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10 Ways to Overcome PS5 Can't Read Blu-Ray Disc 100% Successfully!!

As a PS5 Regular version user, have you ever experienced a problem in the form of an unreadable Blu-Ray Disc? If so, through the following article we have information on how to solve PS5 not being able to read Blu-Ray Disc.

Before we explain further, please note that Blu-Ray Disc is a component that functions to read PS5 cassettes or Discs. That way, when the Blu-Ray Disc can’t be read, the PS5 games from the cassette can’t be played.

The question is, how to solve this problem? Don’t worry, in this discussion, we have prepared how to solve PS5 not being able to read Blu-Ray Disc. Not only that, we will also explain the cause of the problem.

So is this method 100% successful? Regarding the success rate for dealing with PS5 not being able to read Blu-Ray using this method, maybe around 80%, because it all depends on the cause. Alright, so that it is clearer, just take a look at the full discussion below.

Cause PS5 Can’t Read Blu-Ray Disc

Cause PS5 Can't Read Blu Ray Disc

PS5 is the latest console game released by Sony around the end of 2022. Until now, the PS5 has been officially marketed in the Indonesian market where the level of sales has been quite successful, even though the price of the PS5 in Indonesia is still quite expensive for some people.

Meanwhile, PS5 is also divided into two versions, namely the Digital version (only supports Digital games) and the Regular version (supports Digital and Disc games). Well, specifically for the PS5 Regular version, there is a component called Blu-Ray Disc which is in charge of reading cassettes on the PS5.

Some owners of the PS5 version claim that their PS5 device cannot read Blu-Ray Discs. So, when inserting a cassette into the PS5, the cassette won’t go in. Or something has been entered but the game is not readable. That way, you can’t play the best PS5 games that are being fun.

The question is, why does this problem occur? Based on several similar cases that we found, usually when the PS5 can’t read Blu-Ray Discs is caused by the inside of the component being dirty. Or it could be something that goes into it. That way, the inserted cassette cannot be processed by Blu-Ray Disc.

So far, these two factors are often the cause of the PS5 not being able to read Blu-Ray Discs. Then how to overcome so that Blu-Ray Disc on PS5 can work optimally as usual?

How to Fix PS5 Can’t Read Blu-Ray Disc

How to Overcome PS5 Can't Read Blu Ray

After listening to a little explanation about the cause of the problem above, now we come to the core of the discussion of this article, namely how to solve PS5 can’t read PS5 Blu-Ray. So there is only one way to solve this problem, which is to clean the Blu-Ray Disc component of the PS5 itself.

Here we have prepared a complete procedure for cleaning PS5 Blu-Ray Discs to solve the above problems:

1. Open PS5 Case

Open PS5 Case

First of all please open case PS5.

2. Remove All Bolts

Remove All Bolts

After that, remove all bolts mounted on the back cover.

3. Remove the PS5 Fan Socket

Remove the PS5 Fan Socket

If so, now remove the PS5 fan socket

4. Open BD Rom Socket

Open BD Rom Socket

Carry on open BD Rom socket. At this stage we recommend being careful not to cause other problems.

5. Remove the Blu-Ray Disc Component

Remove the Blu Ray Disc Components

After that, remove Blu-Ray Disc from his seat.

6. Unload Blu-Ray Disc

Unload Blu Ray Disc

Then remove the bolt installed in the Blu-Ray Disc case.

7. Spray Using Vacuum Cleaner

Spray Using Vacuum Cleaner

Now clean those components using a mini Vacuum Cleaner or other vacuum cleaner. Make sure the inside of the Blu-Ray Disc is really clean.

8. Put the Cover Back on

Put it back

After that put everything back together as before except for the Blu-Ray Disc case.

9. Test Blu-Ray Disc

Test Blu-Ray Disc PS5

Now try Insert Disc to check whether this method has succeeded in overcoming the problem above or not.

10. Successfully Overcome PS5 Cannot Read Blu-Ray Disc

Successfully Overcome PS5 Can't Read Blu Ray Disc

After the tape is successfully entered and processed by the system, continue to run the game. If the monitor displays the game being played, it means that this method has been succeed fix the problem PS5 can’t read Blu-Ray Disc. Please install the Blu-Ray Disc case and PS5 case as usual. Done.


That’s the explanation from on how to fix PS5 can’t read Blu-Ray Disc. The above method is indeed quite effective to overcome problems like this. So, for those of you PS5 Regular owners who encounter a similar problem, please use the method above to solve the Blu-Ray Disc not working.