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10 Ways to Play FIFA Mobile on Android for Beginners

FIFA Mobile is now available on the Google Play Store and can be enjoyed by all Android users. Well, for those of you who were previously PES Mobile players but are curious about the excitement of FIFA Mobile, here we have prepared a review on how to play FIFA Mobile on Android for beginners.

FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) are the two soccer games with the highest number of users. Besides that, both FIFA and PES are also available on various devices, ranging from PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Steam to Mobile or smartphone consoles.

However, in this article, we will specifically discuss the issue of FIFA Mobile which has been being discussed recently. Reportedly the graphics and gameplay offered by FIFA Mobile are not far behind the graphics of FIFA on Console and PC.

Interestingly, for Android users, you can get this game for free on the Google Play Store. Then how to play FIFA Mobile for beginners? Check out the full explanation below.

How to Download FIFA Mobile

Before going into the core of the discussion about how to play FIFA Mobile on Android, we first want to explain how to download this game application on Android. So just like Android games in general, you can also get FIFA Mobile through Google Play Store.

Then as we mentioned above that FIFA Mobile Android can be downloaded for free. Then for the System Requirements or Minimum Specifications for Android cellphones to be able to play FIFA Mobile are as follows:

Operating systemAndroid version 5.0 and above
Internal MemoryMinimum 2 GB of free space available

After FIFA Mobile has been successfully downloaded, then all you have to do is install the game application. Then on the start page you will be asked to download additional data of 20 MB. So the total size or FIFA Mobile Full Size is 145 MB.

How to Play FIFA Mobile on Android

How to Play FIFA Mobile on Android

Before the existence of FIFA Mobile, maybe you know there is a game called FIFA Online 3 which can be played by accessing the site of the game. It’s just that for now FIFA Online 3 has been closed alias can not be played anymore.

Instead, now there is FIFA Mobile which offers more fun than FIFA Online 3. So how do you play FIFA Mobile on Android? Relax, for those of you Android users who are installing FIFA Mobile for the first time, you can see the explanation below:

1. Doing Training

Doing FIFA Mobile Android Training

The first stage to play FIFA Mobile is to do training. At this stage you will be taught to do Dribbling, Passing, Tackle, Defending until Shooting. Here you just have to follow the instructions on the screen.

After all the training stages are completed, later you will get prizes in the form of certain items to key players for positions Forward, Midfielder, Defender nor Goalkeeper.

2. Choose the Club Logo

Choosing a Club Logo

Second, you will also be directed to choose a Logo or Club Emblem from your Squad. At this stage you can choose various Clubs from all Leagues and all of them are licensed, so the Logo is appropriate. Please choose your favorite club!

3. Downloading Commenters

Download Commentators

Next, you also need to enter the Settings menu to download the FIFA Mobile Commentator Audio data. There are many choices of Commentator languages, ranging from Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, English and so on.

But to download the Audio Commentator data, make sure you have at least 500 MB of storage space. Because, each Audio data has a size of 300 to 400 MB. If you are bored, later you can change the FIFA Mobile Audio Commentator.

4. Setting Graphics Settings

Setting FIFA Mobile Graphics Settings

Before starting to play FIFA Mobile, here you also need to adjust the Graphics Settings according to the capabilities of the device. Medium, High and Ultra Graphic Settings options are available. In addition there are also options to specify other Graphics such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Audience Effects and UI Effects.

If the device used is adequate, then you can use all the available Graphic Settings. But if your HP specifications are mediocre, then usually you can only use the maximum Graphic Settings at Medium or Medium.

5. Doing the Match

Doing the Match

Finally, after setting everything up, now all you have to do is do FIFA Mobile matches in the Mission menu. Here you can do 1 vs 1 matches against other users online. Make sure your Android phone has a stable internet connection.

Before the match starts, you will also be guided to strategize by changing players, choosing formations, adjusting positions and so on. Or you can also press the button Highest OVR to get the best formation according to the system.

Later, if the FIFA Mobile account level has reached the minimum limit, then you can enjoy the Mabar FIFA Mobile feature. Just like when Mabar is in PES Mobile and other Online Football games, to be able to Mabar on FIFA Mobile you must first have friends.


So that’s the review from on how to play FIFA Mobile on Android for beginners. Unlike PES Mobile, in this game you need to complete several tutorials before you can match against other users.

In addition, after completing the initial stages as a FIFA Mobile player, later you will find a variety of interesting features from FIFA Mobile. Well, the advantage of playing FIFA Mobile is that there are always instructions for carrying out game activities, so it is guaranteed that players will not feel confused.