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11 Ways to See the Easiest FPS for Android Games 2022

There are several ways to see the FPS of Android games that you may not know about. Therefore, through the following article we will explain it in full.

With the FPS indicator when playing Android games, you can find out the quality of the performance of the smartphone you are using. Apart from that, FPS data in Android games also has other benefits.

Currently the process of displaying FPS on Android phones is very easy, you can do it without Root. Even so, you still need a supporting application and some settings on your smartphone.

Curious about the apps and settings required to display FPS in Android games? If so, just see the answer through the review below.

How to View FPS Android Games Without Root, Guaranteed Success!

What is FPS?

What is FPS in Android Games

FPS itself stands for Frames Per Second. In another sense this term has a function to display the number of movements on the game display every second. For minimal quality, Android smartphones must have 10 FPS. If more than that, it’s certainly better, you can play Android games with HD graphics.

How to View Android Game FPS

Then as we mentioned above that to see FPS in Android games you need several supporting applications on smartphones and PCs. In addition, there are several settings on the smartphone that must be activated. For more, just see the tutorial below:

1. Enable Developer Options

Enable Developer Options

First open the Settings menu then click About Phone -> Version / OS Version -> Tap 7 times.

2. Enable USB Debugging

Enable USB Debugging

If Developer Opera is successfully activated, now back to the home menu Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options -> Scroll the USB Debugging activation icon.

3. Install GameBench Community Edition App

Install GameBench Community Edition App

Please download the application via Google Play Store. After that install the application as usual.

4. Download JRE Software and Gamebench

Download JRE GameBench Software

Now open your PC or Laptop and visit the site to download JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Meanwhile, to download GameBeench software, please visit

5. Connect Smartphone to PC/Laptop

Connect Smartphone to PC

Next run GameBench application on the smartphone then connect to a computer device using USB.

6. Run GameBeench Software on PC

Run Game Booster App

Then on the smartphone screen will appear Allow USB Debugging. Please tap small box listed then click OK.

7. Run Android Games

Run GameBench Software on PC

Lastly, you are enough open android games through the GameBench application on a smartphone. Later you will view FPS display on the Android game screen.

How to View FPS Through Game Booster Application

In addition to the above method, to see FPS in Android games, you can also take advantage of the Game Booster service. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store. After that, do the following to use it:

1. Install Game Booster App

Install Game Booster App

Please open the Google Play Store then download the Game Booster application. After that Install as usual.

2. Run the Game Booster App

Run Game Booster App

After successfully getting the Game Booster application, the next step is to run the application. In the initial screen please tap Get Started -> Activate Optimization. Follow the next instructions to grant the app permission.

3. Enable FPS Monitor

Enable FPS Monitor 1
Enable FPS Monitor 2

Please tap the icon that we have marked in the image above. Next scroll the activation icon on the FPS Monitor menu.

4. Play One of the Android Games

Play One of the Android Games

Finally, try running one of the android games that you have. Then in the upper right corner you will see the FPS information of the game.

Why is the FPS in Android Games Low?

Why FPS in Android Games is Low

When you find the FPS of Android games is too low, you can increase it to higher or above 30 FPS. This process is very easy, you just need lowering the quality of the graphics in the game being played. Each game has a different way, we are sure as a player you can do the process easily.


Can JRE and GameBench Software Be Installed on Windows 7?

Can. The service can be installed on all Windows devices.

Why Game Booster App Not Working?

Most likely you have not enabled application permissions in the Settings menu.

That’s how to see the FPS of Android games that can present. Easier than FPS FPS in PC games. This process is useful for knowing the quality of smartphone performance in running Android games.

If the FPS is above 30, it means that your smartphone is adequate. But if the FPS is below 30, it means you have to lower the graphics display in the game being played.