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10 Recommended Best Bokeh Video Maker Apps

Bokeh or blur effects are currently the prima donna of photography lovers. The elegant and classy impression it produces makes people hunt for this application. Often, cellphones with Dual Cameras or more are already presented with depth lenses.

However, the built-in camera app can’t always maximize the use of the lens. For that we have summarized for you the 10 most advanced bokeh video maker applications.

1. Video Editor: Square Video & Photo Slideshow

video editor square video and photo slideshow

This app called Video Editor: Square Video & Photo Slideshow is perfect for making bokeh videos on Instagram. Because its Square Size feature is suitable for the size of the photos on Instagram. This application also supports the creation of slideshow up to 100 photos and combine them with music.

You can also make videos at 1:1 ratio aka square with colored background and give effects background blur. In addition, there is also a feature to combine several photos or videos in one frames, in collage format or grid.

You can download this application with a size of 22.35 MB for free on the Play Store. A paid version is also available for more complete features. Premium features are priced around Rp. 31,000 – Rp. 83,000.

2. V2ART


For those of you who need a lot of effects for creative photos and videos, V2ART is able to provide a complete set for you.

This application is not difficult to use. You just need to select the filter automatically real time and immediately see the results. In the latest version, this convenience is not only offered in videos but also images.

The bokeh effect feature is of course fully available in this 26 MB large application. Downloaded by 1 million users with a rating of 4.4 from 16 thousand reviewers, you can get this app for free. Some effects require a paid version to run, ranging from IDR 16,000 to IDR 139,000.

3. Frame Lapse

lapse frames

Frame Lapse is a feature-rich bokeh video and photo editor app. You can record high-quality videos simply, quickly and easily. Another feature that you can get is to set the video duration automatically.

As the name implies, this application is actually more focused on features for making videos timelapse. However, there is also a filter in it blur background to produce stunning bokeh video masterpieces.

The app has a calculator built in to ensure precise recording duration. There are various themes that make your photos or videos even more beautiful. In addition, this application provides instructions for use along with a FAQ in it.

4. Camera MX

camera mx

This one is sure to be liked by many photography lovers. In fact, you could even say, Camera MX is worthy enough to replace the default camera application on all cellphones, offering extra features that are rarely found in applications stock Android.

This application claims to be able to take video recording to the next level, with the ability to create videos timelapse and apply effects and filters directly real timeCamera MX provides an engaging experience and intuitive.

For process post productionCamera MX offers a variety of tools practical tasks such as the ability to change the brightness level, perform trimgive effect slow motion in certain scenes, and can also reduce the size of the video to make it easier to viewupload.

5. Bacon Camera

bacon camera

The bokeh video app Bacon Camera claims to be the first app with manual controls for devices that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API. Manual control features offered include focus, white balance, ISO speed, to RAW and DNG support. Other features are GIF creation, panoramas and timeshots.

This Bacon Camera is clearly visible especially for those who are expert in the field of photography, provides a Live Histogram feature that can display lighting distribution data. However, this application can still provide a bokeh effect on videos quite easily.

6. Cameringo Lite & Plus Filters Camera


This application is suitable for those of you who want to use a more professional bokeh video editing application. With interface friendly, this application offers a variety of effects automatically real-time like lomo and vintage.

Cameringo Filter offers premium features commonly found in DSLRs. You can even record videos while using live filters.

There are at least as much as 300 live filters available and 20 frames which can be customized according to your wishes. And of course, available filter bokeh to produce professional-looking video masterpieces.

There are two versions that can be downloaded, namely Cameringo Lite Filters Camera which is available for free and Cameringo+ Filters Camera which functions as the Pro version.

The price offered to be able to download a paid application that gets a rating of 4.3 is IDR 50,000 which provides live filters addition. Its popularity also does not need to be doubted because it has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. As for Cameringo Lite Filters, it has been downloaded 10 million times.

7. Zoom Camera Free

zoom camera free

Need to enlarge your bokeh photos and videos more optimally? Zoom Camera Free could be the solution for you. This app offers digital zoom up to 1000% which can be used for cellphone cameras or camera applications.

Zoom Camera Free with downloads reaching 5 million supports dual camera features. There are also 16 photo scene modes, 8 color effect modes, 4 types of flash, 6 types of focus, and many more. Zoom Camera Free can also be a choice of free applications to take bokeh effect videos.

You can choose the storage folder option according to your wishes. For only Rp. 20,000, you can get the PRO version of the Zoom Camera Application with a memory size of only 1.8 MB.

8. Stop Motion Maker

stop motion maker

This bokeh video application gives you the feature to make a stop motion movie. You can choose manual or automatic shooting. The features provided besides bokeh are of course stop motion, timelapse, and cray animation.

Export photo or video is also not difficult. You can choose avi and motion-jpeg format for export your various editing data. By making videos stop motion, You’ll also wow your audience with a more unique cinematic side. Let’s download Stop Motion Maker here!

9. Video Nodes

video nodes_

Node Video is a flexible bokeh video editing application. In this application you can use a variety of editing tools, like animation keyframes, motion tracker, pen tool, maskand many more.

This application can also render videos quickly, you know. In addition to the features we have mentioned, there are many other excellent features that you can try. Curious? Try the Node Video app here.

10. DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional

dslr camera hd ultra professional

The last recommendation for the most advanced bokeh video maker application is DSLR Camera HD. As the name suggests this app offers DSLR-like performance in an Android app. Blur editor with high quality you can enjoy here.

You can use the front camera or the back camera of your cellphone to make high-quality bokeh photos or videos.

Other main features offered are changing the blur level or bokeh level, remote control with automatic timing, use of volume buttons to adjust filters and effects, and much more.

Getting all these abundant features is not as expensive as buying a DSLR camera. With only Rp. 84,000, you can enjoy this application that has been downloaded by 5 million users with this 2.1 rating.

YepSo, those were some of the best apps that you can get on Android to take videos with bokeh effects aka blur background.

In addition, many of these applications provide filter so that you will never run out of ideas to produce a professional work to upload to Instagram.

Oh yes, in addition to 10 bokeh video maker applications, we also have recommendations for making videos with effects slow motion is cool. To find out, you can click on this article on 10 Slow Motion Android Video Applications, yes. Good luck!