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11 Ways to Mabar Thetan Arena & Add Friends, Get Free Coins!!

As a Thetan Arena player, maybe all this time you’ve only played with other users randomly. Well, now you can try new fun with the Thetan Arena mabar way.

For mabar or playing with friends at Thetan Arena, the method is actually not much different like mabar in Mobile Legends, AOV and various other types of MOBA games. In Thetan Arena each player also needs to send a mabar invitation to his friends first.

If you don’t have friends registered in the Friend menu while playing Thetan Arena, you need to add friends first. Meanwhile, because Thetan Arena is a MOBA game that offers 4 vs 4 battles, then at least you have to have 3 friends.

For those of you who are still confused about how to add friends to how to get ready for Thetan Arena, here we have prepared a complete explanation. In fact, we will also tell you some of the benefits that will be obtained if you stay at Thetan Arena.

How to Add Friend (Add Friend) in Thetan Arena

Before going into the main discussion, first we want to emphasize that the main requirement to be able to grow up in Thetan Arena is that you must have 3 friends. If you don’t have it, then please add a friend first.

To add a friend you need to know the user ID of the friend you want to add. One more thing, in this process we recommend that you use a connection from cellular data, don’t use Wifi.

Because, if you add a Thetan Arena friend using a Wifi connection, usually the Invite or Add button cannot be clicked. When everything is ready, now follow the procedure below to invite friends at Thetan Arena:

1. Open Thetan Arena

Unlock Thetan Arena 1

First of all, please open the Thetan Arena application.

2. Tap the Friend Menu

Tap Menu Friend

Then on the main page, just tap the menu Friend.

3. Select Add Friend

Select Add Friend

After that select Add Friend on the next view.

4. Enter User ID

Enter User ID

Now enter User Name/ID then click Search.

5. Click Add

Click Add

If so, the search results will appear from the friend’s name. Please click Add to add.

6. Friend Request Sent

Friend Request Sent

Until here the friend request has been sent, then you just have to wait for the invited friend to confirm the friend request from you.

How to Mabar Thetan Arena

How to Mabar Thetan Arena

After successfully adding some friends to the Friend list in Thetan Arena, then you just need to know how to play Thetan Arena with friends in Real Time.

Before that, it’s important to know that to maximize the fun of mabar, here we recommend using headset or earphones. Later the device is used as a means of communication with friends.

As for the connection business, it would be nice for you to use a 4G LTE cellular data connection. This method is useful so that the signal remains stable so it does not interfere with the Thetan Arena mabar. After preparing everything, from the device to the connection, now follow the procedure below for Mabar Thetan Arena:

1. Login to Thetan Arena

Login Thetan Arena

As usual, first step please Login to Thetan Arena

2. Tap Sync Data

Tap Sync Data

Then on your main page click the button Sync Data under the Profile menu. After that Thetan Arena will restart.

3. Go to the Friend Menu

Enter the Friend Menu

If you have, now enter the menu Friend (see left).

4. Choose Friends

Choose Friends

Next choose friends online who want to be invited.

5. Happy Playing

Happy Playing 1

Wait a moment, the system will do a search. If a display like the picture above appears, it means that you just have to enjoy the fun of mabar in this game. Have a nice play!!!

Advantages of Playing Thetan Arena with Friends

Advantages of Playing Thetan Arena with Friends

As we mentioned above, by playing with friends, the Thetan Arena game actually offers several advantages for players. Curious what these advantages are? Check out more information below:

1. Free gTHC Coins

The first advantage is that there are 3 free gTHC coins that you will get every time you add a friend in Thetan Arena. This method is certainly mandatory if you want to be in the game but don’t have friends at all.

2. Easier to Manage Strategy

Second, by being patient, you can also communicate with teammates via headset or earphones. That way, you can more easily set strategies and so on to win the match.

3. Faster Rank Up

Third, because communication and cooperation can be established well, the chances of winning in every battle are certainly much greater. Remember, the more often you win, the faster you will increase the Rank Thetan Arena. If you have reached Rank Bronze then you can cash out the Thetan Arena coin balance.


That’s the discussion from about how to play Thetan Arena with friends, it’s guaranteed to be really fun! Moreover, above we also explain some of the advantages that will be obtained when choosing a mabar at Thetan Arena.

Even so, you still have to pay attention that in order to be able to mabar in the game there are several conditions that must be met. In addition, so that mabar fun can be maximized, you should use an internet connection from 4G LTE cellular data.