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10 Ways to Install Thetan Arena on a Potato PC, Without an Emulator!!

Thetan Arena is a MOBA game that can be played on Android, iOS and PC devices. To install Thetan Arena on a smartphone device, maybe all of you already know, but how about installing Thetan Arena on a PC?

Well, for those who are curious as to what the excitement of playing Thetan Arena on PC is like, here we will explain in full the steps to install Thetan Arena on PC. Before that, there are a few things you need to know.

Just like games in general that apply provisions in the form of minimum specifications on the PC that will be used to play the game. Thetan Arena itself does not require you to have a gaming spec PC.

That is, this Thetan Arena game can be installed on a PC with potato specs. To be clear, here we have prepared information about the minimum specifications that apply to installing Thetan Arena on a PC.

Minimum Specifications To Play Thetan Arena on PC

As we mentioned above, Thetan Arena is one of the MOBA genre games that is currently quite popular. How not, apart from offering the fun of the gameplay presented, Thetan Arena players can also make money from the game.

To make money in Thetan Arena you need to collect as many coins as possible by Push Rank or buying Hero. Besides that, there are also other ways to earn money in Thetan Arena, namely by selling Heroes on the Thetan Arena Marketplace.

Meanwhile, to play Thetan Arena you can use various types of devices, including PCs or Laptops. It’s just that in order to play Thetan Arena on your desktop device, you need to install the application first.

To install the Thetan Arena application on your PC, you don’t need an emulator application such as BlueStacks, MEMU Player and the like. So here Thetan Arena only asks you to prepare a PC that already supports the minimum specifications.

The following is a must-have PC specification data in order to be able to install and play Thetan Arena smoothly:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor.
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB
  • Storage : Minimum 5GB

How to Install Thetan Arena on PC

How to Install Thetan Arena on PC

If you have prepared a PC with the specifications above or higher, it means that you can continue to install the Thetan Arena application on the device. This process can be done directly from the official website of Thetan Arena.

Before that, please note that in addition to being able to do without an emulator, to install Thetan Arena on a PC you also don’t need additional devices in the form of a controller and the like. However, the procedure for doing so is of course different from the process of installing Thetan Arena on Android and iOS. To be clear, just look at the procedure for installing Thetan Arena on the following PC:

1. Visit Thetan Arena Site

Visit Thetan Arena Official Site

The first step, please open a browser on a PC and then visit the Thetan Arena site. Then on your main page click menu PC to download the Thetan Arena application.

2. Click Save

Click Save

After that, in the pop-up that appears, you can specify storage folder then click Save and wait for the download process to complete.

3. Open Download Results

Open Download Results

If so, now open file download in the folder that has been specified then right click and select Run as Administrator on the Thetan Arena application file.

4. Accept the License Agreement

Accept the License Agreement

Next, a pop-up will appear containing License Agreement or Terms and Conditions. Here, just scroll down and click I Accept the Agreement then click Next to continue.

5. Tap Next

Tap Next

On page Select Additional Tasks you can determine want to make Thetan Arena Shortcut or not. After that select Next.

6. Click Install

Click Install

Now click Install there is a page Ready to Install.

7. Wait for the Installation Process

Wait for the Installation Process

Wait until the installation process is 100% successful

8. Click Finish

Click Finish

If so, please click Finish to end the Thetan Arena install process.

9. Thetan Arena has been successfully installed on PC

Thetan Arena has been successfully installed on PC

Until here you have successfully installed Thetan Arena on PC. Next, you just need to login using the account you already have or go to the Register menu to create a new account.

10. Happy Playing

Have a nice play

If you have successfully logged in, then you stay start playing Thetan Arena as usual. Have a nice play!!

The Fun of Playing Thetan Arena on PC

At this point, you already know how to install Thetan Arena on a PC. Before ending the discussion, first we want to tell you some of the fun that you will encounter when playing Thetan Arena on PC, including:

  • Gameplay looks much clearer and wider
  • Can be played smoothly on potato spec PC without Lag
  • The installation process does not require any emulator software
  • The data size is relatively small for PC games, so it doesn’t take up PC storage space and performance


So that’s the information about the procedure for installing Thetan Arena on a PC. In addition, in the discussion above, also mentions the recommended minimum specifications to run Thetan Arena smoothly. So, what are you waiting for, let’s experience the excitement of Thetan Arena on a wider screen and collect as many coins as possible!