurately as possible, so that the customers are not disappointed. Interested to try this game? Try the Express Chicken Porridge by downloading it on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

12. Onet


This game is almost similar to the Mahjong game, where you have to match two uniform objects. In this game, players will be treated to a game board containing illustrated boxes.

The task of the player is to find squares with the same picture and match them. Squares that match and are successfully connected will immediately disappear from the game board.

However, installing the boxes turned out to be not easy. Boxes with the same picture can only be paired if they are in a row without being blocked by other boxes.

If they are far apart, the boxes can only be paired as long as the connecting lines are no more than 3 lines. Download this game on Play Store.

So, those are 12 types of games that are suitable for anyone to play, including mothers. All of them are classified as light, easy, but very entertaining games.