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11 Ways to Sell Hero Thetan Arena on Marketplace, 100% Sold!!

Besides being known as a MOBA game that makes millions of rupiah, Thetan Arena also has a Hero sales feature that every player has. Don’t know how to sell Hero Thetan Arena yet? If so, through the following article we will explain it in full.

Talking about selling Hero Thetan Arena, it is important to know that these transactions can be done through various platforms, one of which is the official Marketplace of Thetan Arena. By selling Hero here, of course, transactions are much safer and more reliable.

However, to make these transactions, each player must meet several terms and conditions. Besides that, not all Hero Thetan Arena can be sold on the Marketplace. As for the selling price, Thetan Arena also has its own provisions.

So, what are the terms and conditions that must be met if you want to sell Hero Thetan Arena? What is the selling price limit for the item? Which Hero Thetan Arena can be sold? We have prepared complete answers to each of these questions below along with the procedure for selling Hero Thetan Arena on the official Marketplace.

Terms of Selling Hero on Thetan Arena Marketplace

As we mentioned above, Thetan Arena not only offers exciting gameplay, but can also be an additional income field. So, each player will be able to make money by collecting as many coins as possible.

There are several ways that can be used to collect coins, one of which is to buy NFT Heroes on the Thetan Arena Marketplace. Every purchase of a Hero, players will get gTHG coins where the exchange rate of one coin can reach 1 Dollar ( $ 1 ).

Indeed, the price of Hero Thetan Arena is quite expensive, which can reach millions of rupiah. However, after buying the Hero, the player will be able to sell it again to return the capital.

Before we explain how to sell Hero Thetan Arena, you first need to meet some of the following terms and conditions:

1. Already Connected eWallet to Thetan Arena

The first requirement is that every player must have connected the Thetan Arena account to the eWallet. If not, then you need to authorize it first. In this process you need to download two additional applications, namely MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

2. Have NFT Hero

The second condition is that not all Thetan Arena heroes can be sold, but only heroes purchased through the Marketplace (NFT Hero). This means that if you have a Hero purchased through the application directly, the item cannot be sold on the official Thetan Arena Marketplace.

How to Sell Hero Thetan Arena

How to Sell Hero Thetan Arena

If all the terms and conditions have been met, then let’s discuss how to sell Hero Thetan Arena. As we mentioned above that now we will explain the tutorial on selling Hero on the official Thetan Arena Marketplace.

Actually, this transaction can be done on several other platforms such as eCommerce (Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia), the iTemku site to the Hero Thetan Arena community or buying and selling group on Social Media. However, on the Platform, the sales rate may still be less high than selling on the Thetan Arena Marketplace.

Alright, without needing to linger, please refer to the procedure for selling Hero Thetan Arena on the following Marketplace:

1. Open the MetaMask App

Open the MetaMask App

First of all please open the MetaMask app on smartphones.

2. Go to the Browser Menu

Go to Browser Menu

After that, on the main page, just go to the menu Browser.

3. Visit Thetan Arena Marketplace

Visit Thetan Arena Marketplace

Then visit Thetan Arena Marketplace by typing the address

4. Select My Profile

Select My Profile 1

If you have entered the Thetan Arena Marketplace, please tap the Options menu (three lines icon) in the top right corner then select My Profile.

5. Select Inventory

Choose Inventory

After that on the next page you select Inventory.

6. Choose Hero

Choose Hero

Now choose NFT Hero who want to sell.

7. Click Sell Now

Click Sell Now

After that you will find detailed information about the Hero class to the Skin owned by the Hero. This data can be your reference in determining the selling price. Please scroll down and press the button Sell ​​Now.

8. Determine the Selling Price

Determine Sales Price

Now set the selling price according to the stats of the NFT Hero owned. If you have, click Sell ​​Now.

9. Choose Signature

Choose Signature

Then in the pop-up that appears, just select Signature.

10. Click I Understand

Click I Understand

After that click I Understand to complete the sale transaction of Hero Thetan Arena on the Marketplace.

11. Successfully Sell Hero on Thetan Arena Marketplace

Successfully Sell Hero on Thetan Arena Marketplace

Until here you have managed to sell Hero Thetan Arena on Marketplace. Next you will receive a special notification when The hero is sold and WBNB balance will automatically increase according to the price posted.

Notes : Each player can only sell Hero at a price minimum 0.020 WBNB and a maximum of 1,000,000 WBNB.

Benefits of Selling Hero Thetan Arena on the Marketplace

Benefits of Selling Hero Thetan Arena on the Marketplace

Before ending this discussion, we want to briefly explain some of the benefits that will be obtained when selling Hero Thetan Arena on the Marketplace. These advantages include the following:

1. Sales Sold Faster

First, selling Hero on Marketplace is guaranteed to sell faster, because the platform is officially provided by Wolffun for buying and selling Hero Thetan Arena. So that every Thetan Arena player who wants to buy a Hero usually directly visits the Thetan Arena Marketplace site.

2. Safe & Reliable Transactions

Second, Hero sales transactions on the Thetan Arena Marketplace are of course much safer and more reliable than other platforms. Once again, this Marketplace is a special platform that is indeed provided for buying and selling transactions for Hero Thetan Arena.

3. Direct Sales Results Transferred to Seller’s Account

Third, if the Hero offered has been successfully sold, the sales money will be transferred directly to the seller’s account. However, the duration of the delivery of the sales results depends on how quickly the Hero offered is sold.


That’s the information from about how to sell Hero Thetan Arena on the Marketplace. Once again, we remind you that selling Hero on Thetan Arena Marketplace is much faster than selling Hero on other platforms.

So for those of you Thetan Arena players who have unused NFT Heroes, you can sell them on the Marketplace in the way above. Later the Hero’s sales can be used to buy more Heroes or be disbursed into cash.