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10 Slow Motion Video Apps on Android Worth Trying

Making slow motion videos, you don’t always have to use expensive cellphones that have advanced camera features and slow motion videos. To make slow motion videos, you don’t have to bother with expensive cellphones, you can also use Android applications.

Indeed, what applications support slow motion video editing? There are many applications for editing slow motion videos, 10 of which are as follows.

1. Videoshop


One of the reliable slow motion video applications is Videoshop. This application offers good video editing with various interesting features. One of them is the ability to give a slow motion effect. Interestingly, with this application, you can freely choose which part of the application will be given the slow motion video effect.

The way to give a slow motion video effect is quite easy. You just need to give an effect by tapping the “Speed” section. After that, just select which part of the video you want to set to slow motion. You can also set the slow motion speed well.

In addition to providing slow motion video effects, this application can also be used to adjust colors, trimmings, or add music. Interested in this application? Immediately get this application by downloading it here.

2. Slow Motion Video FX

slow motion video FX

The application for editing the next slow motion video is Slow Motion Video FX. This app is an app that allows you to convert ready-made videos into slow motion videos. You can also give slow motion video effects with this application

Slow Motion Video FX is an easy-to-use application. Those of you who are beginners will also be familiar with this application. Especially because this application allows you to easily determine the starting and ending points so that the application can be given a slow effect. Interested in using this application? Please use the application by downloading it here.

3. PowerDirector

power director

PowerDirector is a popular video editing service for Desktop PCs. This service is also present on Android devices. This video editing service developed by CyberLink provides various features for complete video editing. It’s no exaggeration if this application has been downloaded to more than fifty million users.

PowerDirector for Android brings interesting features. One of the features for slow motion video. With this feature, you can edit videos and turn them into slow motion.

In addition, with this application, you can convert videos from high-resolution images, ranging from HD, Full HD, to 4K. Interested in using PowerDirector? Please download the application on the Google PlayStore at this link.

4. FilmoraGo


FilmoraGo is another video editing application that you can try to make videos in slow motion. This application brings the ability to create videos up to 100x faster. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

For the slow motion video feature, you can use this application to slow down videos with various speed options.

You can make videos at the slowest speed of 1/4x, slower at 1/2x, and 3/4x or slower. Interestingly, you can create videos with the feature of slowing down and speeding up videos at the same time.

Of course, this application is not just for editing slow motion videos. This application also provides general video editing features such as giving effects, video transitions, adding text, cutting video duration, and much more. Interested in the FilmoraGo app? Just download the FilmoraGo application at this link.

5. Effectrum


Efectrum is a video editing application with various interesting features. One of the interesting features of this application is the effect and filter feature that makes the video look special than usual.

Efectrum also features a slow motion feature. With this feature, you can create slow motion videos with three interesting options. The first option is slow for slow movement, second option is fast for fast motion videos, and the third one is reverse which allows the video to move back and forth.

The interesting thing about Efectrum is its compatibility with various video formats. So, videos with .MKV, .TS, .MOV or other less common video formats are supported by this app. Interested? Please download Efectrum at this link.

6. Video Slow Reverse Player

Video Slow Reverse Player

Video Slow Reverse Player is another slow motion video application that you can try. This application allows you to convert videos into slow motion easily and quickly. You only need to open the application and then choose which video to convert or convert to slow motion.

In this application, there are plus and minus buttons. The plus button serves to increase the video speed while the minus button serves to reduce the video speed to 0.25x. Interested in using this application? Just download the application here.

7. Slow Motion Video Maker

slow motion video maker_

You can rely on this one application to make slow motion videos easily. In fact, Slow Motion Video Maker supports video slowdown up to 0.1x.

In addition to slowing down videos, Slow Motion Video Maker can also speed up videos through the fast motion feature. Not only one, you can even add both effects in one video, you know.

Don’t worry, the audio quality of your video will still be maintained even though it has been edited in such a way. Download the Slow Motion Video Maker app here.

8. VivaVideo


Another slow-motion video application that you can try is VivaVideo. This application is a video editing application that is well known and widely downloaded. In a way, VivaVideo is the most popular application for editing videos on Android devices.

Easy to use, complete features, and also other interesting features make VivaVideo much liked by people. Of course, this application also has a slow motion feature. This feature allows you to set the video speed from 1/4 to 1/2 times. Interested? Please download this application at this link.

9. AndroVid


AndroVid is another video editing application that you can try to edit videos into slow motion. This app is actually a regular video editing app that is just as popular as VivaVideo. It’s just that this application already provides features or slow motion effects.

In addition to the slow motion feature, this application has many interesting features such as videos, videos, etc trimmer, joiner, reverse, and mixer. This app also has many interesting features like sepia, fade and vintage. Interested in trying AndroVid? Just download the application here.

10. Slow Motion Video Editor

slow motion video editor_

With this one application, you can adjust the speed of the video in a short time, you know. Not only slowing down or speeding up videos, Slow Motion Video Editor allows you to edit videos as needed.

These include adding effects, music, cutting videos, and changing the aspect ratio as well. Try the Slow Motion Video Editor app here.

There are many other slow motion video apps that you can choose from. However, these 10 video apps are really worth choosing and trying.

Which application are you interested in? Or do you need a reference about an application to make funny videos? If so, please check the recommendations in this article, yes.

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