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10 Latest Online Games For PC and Android (Best 2022)

You may be looking for the latest online games because the games you are playing are getting boring, or the games you are playing have started to run out of servers because many players have moved to other games. There are some online game which just came out which is really worth a try.

As we know, games with multiplayer concepts are a source of coffers from developers, especially with the loot box method and the like, although this method is actually also less ethical. For genres, online games come in various types, from RPGs to battle royale. For those of you who are looking for the latest online games, this article will present a list of some of these games. Here’s a list of the latest online games that you really have to play.

5 Newest Online Games For PC

1. Newest Online Game: Apex Legends

Best Online Games

One of the online games that are gaining popularity these days. This game comes with a battle royale concept from a first-person perspective. Apex Legend is an online game developed by a studio called Respawn Entertainment which has also given birth to one of the best games, the Titanfall game series.

Therefore, you will be traveling around the world in the same universe as the game. Apart from that, what makes it even better, this game is a free-to-play game. Kudos to EA, which seems to have corrected itself after receiving thousands of criticism and scorn from its fans for the Star Wars Battlefront game yesterday.

2. Newest Online Game: The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

Latest Online Games

The Elder Scrolls series is arguably one of the best-selling franchise games made by Bethesda. Sales of the Elder Scrolls series are also very high. This is because Elder Scrolls offers a vast world to explore and also quite intelligent AI. Likewise with Elder Scrolls Online which has just released its expansion called Elsweyr. In this expansion you will find new classes, namely Necromancer and also The Dragon.

3. Newest Online Game: Torchlight Frontiers

Latest Online Games

The studio called Runic Games, which has released one of the best indie games, Torchlight, has closed at the end of 2022. However, even though Runic Games has closed, the Torchlight series continues under the name Torchlight Frontier. Torchlight Frontier was developed by the former Runic Games team. In this game there are several additions of MMO elements and also new battle mechanics.

4. Newest Online Game: Tom Clancy’s: The Division

In 2022, Ubisoft released an online multiplayer game called Tom Clancy’s: The Division. However, the game disappoints its players mainly because the graphics downgrade is very far from the trailer. As a result, Ubisoft released a sequel which improved the graphics and quality of the content. Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 takes place in a new setting in Washington DC. The PvP system is also improved and the enemy’s AI quality is also stronger.

5. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Which JRPG game fans don’t know about the Final Fantasy series. In this fourteenth series, Square Enix is ​​back with the Final Fantasy online game. His enthusiasm was well received by his fans. Now Square Enix has also released its expansion, Shadowbringers. There are new classes offered in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowsbringer, including: Samurai and Red Mage. In this third expansion, your character will fight against the Garlean Empire. In addition, the Blue Mage class will be updated.

5 Newest Online Games For Android

1. Linage 2 Revolution

Latest Online Games

This game, which was just released in 2022, will bring your nostalgia in the 2009s. Basically Lineage 2 Revolution has the same gameplay as Lineage 2 that used to be on PC. What makes you amazed is the quality of the graphics. Even for mobile, Lineage 2 Revolution has high-quality graphics. This game comes with features similar to the PC version, namely PvP and clan wars.

2. World of Tanks Blitz

One of the newest online games that you can play on your mobile device is World of Tanks Blitz. Not only that, the graphics that appear in this game are also very good. The gameplay is simple enough that even beginners can adapt. As the title suggests, you will be driving a tank and destroying your opponents. You can also customize weapons to make your tank stronger.

3. Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising

Latest Online Games

RO or Ragnarok Online is one of the best-selling MMORPG games in Indonesia. Junebe because the mobile gaming market is growing, Gravity as the developer released Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising. In terms of gameplay, this game is not much different from the PC version, which sold well more than a decade ago.

4. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best-selling games to date. Not only the PC version, the mobie version also plays a lot. Just try to see, right in the break time, there are some of your friends who play PUBG. If you’ve never played, you should try this battle royale game.

5. Garena Speed ​​Drifters

Latest Online Games

Garena Speed ​​Drifters is the latest online game for those of you who like CTR or Mario Kart. Just like the two games, to defeat your opponent, you can use the weapons you get in a mysterious box that you find along the track. The graphics come in 3D with bright colors that will spoil your eyes.