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10 Ways to Connect Bussid to Facebook: Terms & Benefits

How to Connect Bussid to Facebook – As a player or player of the Bussid game (Bus Simulator Indonesia) you are required to maintain account security. One of the efforts to secure a Bussid account is to connect to Facebook.

Like other online games, Bus Simulator Indonesia also provides an authorization feature or linking game accounts to Facebook Social Media accounts. There are various benefits offered by connecting the two accounts.

However, in order to authorize a Bus Simulator Indonesia account, each user must fulfill several applicable terms and conditions. So what are the requirements that must be met? follow this article to find out the full answer.

In addition to explaining the terms and conditions for the Bussid account authorization process to Facebook, below we have also prepared information about the benefits for users after doing this method. Alright, instead of getting curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Bussid Account Authorization Terms to Facebook

Bus Simulator Indonesia or better known as Bussid is currently one of the Android games with the highest number of users. As the name implies, this game will offer the excitement of driving a bus vehicle simulation around the city.

Even Bussid players are also allowed to install Hino Truck MOD, Motorcycle MOD, Alphard Car MOD, Wolf Muffler MOD and many others. That way, in playing Bus Simulator Indonesia you can use a variety of other vehicles, not just buses.

Despite all the excitement that the Bussid game offers, at the beginning of the discussion we mentioned that each player needs to connect a Bussid account to Facebook. Therefore, for those of you players who have not connected your account to Facebook, here we will explain in full.

But before that, please note that to carry out this process each user must meet the following terms and conditions:

1. Create a Bussid Account

The first requirement, make sure you have created an Indonesian Bus Simulator account. If not, you just need to go to the Profile menu then create a username in the column Nickname.

2. Already Login Facebook

The second condition, also make sure that on the cellphone used to play Bussid you are logged in to Facebook. If not, all you have to do is login to Facebook via the Facebook Mobile site or application.

3. Internet Connection

Finally, a stable internet connection is also required in the process of connecting Bussid to Facebook. If the internet connection used is unstable, then it can cause it to fail to connect Bussid to Facebook.

How to Connect Bussid to Facebook

How to Connect Bussid to Facebook

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions above, now let’s move on to the procedure for connecting a Bussid account to Facebook. Without further ado, just follow the steps below:

1. Run Bussid

Run Bussid

The first step, please open the Bus Simulator Indonesia application on your smartphone.

2. Go to Profile

Go to Profile

After that, on the main page, just go to the menu Profile in the top left corner

3. Tap Connect

Tap Connect

Then in the pop-up that appears, please tap Connect

4. Select Continue As

Select Continue As

Then the display will switch to a confirmation page connecting Bussid to Facebook. Here, just press the button Continue As (Facebook account name).

5. Successfully Connected Account to Facebook

Successfully Connected Account to Facebook

If a display like the image above appears, it means that the process of connecting Bussid to Facebook has been completed succeed.

Benefits of Linking Bussid to Facebook

Benefits of Linking Bussid to Facebook

Until here, you already know the procedures for authorizing Bus Simulator Indonesia accounts to Facebook. However, some of you may not really understand what the benefits or purposes of the authorization process above are.

So, by linking your Bus Simulator Indonesia account to Facebook you will get the following benefits:

1. Maintain Account Security

The first benefit is to maintain account security from all forms of hacking by Hackers. Of course, you don’t want a Bussid account that has been built for a long time and managed to collect money and cool modified items to just disappear and be stolen by irresponsible parties.

2. Simplify the Device Change Process

The second benefit is to keep the account from being lost, so that when the cellphone used is damaged or lost you can Login Bussid on a new cellphone without having to start Progress from the beginning.


Such is the information from us about how to connect Bus Simulator Indonesia (Bussid) to Facebook. Above the team also did not forget to explain the conditions for carrying out the process. Later, after successfully linking your account to Facebook, you will get benefits in the form of more secure account security.