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11 Ways to Install PPSSPP Games on Android RAM Below 1 GB

As an Android user, now you can enjoy more fun playing games, namely using PPSSPP. But before that, you must first know how to install PPSSPP games on Android.

PPSSPP itself is a useful support application so that Android phones and other devices can play console games. There are many choices of PPSSPP games that can be played on Android phones.

Meanwhile, in order to be able to install or install PPSSPP games, additional applications are also required as well as several other conditions. But the most important thing is to make sure the Android cellphone used already supports the minimum specifications to operate PPSSPP.

Well, through the following article, we will explain in full what the requirements are, the minimum specification requirements to how to install PPSSPP games on Android. Alright, without the need to linger, just take a look at the full review below.

Android Minimum Specifications To Use PPSSPP

Currently, almost all Android phones can play various kinds of exciting games available on the Google Play Store. It’s just that each game usually has provisions around minimum specifications so that the game can be played smoothly.

The same thing with the PPSSPP application, this application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. However, if you want to install and use the application on an Android phone, make sure your device supports the following specifications:

  • Android version 2.3 and above
  • Processor powered at least 1 GHz or higher
  • Minimum RAM 512 GB
  • Minimum 16 GB storage space

Terms of Installing PPSSPP Games on Android

Terms of Installing PPSSPP Games on Android

In addition to the Android cellphone used, it must meet the minimum specifications, if you want to play PPSSPP games on Android, you also need to meet several other requirements. Here are the requirements to install and play PPSSPP games on Android:

1. Have the ZArchiver App

The first requirement is that you must download and install a supporting application called ZArchiver. Just like PPSSPP, this application can also be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Later ZArchiver is useful in the process of installing PPSSPP games on Android.

2. Download PPSSPP Games

The second requirement is to have downloaded the PPSSPP game for Android. If not, you can download PPSSPP games on the internet for free. Currently there are many PPSSPP game provider sites for Android, iOS, Computers and so on.

3. Sufficient Storage Space

The third requirement is to make sure the Android cellphone storage space used has a large storage space. Because the size of PPSSPP games is usually between 200 MB to more than 1 GB. If there is insufficient storage space, the PPSSPP game cannot be installed.

How to Install PPSSPP Games on Android

How to Install PPSSPP Games on Android

After listening to the explanation of the minimum specifications to the requirements for installing and playing PPSSPP games on Android, we will now move on to the next discussion. So, before starting to play, of course you must install the PPSSPP game first.

When first downloaded, the PPSSPP game file has a .RAR format so we have to extract it first. Well, the extract process itself is done through the ZArchiver application that was previously installed.

Instead of being confused, it’s better to just look at the complete procedure for installing the PPSSPP game on Android below:

1. Download PPSSPP

Download PPSSPP

The first step please download PPSSPP on the Google Play Store. After that, install the application as usual.

2. Open the ZArchiver App

Open the ZArchiver App

Next, open the ZArchiver application on your Android phone.

3. Go to the Download Folder

Go to Download Folder

Then open the folder Download to find the PPSSPP game file that was downloaded earlier.

4. Extract Game Files

Extract Game Files

After that, long tap on the game file then select Extract here.

5. Move ISO File

Move ISO File

If you have, in that folder will appear game files with the format .ISO behind. Please cut or move the filet by long tap the file name and select Cut.

6. Go to Device Memory

Enter Device Memory

Then tap the arrow icon in the corner of the folder name and select Device Memory.

7. Open Game Folder

Open Game Folder

After that open the Games folder. If you don’t have it, please create a folder with the name “Game” first.

8. Tap Paste

Tap Paste

If you are already in the Game folder, please tap the icon Paste (see image above) to move the PPSSPP game files to that folder.

9. Game Moved Successfully

Game Moved Successfully

Now PPSSPP game is done succeed extracted and moved to the Game folder.

10. Open PPSSPP Application

Open PPSSPP Application

Next, open PPSSPP on your Android phone. On the main page, just go to the folder Games (a folder that was created to store PPSSPP games).

11. Successfully Install Game on PPSSPP Android

Successfully Install Game on PPSSPP Android

If there is already a game in the folder that was previously extracted, it means that you have already downloaded the game successfully installed PPSSPP game on Android. Then you just have to play the game as much as you want without an internet connection.

Pros & Cons of Using PPSSPP on Android

Through the method above, you can download and play various genres of the best PPSSPP games on Android phones. Meanwhile, it should also be noted that the above method also has several advantages and disadvantages for users. What are these advantages and disadvantages? Check out the information below:


  • Can be played anytime and anywhere without an internet connection
  • Game size is not too big
  • Controls are the same as PS1, PS2 game consoles and so on


  • Generates a lot of Cache files because PPSSPP games are actually games from console devices
  • Errors occur quite often when played on a potato-spec Android cellphone
  • Graphics are not very good


That’s the information from regarding the procedure for installing PPSSPP games on Android. In addition, above we also mentioned the minimum specifications for an Android cellphone that is able to operate PPSSPP games. With the above method, you can play games from PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 and so on offline, aka without an internet connection.