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10 Ways to Download Minecraft Pay for Free 2022 : PC & Android

Currently, there is a paid Minecraft download for free for Android users. Don’t believe? follow this article to the end.

Minecraft is one of the most popular arcade genre games in recent times. But on the Google Play Store Minecraft set a price of $ 74.9.

Well, for those with a minimal budget, they definitely want to have the game for free. If so, we have a powerful way to make your wishes come true.

However, there are several conditions that must be met for a paid Minecraft download to be free. For more details, please see the review below.

Free Minecraft Download Terms

Terms Download Minecraft Free on Android 1

As we mentioned above that to download Minecraft for free it takes several requirements. Are as follows :

  • Have internet connection.
  • Have an android/iOS device.
  • Have a PC / Laptop device with qualified specifications.

How to Download Minecraft Pay For Free on PC

When all the above conditions are ready, now proceed to the procedure for downloading Minecraft for free for PC users. Here you just need to visit the official ClassiCube website and then follow the steps below.

1. Go to the ClassiCube Site

Go to the ClassiCube Site

Open a browser tab on your PC or laptop after visiting the site. On this site, the ClassicCube or Minicraft Classic application is available for free.

2. Enter Login Data

Enter Login Data

On the Home page please click Login. If you don’t have an account, then select Sign Up then create a Username, Password and enter an active Email, then click Sign Up.

3. Click the Download Menu

Download ClassiCube Minecraft

Then select the Download Windows 64 bit menu or adjust the PC device used. Later the download will be saved in the programs folder.

4. Enter UserID & Password

Enter UserID Password

Right click on the Download file -> Run As Administrator. Download additional data in the pop-up that appears, then wait for the installation process to complete. If so, please login using the account you have.

5. Happy Playing

Happy Playing 1

Now you can play Minecraft on PC for free.

How to Download Minecraft Pay for Free on Smartphone

Apart from PCs and laptops, we also provide a paid Minecraft download for free for smartphone users. For that, just look at the procedure for downloading Minecraft for free below:

1. Go to Browser tab

Go to Browser tab

First, open the Browser tab (Chrome / UC Browser recommended) then type ClasscCube in the search field.

2. Go to the ClassiCube Site

Go to the ClassiCube Site

In the results that appear, please select Then tap the See All Downloads menu.

3. Download the Application

Download the App

Scroll down and select the Android menu. Then wait until the download process for Minecraft Classic pays for free it works 100%,

4. Run Minecraft Classic on Smartphone

Run Minecraft Classic on Smartphone

Now open the ClassiCube Minecraft application on your smartphone. Later you will be asked to download additional data, please click YES.

5. Please Login & Happy Playing

Please Login Happy Playing

Finally, please complete the Login data and start playing ClassiCube Minecraft on a smartphone without a subscription fee or free.

Explanation of What is a ClassiCube

Explanation of What is a ClassiCube

Well, at this point some of you must be wondering, is the ClassiCube the same as Minecraft? The answer is YES.

So, ClassiCube is the latest version of Minecraft Classic. In the past, you had to pay, but now you can play it for free via PC or smartphone.

In fact, you could say Minecraft Classic is one of the GAME which will not be eroded by time. Because, until now still has a lot of fans.


What is the Size of the ClassiCube App?

Very small, less than 100MB.

Can I Play ClassicCube Minecraft on Windows 7?

Of course, I can. Please follow the procedure above to download Minecraft for free and install it on your Windows 7 PC.


That’s the procedure for downloading paid Minecraft for free that has successfully presented. Once again we remind you that you can install and play this game on PC or smartphone devices. Besides that, the size of this application is also quite small, so you don’t have to worry about the performance of the device you are using.