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10 Ways to Overcome PUBG New State Force Close 100% Successful!!

In the PUBG New State game, there is one problem that players often experience, namely Force Close or the application exits itself. Therefore, here we will explain how to overcome PUBG New State Force Close.

In addition to the Lag or broken problem that is usually experienced by PUBG New State players using HP Potatoes, Force Close is also one of the problems that often annoys players. Because, when a Force Close occurs, the application suddenly exits so that the player inevitably has to re-login.

Although this problem has often occurred, in fact not a few PUBG New State players do not know how to solve this problem. Actually, to overcome PUBG New State Force Close can be done easily.

However, each of the solutions applied must also adjust to the cause of the problem itself. What are the causes of PUBG New State Force Close? Then how to deal with this disorder? Find the answer in the review below.

Cause PUBG New State Force Close

Cause PUBG New State Force Close

As we mentioned above, currently PUBG Mobile players often experience Force Close problems. For those who don’t know, Force Close is a disturbance in the form of an application not responding which is usually marked by a Black Screen after the application exits itself.

In the PUBG New State game, this kind of error usually occurs in the optimization process reaching 50-60%. In addition, there are also several players who claim to experience similar problems while in battle.

Curious as to how to overcome PUBG New State Force Close? Don’t worry, before we explain how to solve the problem, first you need to know what the factors causing the problem are, including:

1. Device is Rooted

The first cause of the problem above is that the smartphone device used to play PUBG New State is already rooted. That way, the system will read your device as a forbidden device to play the game.

2. Almost Full Storage Memory

The second cause can also come from the internal storage memory is almost full. That way, the performance of the smartphone will be reduced and it will not be able to operate the PUBG New State application which is quite large in size.

3. Almost Full RAM Memory

Then for the third cause, the RAM memory is almost at its maximum limit. For example, your smartphone has 4 GB of RAM and on that device there is more than one large application, especially game applications. If so, then the RAM capacity will be divided so that it affects performance when running PUBG New State.

Fourth, when PUBG New State is often played, a lot of cache files or junk files will be generated. Remember, the more cache files, the more vulnerable the application is to experiencing problems, including PUBG New State Force Close or exiting itself (not responding). Even this factor can also be the reason PUBG New State cannot connect to the server.

5. Unstable Internet Connection

As for the latter cause, it may come from an unstable internet connection. As we know that to play PUBG New State you need to have a stable internet connection. That way, when the connection is problematic, it can also cause various disturbances, ranging from PUBG New State Nglag to Force Close.

How to Overcome PUBG New State Force Close

How to Overcome PUBG New State Force Close

After listening to some of the causes of PUBG New State Force Close, now let’s move on to how to solve this problem. There are several ways that can be applied to overcome PUBG New State often coming out on its own, including:

1. Use Another Device

The first way is to change the device to play PUBG New State. This method applies to overcoming the above problem if the device that was used previously has been rooted. By replacing a smartphone that is not rooted, you can be sure that you will not experience Force Close problems when optimizing PUBG New State. But with a note, the smartphone has specifications that are strong enough to run PUBG New State (at least 4 GB of RAM).

2. Delete Large Unused Files

The second way is to delete some large files such as Videos, Movies and so on. In this way, the internal storage space will be more spacious while optimizing device performance to run PUBG New State.

3. Delete Large Apps

The third way, the same as deleting files to reduce the use of internal storage. Here you also need to delete several large applications such as games, editing applications, social media and so on.

That way, the use of RAM memory will be slightly reduced and the RAM capacity to run PUBG New State will be greater. If it’s like this, then it’s very likely that the PUBG New State obstacle often Force Close will be resolved soon.

4. Clear PUBG New State Cache Files

The fourth way to solve PUBG New State Force Close is to clear the Cache file of the application. To do this, you can use the device’s default cleaning application.

Or specifically for Android users, you can clean junk files from PUBG New State in the following ways:

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Select Apps
  • Select Manage apps
  • Search PUBG New State
  • Go to the Storage menu
  • Click Clear Data
  • Click Clear Cache

After the Cache file is clean, now try to run PUBG New State again. If the optimization process reaches 100%, it means that you have successfully overcome the obstacles above.

5. Turn On Airplane Mode To Restart Connection

The last way to overcome PUBG New State Force Close is to restart the internet connection on the smartphone by activating airplane mode and waiting for about 10 minutes. After that, turn off airplane mode and wait until the internet is back on. If so, try running PUBG New State, if the problem has not been resolved then try using an internet connection from Wifi.


That’s the explanation from regarding the causes of PUBG New State often coming out on its own. For those of you PUBG New State players who are experiencing these obstacles, above we have explained how to overcome PUBG New State Force Close and hopefully it can help.