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11 Ways to Play PES Mobile on PC Using a Stick, Auto Wins!!

How to Play PES Mobile on PC – PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is a soccer game that has been played for more than a decade on console devices. Over time, PES is now also available in PC and Mobile versions.

The PC version of PES can be obtained via Steam for 140 thousand. After successfully purchasing PES on Steam, later you can play the game on a PC or Laptop.

But unfortunately, the PC specs you have must be adequate or meet the System Requirements of the game. Well, for those of you who want to try out the fun of playing PES on PC but your device doesn’t support it, you can use another way, namely playing PES Mobile on PC.

In this way, you can enjoy the excitement of playing PES Mobile on a much wider screen. In addition, the control offered will also be easier, because here you can take advantage of supporting devices in the form of an External Controller. Instead of being curious, just look at the procedure for playing PES Mobile on the following PC.

Terms of Playing PES Mobile on Computer

As we mentioned above that PES is one of the best soccer games of all time. It’s been more than a decade PES still has many users, be it on console, PC or mobile devices though.

Meanwhile, according to the promise above, we will explain how to play PES Mobile on a PC or Laptop using a Stick. So for those of you, PES Mobile users, you can try this method to make the game more exciting and control much easier.

Before that, please note that to play PES Mobile on your computer, you must meet the following terms and conditions:

1. Adequate PC/Laptop

Make sure the Laptop or PC you are using supports a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, an Intel Core i3 Processor and a minimum of 10 GB of free space on the SSD (Internal Storage).

2. Stick Device

In addition, you also need additional devices in the form of a Stick or External Controller. With this device, later you can play PES Mobile like when playing PES on the console. Interestingly, here you can more easily perform the Plesing kick trick, Knuckle Shoot trick and even the Panenka trick in PES Mobile.

3. Install USB Network & USB Vibration

Then so that the Stick can be read when playing PES Mobile on your PC, you need to install an additional program in the form of USB Network and USB Vibration. It’s different when you want to play PES Mobile using a Joystick or Gamepad, here, just install and run the program so all Stick devices can connect or connect to a PC.

4. Android Emulators

The last and the most important thing is to install the emulator on the PC or laptop that is used. There are various Emulator products that can be used to play PES Mobile on PC, but here we recommend the Memu Play Emulator. You can download the emulator here. After successfully downloading the emulator, you just have to install it according to the instructions.

How to Play PES Mobile on PC

How to Play PES Mobile on PC

Alright, until here we assume you have met all the requirements above. Next we will explain the procedure for playing PES Mobile on PC using the Memu Play Emulator. So here we will install the PES Mobile application on the Emulator.

Then you can run the game on your PC or Laptop screen. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full tutorial below:

1. Run Emulator on PC

Run Emulator on PC

First of all, please run the emulator on the PC

2. Login to Google Account

Login to Google Account

Then on your main page click menu Profile then select Login. After that Enter Email and Password registered in the Google account.

3. Go to Play Store

Go to Play Store

If you have, now go to the Play Store

4. Download PES Mobile

Download PES Mobile

Then type PES Mobile in the search field then download and install PES Mobile (eFootball PES). Wait until the downloading process is complete.

5. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile

If so, now run PES Mobile in emulators.

6. Define Control Type

Select Control Type

Then specify control type that you want to use. Regarding the type of control we recommend using the Classics. Meanwhile, to use the Stick to play the game, you don’t need to set the buttons on the emulator. Because, the buttons on the Stick are set on through the program USB Network and USB Vibration.

7. Happy Playing

Have a nice play

Now try doing a PES Mobile match in Campaign Mode or Event Mode. Have a nice play!

You can also play PES Mobile Friends Match in the above way. Or play Matchday Events against PES Mobile users around the World. Guaranteed, using the method above you can win more often, because the control is easier and the screen used is wider and clearer.

Advantages of Playing PES Mobile on the Emulator

After listening to the procedures for playing PES Mobile on PC, now you also need to know that the method above offers several advantages for players. So, for you PES Mobile users, you will get the benefits if you play PES Mobile using the method above, these advantages include:

  • Wider screen
  • Easier control
  • Safe, because Emulator users are not detected by the system as a violation
  • How to set easy

Disadvantages of Playing PES Mobile on the Emulator

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages. So, when playing PES Mobile you don’t just get some of the advantages above, but some disadvantages when choosing to play PES Mobile on PC, including:

  • Need adequate PC or Laptop devices
  • Need an additional device in the form of a Joystick as a control
  • Often experience lag when playing PES Mobile on a potato PC
  • Matchmaking process in online matches is longer
  • Prone to Game Ends when internet connection is inadequate


That’s the information from about how to play PES Mobile on a PC using an emulator. Above we also explained that to play PES Mobile on the Emulator you need an additional device in the form of a Stick.

Meanwhile, to connect the device to a PC or Laptop, you only need to install a special driver called USB Network and USB Vibration where the download link has also been prepared above. So, what are you waiting for, let’s feel the excitement of playing PES Mobile on PC and beat all opponents!!