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10 Quality Cheap Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

After discussing some of the best bluetooth speaker brands in the world, now Cari Signal will discuss cheap bluetooth speakers. The price for the best bluetooth speaker in the world is indeed very expensive. You have to spend up to millions of rupiah to have the bluetooth speaker. So, what if you want to have a bluetooth speaker but… budget You are not up to millions of rupiah?

Based on this, Cari Signal will summarize a list of cheap bluetooth speakers for you. Cheap doesn’t mean cheap. This line of bluetooth speakers has a pretty good quality and doesn’t disappoint. What are those?

1. Sonicgear Morro 3 BTMI

Sonicgear Morro 3 BTMI Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

As a cheap and quality bluetooth speaker, Sonicgear features the Morro 3 BTMI with a multimedia design that looks trendy. The subwoofer of this speaker set has a bass controller that can be adjusted by the user. Now, you can customize the bass you want to hear from your speakers.

In addition to being able to connect to a smartphone or PC via bluetooth, Sonicgear Morro 3 BTMI also features a USB port and SD Card Reader which of course makes it easier for you to listen to music without the need to connect to devices such as smartphones. The speaker, which comes in 4 color options, is priced at 500 thousand.

2. Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI

Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI

For those of you who buy speakers with aesthetics in mind, the Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI is the right choice. Although both are sold at a price of 400 thousand like Morro 3 BTMI, Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI looks more beautiful with 7 pulsating colors LEDs. Both the subwoofer and the two satellites are equipped with these 7 colors of LED lights.

Talking about audio quality, this speaker also provides the best audio quality in its class. You can connect this speaker to a smartphone, USB, SD Card, up to FM Radio. The Sonicgear Titan 7 BTMI is a speaker with bass ready to rock your room.

3. Nakamichi NBS2N

Nakamichi NBS2N

Its small shape makes it more practical to carry anywhere. Yes, it is the Nakamichi NBS2N which is a tiny bluetooth speaker with 4 hours of endurance. This speaker is a type of bluetooth speaker, but you can also connect the speaker with an AUX cable on a laptop that does not have a bluetooth connection.

In terms of sound quality, this earbud is not inferior to speakers in the class of Sonicgear or Simbadda. You will get audio quality that is not bad, but also not exactly special. Nakamichi NBS2N sold for around 500 thousand.

4. Fenda W330BT

Fenda W330BT

The next 2.1 speaker is the Fenda W330BT. This device is included in the list of cheap bluetooth speakers because the price is only 500 thousand. The design of this speaker is also interesting to display in the room. Not only that, the Fenda W330BT can also be connected to the latest smartphones or tablets, as long as the device is accompanied by a bluetooth connection.

There is an LED that functions as a power indicator and a bass and treble control panel. The sound produced by the Fenda W330BT is quite satisfying thanks to the presence of a subwoofer with a 6.5” driver and two satellites with a 2.5” driver. This speaker is very compatible to support listening to music or playing games.

5. DbE PS99

PS99 DbE

Do you crave a bluetooth speaker portable which is practically carried anywhere? DbE PS99 is the right choice to answer your needs. Regarding the price, this speaker is only sold at a price of 400 thousand, cheaper than the three speakers we have review previously.

The audio produced by DbE PS99 is quite satisfying because the sound that comes out sounds loud and powerful. Although the size is not too big, this speaker offers sound with bass which powerful and treble clear. In fact, DbE PS99 is also equipped with FM Radio. This is really a cheap bluetooth speaker with qualified specifications.

6. Audiobox P2000 BTMI

Audiobox P2000 BTMI

Of all our cheap bluetooth speakers review here, the Audiobox P2000 BTMI is the cheapest speaker. Yes, these speakers are sold in the market at a price of 200 thousand rupiah. So, what’s so interesting about this speaker that you should have it?

Apart from the price reasonable, Audiobox P2000 BTMI is able to provide a pretty good audio quality. In fact, the sound issued by this speaker sounds clear and does not sound broken.

Audiobox P2000 BTMI also provides a USB port, SD Card Reader, AUX, and also FM Radio. Listening to music anywhere with this speaker also feels more practical because it is very minimalist in size and light in weight.

7. Sonicgear Titan 5 BTMI

Sonicgear Titan 5 BTMI

Sonicgear seems to want to provide a beautiful bluetooth speaker in terms of appearance. Through Titan 5 BTMI, Sonicgear offers a set of bluetooth speakers with a subwoofer equipped with LED lights that can change to 7 colors when the speaker is used.

The combination of a subwoofer with a 4” driver and two satellites that carry a 3” driver really produces clear sound with deep bass. Just like some other bluetooth speakers, this device is also equipped with a USB port, AUX, and FM Radio. To have a Sonicgear Titan 5 BTMI, you only need to spend around 200 – 300 thousand rupiah.

8. Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth

Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth

Xiaomi also doesn’t want to miss out on releasing cheap bluetooth speakers that are portable. Is the Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth which carries a design like a mini tube and is comfortable in the hand. This type of speaker is certainly easy to carry anywhere without being complicated. How about the sound quality?

Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth is able to produce sound that is quite large and clear even though its size is very small. When listening to the song, the singer’s articulation will be clearly heard, even though the bass boom effect is lacking kick like any other bluetooth speaker. The Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth battery can last up to 7 hours.

9. Dazumba DZ 7500 Bluetooth

Dazumba DZ 7500 Bluetooth

You can get a combination of a beautiful display and good audio quality when you buy a Dazumba DZ 7500 Bluetooth. Both the subwoofer and the satellite are equipped with beautiful LED lights. The bass offered by this speaker sounds very round. The sound that came out was clear.

In short, the Dazumba DZ 7500 Bluetooth is quite a speaker worth to listen to songs, play games, or watch movies. Moreover, this speaker is also equipped with a USB port and an SD Card Reader which makes it easier for you to listen to songs without the need to connect the speaker to a smartphone or PC.

10. Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Don’t have a long AUX cable to connect regular speakers to your device? Transform regular speakers with the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter. This receiver only needs to be connected to your regular speaker with an AUX cable, then connect the receiver to a device that already has a bluetooth connection.

Easy setup and pairing bluetooth to the device is quite fast. The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter retails for $500, but you can get this receiver in used condition for just $300.

Carisign ensures that these ten cheap bluetooth speakers are sold for under 1 million rupiah. Regarding sound quality, these speakers offer fairly good sound quality and are capable of playing songs or watching movies.