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10 Ways to Buy Higgs Domino Chips Using SPayLater Pay Next Month

How to Buy Higgs Domino Chips Using SPayLater – Higgs Domino is the best card game that is very popular these days. Here every player can play various types of card games, ranging from Poker, QiuQiu, Domino and so on.

Junebe here many of you have been Higgs Domino players for a long time. If so, of course you often need Chips to participate in Slot games in it. The Higgs Domino chip itself can be obtained for free through the Alms feature.

However, it is not uncommon for those who are willing to spend money to buy chips in large quantities. Well, for those of you who want to buy a Higgs Domino Chip but don’t have the money, we have another way to buy a Higgs Domino Chip even though the budget is still lacking.

So now the transaction to buy the Higgs Domino Chip can be done using the SPayLater service from Shopee. In this way, you can buy a chip to pay for it next month, it can even be paid in installments. Curious as to how to do the transaction? Just take a look at the information below.

Higgs Domino Top Up Terms Use SPayLater

As a Higgs Domino player, you need to reach level 5 first and have Chips as capital to be able to play in the Slot room. When you can play in that room, you have the opportunity to win a Jackpot with a chip prize of billions.

Higgs Domino is also one of the fastest DANA balance-generating games, because the Chip items you own can later be exchanged for DANA, OVO or real money balances by selling them. Therefore, the Chip items here have a very valuable value.

Talking about the Higgs Domino Chip, here we have special information about how to buy a Higgs Domino Chip using SPayLater. For those who don’t know, SPayLater is a credit or financing facility with a certain limit from Shopee.

The SPayLater credit limit can be used to shop for any product at Shopee, including buying Higgs Domino Chips. Before we explain how to buy a Higgs Domino Chip using SPayLater, you first need to meet the following requirements:

1. Already Activate SPayLater

The first requirement, of course, is that you have to activate Shopee PayLater and get a limit. However, please note that SPayLater activation is only valid for selected customers, especially those who are already Silver or Gold members.

2. SPayLater Limit is Sufficient

Then if the SPayLater account has been successfully activated, also make sure that the balance or limit you have is still sufficient to buy the Higgs Domino Chip. Your minimum SPayLater balance is not less than a nominal value of Rp. 100,000.

3. No Overdue Bills

Lastly, in order to be able to buy Higgs Domino Chips using SPayLater, you must also not have arrears in installments at SPayLater. Because, even though the limit is sufficient but there are bills that have not been paid after the due date, the SPayLater limit temporarily cannot be used before you pay off the outstanding bills.

How to Buy Higgs Domino Chips Using SPayLater

How to Buy Higgs Domino Chips Using SPayLater

If all of the above conditions have been met, now let’s move on to the core of the discussion on how to buy Higgs Domino Chips using SPayLater. Before that, please note that this transaction is minimal for the purchase of Chips worth 1 B (1,000,000,000).

Meanwhile, the purchase price may be different from the purchase price in other places that do not implement the PayLater system. Instead of being curious, just look at the Higgs Domino Chip Top Up tutorial using the following Shopee PayLater:

1. Open the Shopee App

Open Shopee App

The first step please open the application Shopee on smartphone

2. Enter Search Keyword

Enter Search Keyword

After that type Chip Higgs Domino in the search field

3. Select Store

Choose a shop to buy Higgs Domino Chips using SPayLater

Then change the search result to that latest. After that select shop the highest

4. Click Buy Now

Click Buy Now

After that click Buy now to Top Up the Higgs Domino Chip from the shop

5. Choose Payment Method

Choose Payment Method

On the next page, scroll down and press the button Choose Payment Method

6. Use the SPayLater Method

Use the SPayLater Method To Buy Higgs Dominio Chips

In the list of available payment methods, select SPayLater. Here you can too choose payment tenorstarting from 30 days, 3 months, 6 months even 12 months. If you have, click Confirmation then click Place Order

7. Enter ShopeePay PIN

Enter ShopeePay PIN

Now Enter ShopeePay PIN to complete the transaction

8. Payment Successful

Payment Buy Higgs Domino Chip Using SPayLater Successful

So far, the transaction to buy Higgs Domino Chips using SPayLater has been done succeed

9. Contact Seller

Contact Seller

Now open the menu Profile then select Order which is being packaged. After that look for the order that you just did before then click Contact Seller

10. Submit ID & Username

Submit Higgs Domino's Username ID

On page Chat (see picture above) please send a message containing ID and Username Higgs Domino We. Shortly after, The seller will send the Chip to your Higgs Domino account.

Advantages of Buying Higgs Domino Chips via SPayLater

Until here, you already know how to buy Higgs Domino Chips using SPayLater. Now you also need to know that purchasing the Higgs Domino Chip using this method has several advantages or advantages, including:

  • Transactions can still be done even if you don’t have money
  • Free down payment
  • You can choose a 30 day tenor (Pay Next Month) and Installment up to 12 months
  • Official store, safe and reliable

Disadvantages of Buying Higgs Domino Chips via SPayLater

There are advantages of course there are also disadvantages. To purchase the Higgs Domino Chip using a Shopee PayLater balance, it has drawbacks in terms of:

  • SPayLater accounts are only owned by selected customers
  • Chip prices are more expensive, can be up to Rp. 70,000 for 1 B
  • Interest applies for Installment tenor users


From the discussion above, it can be concluded that the Higgs Domino Chip Top Up transaction using SPayLater can be the best choice when you need a chip but your financial condition is not adequate. Moreover, you can also choose the PayLater tenor, aka Pay Next Month and Installment between 3 to 12 months.

However, reminds once again, the method above cannot be used by all Higgs Domino players, but only for selected Shopee customers. In addition, the price of the Higgs Domino Chip that can be purchased using SPayLater is also more expensive than the market price.