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10 Recommended Home Decoration Games that are Fun to Play

Playing a game can give us a new experience to dive into a given character.

If you want to experience what it’s like to design a house, choosing the right furniture for your desired home atmosphere without actually having to spend a lot of money to buy a house and its furnishings, then home design games are for you.

This time, Carisignal will share recommendations for 10 fun home decorating games that you can play on your cellphone. Here’s the list.

1. My Home – Design Dreams

My Home - Design Dreams _

This home decorating game is one of the best games on Android. In this game, you can decorate not only houses, but also villas and condominiums.

My Home – Design Dreams offers gameplay fun and easy. You can also play match 3 games in the game to get various special gifts. Come on, try My Home – Design Dreams by downloading it here.

2. Homescapes


Homescapes offers a heartwarming story. Austin wants to get back to his dream and decides to return to his childhood home where he grew up.

You will be invited to repair an old house while reopening past memories that used to exist in every corner of the house.

To improve your house you have to collect stars that you get from playing match-three, The game matches the same icons into a row with a minimum of three icons.

When repairing your house, such as changing a mattress, you can choose one of three available mattress designs for you to make a home mattress. Other furniture also has a similar design, so you can create a home with a theme that you like.

3. My Mansion

my mansion_

Next, there is My Mansion. As a player, it’s your job to help Jane renovate mansion beautiful legacy of her aunt. Not only that, you also have to bring Jane to win the Design Gold Award.

Apart from Jane, you’ll also get to know a lot of the characters in the game’s story. Oh yeah, decorating the house in My Mansion is also getting more fun because items in this game is very diverse. Download My Mansion by clicking this link.

4. Redecor


If you’re looking for a home decorating game on Android that has good graphics, Redecor can be an option. The game features 3D graphics that make the objects look more realistic.

Plus, the game has challenge daily that will help hone your creativity in decorating the house.

Redecor is recommended to be played by those of you who are over 17 years old. In this game there are several purchases items. If you don’t mind and want to give Redecor a try, download the game via the following link.

5. Design Home

Design Home

For those who just want to play by designing a house without the need to play mini games to get a source of money, Design Home is the right choice. You just need to choose the furniture for a room.

The first time you play the game you will be given free money and furniture so you can experiment first.

To enter and design a room you need a Key, which can be obtained by selecting the best design from a given place. When finished designing the room, you will earn money and your design will be rated from 1 to 5 stars.

6. My Home Design: Modern City

My Home Design- Modern City _

My Home Design: Modern City is no less fun to play. Later, you will be tasked with helping interior designers, Liam and Chloe to realize their clients’ dream homes.

You will help them decorate various types of houses with different interior designs. One of them is a modern minimalist house that is currently trending. Interested to try this game? Download My Home Design: Modern City here.

7. Home Design: House Makeover

Home Design- House Makeover _

Home Design: House Makeover not only offers easy and fun decorating games, but also plot What’s interesting about the character.

In addition, your eyes will also be spoiled with an okay graphic display while playing this game. There are many items which you can use to decorate houses, apartments, to villas.

You will be faced with different levels in the game. And of course, the higher the level, the more difficult the challenges.

You can win extra points by playing match 3 games, you know. Download the game Home Design: House Makeover by clicking on this link.

8. Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover _

Home Design Makeover is another home decorating game on Android that you can try. This game will help you to channel your home decorating talent. You can design the homes of clients, from ordinary people to celebrities.

Similar to other home decorating games, Home Design Makeover provides match 3 games fun with thousands of different levels. Amazingly, this game can be played online offline. Download Home Design Makeover here right now.

9. Decor Life

decor life_

Not to forget, there is the game Decor Life. This game with a cute graphic display will also entertain you with its gameplay. Yes, in this game, you have to renovate room by room in each house.

Uniquely, you can renovate all parts of the room according to your taste. You will be asked to clean up old furniture and throw away unnecessary items before finally starting to renovate the room.

The game Decor Life has been downloaded by more than 4 million Android users. Do you want to be one of the players of this game? If so, download Decor Life for free via this link.

10. My Home Design

my home design_

Skills decorating you will be more honed by playing this one game. With Zara and Rex, you will travel in search of homes to be renovated.

You can improve each house from scratch, such as changing paint, floors, adding furniture, and much more. The game has a collection of more than 10 different rooms that you can customize in your own way.

Don’t worry, there are more than 100 items that you can add to enhance the look of your home. Download My Home Design by clicking this link to play it.

Those are 10 home decorating games that Carisignal recommends for you to play. Whether it’s home design with mini games or just home design, all of the games above offer the experience of being a home designer. Have you decided which house designer to play in?