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12 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones

Even though it looks trivial, the existence of an application that can edit or add text on photos is very helpful. You can give any text to the photo that you want to save or upload to social media.

With this application you can also provide watermark to add copyright to the photos you want to upload on Instagram.

When you open the Google Play Store, you will find so many photo editing applications. However, what are the best writing editing applications? Come onCheck out the list and reviews that have been summarized by Carisignal below!

1. PixelLab


So far PixelLab has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store. With this app you can add stylish text, 3D text, stickers and more on top of your images. PixelLab is claimed to have a simple and clean interface, making the process of adding text to images more comfortable.

Some of the features offered by PixelLab are adding text effects, text colors, changing image backgrounds, removing backgrounds, image effects, creating memes, and many others. Download PixelLab now.

2. Font Studio

Studio Fonts

If in the past you relied on photo editing applications for PC to add text to photos. Now, you no longer need to bother moving photos from your cellphone to your PC just to add text. Just download and install Font Studio from your phone, then add any text on the photo you want.

This writing editing application developed by ClickLab Technology can add text with various options fontcolors and different backgrounds on your photos.

Although the rating of this application is only 3.9 but anyway Font Studio has been installed 500 thousand times by Android device users.

3. Add Text on Photo

Add Text on Photo

The advantage of this application is that it provides font over 800! Very many and varied, all font It can be used for free by its users.

Besides having a lot of variety fonts, this application is equipped with tools to beautify the appearance of the photo, it can be edited into 2D or 3D. If you want to know other interesting features in this application, you can directly download here.

4. PicLab – Photo Editor


Today, there are many applications available on the Play Store to add text to images. However, PicLab – Photo Editor is a different application because it doesn’t only provide the facility to add text to photos.

Application developed by MuseWorks, Inc. it offers other features in the form of filters, effects, graffiti, and much more. So, at the same time, you can make photos look more attractive by using PicLab. Applications that get a rating of 4.5 are highly recommended for making typography.

5. Phonto – Text on photos

Phonto - Text on Photos

Nothing better than Phonto. This text editing app for photos is really a lightweight app to add text to images or photos. Phonto is very easy to use, even for the layman. There are more than 200 types font available in this app that has received a 4.3 rating.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also change the color of the text to the color you like. Phonto is commonly used to make quotes. In fact, this application is very easy to use to give watermark on your private photos so as not to be uploaded by others.

6. PicsArt


Don’t forget that PicsArt is also included list application for editing text on photos. The reason is, this application is equipped with tools which is very useful for making the writing on the photo more interesting.

Besides toolsthere are various types, there is also a choice of unique types and types of text. You can freely use it and adjust it to the existing photo theme. Well, for those of you who are interested in using the PicsArt application, you can download it here.

7. Texty


You can rely on the Texty app to edit text on photos. In this application, there are more than 500 font different that you can use.

You can customize the text created, such as changing the color, changing the opacity and so forth. Photos to which you want to add text can also be edited in such a way.

Once done, you can save the photo with the extension files JPEGs and PNGs. Interested in using Texty? Download the app here.

8. Text on Photo

text on photo bigsoft_

Text on Photo from Bigsoft is also included in the list of applications for editing text on photos in the Carisignal version. This app allows you to easily add text into photos.

Amazingly, Text on Photo from Bigsoft has hundreds of different fonts style different, like handwriting, comic, serif, and many more. In this application there is also a choice of stickers that you can add to photos.

9. Geulgram


If you want to make a quote with an image that has contemporary text, you can try the Geulgram application. This is a free application where you can create your images with innovative and inspiring writing.

There are about more than 66 font style which you can choose according to taste. Uniquely, users can sign with this Geulgram application you know.

10. Text

cosmoshark_ text

Text app has collection font cool stuff that you can use for writing on photos. This one application also allows you to resize font and color according to need.

If you want to make quotes cool to upload to social media, there are thousands background photos that can be used in this application. Until now, the Text application from Cosmoshare has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android users worldwide. Download Text here.

11. Hype Text

hype text_

Hype Text is another app you can rely on to add text to your photos. Uniquely, this application can add text with animated effects to the desired photo.

Not only photos, this application can also be used as an intro maker for YouTube videos and short videos like Instagram Stories. There are more than 200 font animation that you can choose in this application, you know. Try Hype Text by downloading it here.

12. Word Swag

word swag_

Word Swag is an application for editing text in photos that is quite complete. In this app, you can not only add or edit text on your photos, but also add filters and other elements such as stickers.

In addition, this application also has basic editing tools which you can use to beautify the photos you edit. Interested in Word Swag? Download the app here.

The existence of this image editing application makes it easy for you to make quotes, memes, to give watermark on your photo. To make it more interesting, you can also add a frame by using one of these frame maker apps.

Have you ever used any of the apps above? What text editing app do you usually use on your Android device?