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11 Best and Newest Netflix Movie Recommendations 2022

There are lots of interesting movies that you can watch on Netflix. Yes, this is perfect for filling your weekends during a pandemic like today. So make sure some of these Netflix movie recommendations are on your playlist.

No need to worry, because some of these Netflix movie recommendations have also managed to get high ratings since they were first aired. Not only Hollywood films, but also domestic films and Korean films.

Netflix Movie Recommendations

Well, some of the films that we will discuss this time, are films that have a rating on Netflix. So later you will find various genres according to the film in question. For that, here are the films that you must watch.

1. Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead is a Hollywood film with the action genre. The film tells the story of a major robbery carried out by a group of mercenaries. The troops are led by Scoot Ward “Dave Bautista” who is a former American soldier.

The object of this robbery is the amount of money in the safe. Interestingly, the safe is in a casino that has strict security. The thing that makes this film even more exciting is that they have to fight zombies in the quarantine area.

2. Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl

The film, which has been airing since August 20, 2022, tells the story of a husband named Ray Cooper “Jason Momoa” who is trying to uncover the death of his wife “Adria Arojona”. He vowed to avenge his wife, the company that had killed him.

Over time, he also discovered the fact that there were other people who also wanted to kill his daughter “Isabela Merced”. Of course, in addition to trying to uncover the case of his wife’s death, he also has to protect the only daughter he loves.

3. Afterlife of the Party

Afterlife of the Party

Afterlife of the Party is a film that lifts the fantasy comedy genre that will air in September 2022. This film tells the story of Cassie “Victoria Justice”, a social butterfly who died on her birthday.

However, Cassie is given a second chance to make amends for all her mistakes in her previous life. Finally, He can reconnect with loved ones. In addition, Cassie also had to prove her eligibility to enter the VIP room in the sky.

4. Layla Majnun

Layla Majnun

Layla Majnun is a Netflix film by director Monty Tiwa which has a romance drama genre. This film tells the story of an Indonesian teacher and novelist named Layla “Acha Septiasa”, who is betrothed to her childhood friend, Ibnu “Baim Wong”.

However, Layla is already in love with a fan of her novel named Samir “Reza Rahardian”. Curious about Layla’s love story? Will the relationship of Layla and Samir continue or will they separate? Just watch the movie Layla Majnun on your Netflix.

5. Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab

For those of you who like Thai films, it is mandatory to watch Ghost Lab. The film, which carries the mystery horror genre wrapped in science elements, tells the story of two handsome young doctors named Kla “Ice Paris” and Vee “Tor Thanapob”.

They both have a pretty crazy obsession, which is to prove the existence of ghosts scientifically. In addition, they also want to clearly reveal what life after death is like. This is done to the point of threatening the lives of other innocent people.

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6. Night in Paradise

Night in Paradise

This Korean thriller drama genre film, directed by Park Hoon-jung, tells the story of Tae Goo “Uhm Tae Goo” a former member of the criminal mafia led by Mr. Yang “Park Ho-san”. Tae Goo goes to Jeju Island to avenge his brother’s death.

On the island, Tae Goo meets a mysterious woman named Jae Yeon “Jae Yon Bin”. It turns out that Jae Yeo has been diagnosed with a deadly disease. Of course this will add to the problems that Tae Goo has.

7. A Perfect Pitch

A Perfect Pitch

If you want to relax while watching a domestic romantic drama film, then A Perfect Pitch can be the best choice. The film, starring Nadya Arina, Refal Hardy, and Giorgino Abraham, tells the story of the meeting between Saski “Nadya Arina” and Rio “Refal Hady”, a shoe entrepreneur.

Rio’s unyielding and loving nature opened up Saski to feel a dilemma with his plans to marry a nobleman named Deni “Giorgino Abraham”. This film will also present a beautiful panorama of the island of Bali and its culture.

8. Deep


The next Netflix movie recommendation comes from Thailand, namely Deep. The film, which carries the mystery thriller genre, tells the story of an experiment conducted by a group of students to make a drug called Deep.

They were paid a sum of money to endure drowsiness for hours after ingesting the drug. If they sleep for more than a minute, their heart will stop beating and they will die.

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9. Baggio “The Divine Ponytail”

Baggio The Divine Ponytail

For football fans, of course, you already know the legendary player named Roberti Baggio, right? Yes, as the title suggests, this film is an autobiographical story of a footballer who played for the big teams in Italy.

In this film, the story of Roberto Baggio is packaged nicely and in detail. Starting from how he started playing football, then playing for clubs and also the Italian national team, until finally he hung up his boots. Not only football, this film also explores the spiritual story he experienced.

10. Escape from Spiderhead

Escape from Spiderhead

Escape from Spiderhead is a film starring MCU actor Chris Hemsworth. This film is adapted from a short story that was previously published in 2010. Escape from Spiderhead, tells of an inmate who becomes a volunteer for medical subjects.

The convicts were lured by the cutting of their prison terms. If you are curious about the storyline, you can read the short story first. Guaranteed, all your imagination when reading short stories will be conveyed through this film.

11. Memories of A Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes

Memories of A Murderer The Nilsen Tapes

Memories of A Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes is a documentary that tells the story of a British serial killer named Dennies Nilsen. As is known, he had committed the murder of 15 people from 1978 to 1983 before he was finally discovered.

In this film, you will know the story in detail from the first time he committed murder, the reason he killed, the process of arrest, and also the punishment given to him. If you like documentaries of this kind, just watch them on your Netflix app.

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The final word

Junebe that’s the only Netflix movie recommendation that can be conveyed on this occasion. Some of the films above, have proven to have received good ratings on Netflix. So don’t forget to watch all those films.