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11 Ways to Report PES Mobile Auto Cheaters Banned!!

When playing PES Mobile and meeting players who are cheating, you will definitely want to report them to Konami. It’s just that how to report the PES Mobile cheater is not widely known by the players of the game.

The PES Mobile cheater is a player who plays using cheats. Often the actions of these cheaters make losses for their opponents. Besides that, cases like this are only found in the PvP (Player vs Player) game mode.

From Konami’s side, it is clear that all forms of cheating are prohibited in playing PES Mobile. Therefore, for those of you who encounter cheaters on PES Mobile, it is recommended to report to Konami so that they can be followed up immediately.

Then what is the procedure for Reporting Cheaters for PES Mobile? What are the requirements needed to make the report? In addition, what are the types of cheating or Cheats that occur in PES Mobile? Find the full answer below.

Types of Cheating in PES Mobile

As we all know that PES Mobile is one of the best football games today. That way, it’s only natural that PES Mobile users have reached hundreds of millions of both Android and iOS users.

Besides that, PES Mobile also often provides attractive prizes or rewards for every player who wins, especially for the PvP game mode. However, players often use cheat methods to get the win.

It’s just that for this PES Mobile game, there are not many types of cheats or cheat methods used by cheaters. In this game, the most frequently used cheating action is the manipulation of the internet connection when playing online.

For those who don’t know, this method is an action by cheating players to make the game end faster. Then what is annoying is that even though your score is already superior, when the cheater uses this method, there is a possibility that the match will be won by the opposing side.

Meanwhile, the loss that will be experienced by the victim, of course, the Rating will decrease. Especially if the opposing team’s strength is far below ours, then the Rating decline can be quite drastic. For those of you who often experience losses due to the actions of the PES Mobile Cheaters, here we will explain how to report the player to Konami.

How to Report PES Mobile Cheaters

How to Report PES Mobile Cheaters

Actually, to overcome cheaters or players who cheat can be done by removing the friend. But this method of course applies if the cheater is included in the PES Mobile friend list.

Meanwhile, to overcome the cheaters that are found when playing online randomly, you need to report the player to Konami. But before we explain further about how to report PES Mobile Cheaters, you need to know that this process requires several requirements.

To report a PES Mobile Cheater, you must have data in the form of a user name, the name of the user’s TEAM and the time the fraud access occurred. So when you find a network manipulation action, you immediately pause the match and then screenshot the display on the screen showing the cheater’s data.

If you have pocketed the necessary data, later you can continue to report the action when the match is over due to network problems. Then to submit report data for the cheater’s action, you can follow the procedure below:

1. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile 1

The first step, please open the PES Mobile application on your smartphone.

Select Extra Menu Tab

After that select Tab menu Extra (far right).

3. Go to Support

Go to Support

If so, go to the menu Support.

4. Select Contacts & FAQ

Select Contact FAQ

In the menu Support you just choose Contact & FAQ

5. Select Inquiry Form

Select Inquiry Form

Next click Inquiry Form to report the PES Mobile Cheaters.

6. Tap Confirm

Tap Confirm

In the pop-up that appears, just tap the button Confirmation.

7. Define Report Type

Define Report Type

Then for Report Type which will be sent, please select Negative Behavior.

8. Complete the Complaint Form

Complete the Complaint Form To Report Cheaters
Complete the Complaint Form To Report Cheaters 2

Now complete the form to report Cheat PES Mobile starting from Name of the owner and TEAM name yours and the user to be reported. Include information about the time of the incident (optional).

9. Determine the Type of Negative Behavior

Determine the Type of Negative Behavior

If so, now determine the Type of Negative Behavior. Because here you want to report cheaters, then please select Inappropriate behavior.

10. Define Game Mode

Define Game Mode

Whereas for Game Mode you just choose Online Match. Because Cheaters usually occur when playing Online PvP PES Mobile.

11. Explain the Problem

Explain Problem

Then in column Details you can explain the reported problem or cheater action. More or less like this description of the explanation for reporting the PES Mobile Cheater:

“I played with cheating players where they manipulated the network connection so the game didn’t run smoothly and the match was considered forfeited. Even though at that time my score was superior. Please follow up immediately. Thank you

Finally, click Next in the upper right corner to report the cheater to Konami. After that, Konami will follow up on the report. If the player is proven to have committed fraud, Konami will give sanctions according to the applicable regulations.

Sanctions for PES Mobile Cheaters

Sanctions for PES Mobile Cheaters

Until here, you already know how to report a PES Mobile Cheater. Next, do you know what the sanctions will be for PES Mobile Cheaters? If you don’t know, here we have an explanation.

So every PES Mobile player who is proven to have committed an act of cheating will be given a sanction in the form of: Banned account. In addition, the duration of the ban or suspension of cheater accounts also varies, depending on the policy of Konami.

For example, for a user account that has been reported as a cheater no more than 3 times, the account will only be deactivated Banned for 30 days. However, if many users have reported the owner’s name and team name to the same user for fraudulent actions, then Konami can suspend the account for good.


That’s the explanation from on how to report the PES Mobile Cheater. With the above article, we hope that no more PES Mobile players will use cheats to win in PES Mobile Online Matches.