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10 Ways to Sell Thetan Arena Account in My Community, eCommerce & iTem

Since it was first released until now, Thetan Arena has managed to collect more than 2 million users. However, of the many, there are several players who want to sell the Thetan Arena account. Is there a way to sell Thetan Arena account?

Well, before we explain further, please note that Thetan Arena is a PvP game that carries the MOBA genre. The number of MOBA game lovers in Indonesia is actually quite a lot, almost comparable to lovers of war games such as PUBG, COD and Free Fire.

However, sometimes for one reason or another Thetan Arena players feel bored playing the game. Therefore, some of them wanted to sell their accounts. Then what is the market price for selling Thetan Arena accounts?

Don’t worry, through the following discussion, we have prepared a complete explanation of the steps for selling a Thetan Arena account. To be more clear, just see the full discussion below.

Thetan Arena Account Sales Price Terms

Before going into the core of the discussion, first we want to explain a little about the terms of the selling price for the Thetan Arena account. So the size of the nominal sales of Thetan Arena account is determined from the account specifications.

It’s the same as when selling Hero Thetan Arena where the sale of these items also adjusts the strength of the Hero on offer. Then what about the fans of Thetan Arena account? Can’t they create their own account without having to buy it?

Regarding this, there are several types of users who prefer to buy a ready-made account. That way they don’t have to bother with Push Rank to increase Tier so they can exchange gTHC balances.

Then for the account sales price range, it is usually priced from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. As for the sales platform, you can choose through the Thetan Arena player community or group on Social Media, eCommerce and the iTemku site.

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account

After knowing a little explanation regarding the selling price range of the account, now let’s move on to the process of selling the Thetan Arena account. For the first time, we will tell you how to sell an account through a group or community of Thetan Arena players.

Through this platform you can quickly get the account buyers offered. However, with a note that the price offered is in accordance with the specifications of the account being sold. As for the procedure for selling, you can see below:

  • Join Thetan Arena group on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram
  • After that make a post to offer the account you want to sell
  • Also include the specifications of the account you have
  • Then enter the appropriate price
  • Then also add information on the payment method used (Bank transfer / eWallet account).
  • If so, you just have to wait for a buyer.

Later, if there are buyers, they will make payments through the methods listed in the post. After the transaction is successful, then you just need to send the login data to the Thetan Arena account that has been sold.

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account in eCommerce

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account in eCommerce

In addition to the above methods, you can also sell Thetan Arena accounts through eCommerce such as Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia and the like. As for the conditions for selling a Thetan Arena account in eCommerce, you need to create a Seller account first.

Then the procedure for selling an account in eCommerce is the same as selling products in general. So here you need to include a description of the account being sold on the product description page.

For pricing matters, the method is the same as above, namely adjusting the account specifications. It’s just that, for purchase confirmation and account handover, you need to ask the buyer to send proof of the transaction via the Chat menu.

However, to sell the Thetan Arena account here, you may need to wait a few days for the account to be sold. Because, most people are looking for accounts for sale through the Thetan Arena player community.

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account on iTemku

How to Sell Thetan Arena Account on iTemku

We come to the last discussion of this article, which is how to sell Thetan Arena account on the iTemku site. For those who don’t know, iTemku is a site for buying and selling game items, ranging from Top Up game currency, in-app items to selling game accounts.

Just like selling an account via eCommerce, if you want to release a Thetan Arena account through the iTemku site, you also need to register an account as a seller on iTemku. In addition, make sure you have a Line account to get notifications regarding selling products on iTemku.

To be clear, please refer to the procedure for selling the Thetan Arena account below:

  • Visit my iTem site
  • Click the Account menu and select Register
  • Enter your email and create an account password. If you have clicked Register
  • After that do Login to iTemku
  • Then scroll down and select Sell on my iTem
  • Enter your mobile number to get a verification code
  • Enter the verification code that has been received
  • If you have, now go to Store Settings on the TokoKu menu
  • Enter Store Name, Payment Method, Account Number, Account Owner Name, Upload Profile Photo and so on. If so, please wait for the verification process for approximately 1 x 24 hours.
  • If the Toko account has been successfully verified, please open the TokoKu menu -> Trade -> Create a New Trade.
  • Include a description of the product you want to sell (Thetan Arena account)
  • Determine the selling price
  • Then provide additional information in the Description column.
  • Upload product photos
  • If you have, click Send

After successfully posting the selling product, all you have to do is wait for a buyer for the Thetan Arena account that you sell.


That’s the information from regarding the procedures for selling Thetan Arena accounts at the Thetan Arena Lovers Group, eCommerce and iTemku sites. Above we also explained that for the selling price of the Thetan Arena account, you must adjust the account specifications offered. That way, you can get buyers quickly because the price is right.