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10 List of the Best and Latest PS3 Games that are Fun to Play

Even though it’s now the PS4 era, there are still many of the best PS3 games that you must play. After selling well with the PS2, Sony continued its project by designing a console called the PlayStation 3.

Many PlayStation fans are a little surprised by the console that was released in 2006, because the PS3 carries a new technology called Blu-ray which is very different from its competitors, the Xbox 360 which still carries DVD technology. In addition, you have to use an HD TV to play PS3, so many people think that the PlayStation 3 is a console exclusive.

For sales, it’s not as high as the PlayStation 2, you could even say the PS3 is a console made by Sony that gets the lowest sales compared to PS1, PS2, and PS4. However, that does not mean PS3 games have the right to be abandoned. Are you curious about the best PS3 games that you shouldn’t miss? Here’s a list of the 10 best PS3 games that are still fun to play.

10 List of the Best and Latest PS3 Games of All Time

1. PS3 Game : Grand Theft Auto V

Before being released on PC and PS4, GTA V was anchored on several consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. This one game is eagerly awaited for release. This is because GTA V offers the latest features that you have never found in Grand Theft Auto games before.

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Many improvements are presented in this best-selling game made by Rockstar Games. One of them is the graphics are more realistic. In addition, what distinguishes GTA V from the previous series is the number of playable characters. You will play as 3 protagonists, each of whom has different characters and skills.

2. PS3 Games: Red Dead Redemption

The best PS3 game is another product from Rockstar called Red Dead Redemption. Many say that the PS3 is GTA V with the background of America’s old west era. In this game you can explore a very wide world.

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The main character of Red Dead Redemption is an ex-criminal who wants to improve his life. However, the process of improving his life did not run smoothly.

3. PS3 Games: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is the only Final Fantasy series released on the PS3. The gameplay mechanism is also somewhat different from the previous Final Fantasy although it still uses a separate battle arena from the map. The main character is a woman named Lightning. On his adventure this time, Lightning will be accompanied by several of his friends such as Hope Estheim, Oerba Dia Vanille, Oerba Yun Fang, Sazh Katzroy, and also Snow Villiers. Still like its predecessor, there is a summon that you can use in every battle.

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4. PS3 Games: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is the best PS3 game that is selling well and even remastered for the PS4 release. This game is a zombie-themed survival horror game that has slick gameplay and an in-depth story that is really fun to play. In this game you will play as Joel who accompanies Ellie to find a safe place from zombie attacks. Get ready to be stirred up by your emotions because this game has a really good storyline.

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5. PS3 Games: Grand Theft Auto IV

Before the release of GTA V in 2013, Rockstar also released GTA IV in 2008. This game has a very exciting and emotional story. You play here as Nico Bellic, an immigrant who has just come to the United States who is trapped in the life of the black world with his brother, Roman Bellic. In GTA IV you will return to the city where the background for GTA III is Liberty City.

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6. PlayStation 3: Batman: Arkham Asylum

The sixth best PS3 game is a superhero-themed game, namely Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game is touted as a revival of superhero games. This is because Batman: Arkham Asylum has interesting gameplay. As Batman, of course you are equipped with stealth abilities that can attack enemies without being caught. The graphics are also very detailed. With good visuals and fun gameplay, this game can make you forget to eat and forget to sleep.

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7. PlayStation 3 Game : God of War III

The God of War series gets a pretty good interest among gamers. To gain success again, God of War was finally released which can be played on the PlayStation 3. You continue to play as Kratos who is armed with the Blade of Exile which is able to eradicate the enemy with one slash. What’s interesting about this God of War III series is the cinematic style which is very cool. Of course God of War III is the best PS3 game that you shouldn’t miss.

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8. PlayStation 3 Game : Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid is one of the best selling game series designed by Hideo Kojima. The gameplay of the fourth series is a bit different. This is because the camera focuses on a third person point of view. In this fourth installment, you will face Liquid Ocelot. You will be a little surprised to see the figure of Snake here, because Snake in this fourth sequel looks old and gray. However, even though he looks old, Snake is still agile and reliable.

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9. PlayStation 3: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is predicted to be the best PS3 game known to have the best graphics. You will play as Nathan Drake who ventures into the city of Iram Pilar. This game has the feel of Tomb Raider, but with male characters. You will feel the tension when playing Uncharted 3. Curious? Try playing this game.

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10. PlayStation 3: Heavy Rain

The last best PS3 game is a game called Heavy Rain. This game has quite interesting gameplay. You will play as a protagonist named Ethan Mars who tries to save his son from kidnappers. In this game you will be required to complete many puzzles that are quite challenging. To play Heavy Rain, you only choose options, each choice will change the storyline.

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Conclusion: There’s Nothing Wrong With Playing PS3 Games Now

Even though they are no longer released, the best PS3 games are still worth playing. If you missed this console, it never hurts to buy a PS3 console and games. Now PS3 price has dropped drastically.