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10 Best Xiaomi Earphones Recommendation in 2022

Besides being famous for its products smartphoneWith its quality and affordable e, the Xiaomi manufacturer also turns out to make many other electronic products including accessories smartphone in the form of earphones. With reasonable price and good quality, earphones from Xiaomi has also become the choice of many people in various countries including Indonesia.

So far, there have been many models earphones issued by Xiaomi. One of the series that is quite popular among lovers gadgets homeland is the Xiaomi Piston. Well, considering that this Xiaomi product has quite a lot of interest, this time Carisignal will discuss earphones The best Xiaomi recommended for you.

1. Xiaomi Original Mi Circle Iron Hybrid

Xiaomi Original MI Circle Iron Hybrid

If you’re looking for earphones Xiaomi is of high quality, then one of the best choices is the Xiaomi Original MI Circle Iron Hybrid. Although the price offered is quite expensive, what you will get is a very good product. Another thing that makes earphones This is not cheap is a microphone that can be used to make calls.

Xiaomi Original MI Circle Iron Hybrid comes with technology hybrid triple drivers which is able to provide a better music listening experience for its users. earphones It also has a certificate Hi-Res Audio. The cable he uses is of the TPE or type Thermoplastic Elastomer which is durable and does not break easily. So, you don’t have to worry if you have to roll the cable earphones this.

The buds made of quality silicone are angled, anti-slip, and very comfortable to use. You can choose the size earphones this one fits your ear (XS/S/M/L).

earphones can be used for Android phones and iPhones. Overall, if you want earphones which is good for listening to your favorite music as well as for making phone calls, then the Xiaomi Original MI Circle Iron Hybrid is the answer.

2. Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Mi In-Ear Headphones

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Mi In-Ear Headphones

This is one earphones Another best Xiaomi that is priced at a fairly affordable price for a high-quality product. earphones it comes with a 3.5mm jack which can be used in almost all devices on the market today.

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Mi In-Ear Headphones made with technology in-ear dynamic sound capable of producing high-quality sound. With dual sound unitnya, you can listen more details the music you are playing. The cool design is also accompanied by materials made with sophisticated processes.

So, if you’re looking for basic earphones quality at a reasonable price, these Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Mi In-Ear Headphones are the right choice for you.

3. Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones

Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones

Xiaomi Mi ANC (Active Noise Canceling) Earphones are one earphones Another best Xiaomi. This product is unique because it does not use 3.5mm or plugs bluetooth, but rather come with a USB-C connection. This makes the Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones only available for some users smartphone latest release on the market.

Compared to two earphones The above Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones are priced several times higher. However, you will get a very high quality product if you buy it. Besides that, earphones It also includes noise-canceling technology (you can listen to music without distractions, especially when you’re traveling).

Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones are designed for everyday use. Earbuds-It is made of a strong titanium material which makes it durable. Some Xiaomi phones that can already use earphones This cool thing is Mi 5 and Mi MIX 2. There are many more advantages that Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones bring.

4. Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 4.1 Sports Earbuds

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 4.1 Sports Earbuds

This is a type earphones wireless connected via bluetooth network alias earphones bluetooth. If you are a sports lover, like jogging or go to gymso earphones This bluetooth can be a good choice for you. Listening to music while working at the computer also remains comfortable using this device.

These Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 4.1 Sports Earbuds are made water resistant (IPX4, different from the waterproof certificate). So you don’t have to worry earphones will be damaged when using under rain water.

With a battery capacity of 100 mAh, these earphones have time standby up to 280 hours. When used continuously to play music, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 4.1 Sports Earbuds can last up to 7 hours. In addition, it is also available volume control and song switch. The bluetooth range of this device is up to 10 meters.

5. Xiaomi Piston 2

Xiaomi Piston 2

Product earphones This Xiaomi has been on the market for a long time. Compared to its discontinued first generation, the Xiaomi Piston 2 comes with bass refined as well mid-bass the strong one. Overall, the Xiaomi Piston 2 is able to provide accurate and clear sound at all levels.

earphones It is made with a mixture of Beryllium so it is light to carry (about 12 grams with a cable length of 1.2 meters). The Xiaomi Piston 2 is sold with a good looking sales box. Inside you will find 4 sizes eartip different ones. So, you can choose which one is right for your ears.

The cable connection uses a 3.5mm jack so it is compatible with the majority smartphone at the moment. With a capable design and quality, the Xiaomi Piston 2 is an option earphones which is great for music listeners. Interested?

6. Xiaomi Piston 3rd Generation

Xiaomi Piston 3rd Generation

If the Piston 2 comes in gold and black, then the Xiaomi Piston 3 comes in color full black and gold plated plug parts. At a fairly affordable price, earphones it is capable of providing excellent performance (the resulting sound sounds richer and clearer) as well as a cool design.

When used for calling, the Piston 3 microphone is quite comfortable to use and the sound is clear. The buttons on the Xiaomi Piston 3rd Generation (still the same as the previous generation, namely volume up, music playback, and volume down) is able to work well on Android. However, it turned out to be incompatible with iOS.

7. Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Headphone

The special features of earphones This Xiaomi is a combination of BA drivers (balanced armature drivers) and drivers dynamic. earphones with a cable length of 1.25 meters and a gold-plated plug, it has a sensitivity of 101dB, an impedance of 32Ω, and a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz. The voices are transmitted very clearly and cleanly and remain constant at higher levels.

Microphone earphones it can work well on Android and iOS. However, the volume control only works on Android (same as Piston 3rd Generation). Like earphones discussed earlier, the Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Headphones are also sold in a convincing packaging. With 3 earplugs In it, you can choose one that fits your ear from 4 different sizes.

8. Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule

Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule

Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule comes with features drivers single dynamic in a quite special design. Eartip on earphones it’s made curved which makes it kind of half-in-ear headphones or half in the ear. When used, the level of comfort earphones This capsule form is indeed very good.

The Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule is compatible with some of the latest Android and iOS devices that have a 3.5mm jack. Produced sound earphones This is quite bouncing with a pretty good bass effect. earphones It is available in two color options, namely black and silver and white and gold.

9. Xiaomi Headset 2S34

Xiaomi Headset 2S34

Xiaomi Headset 2S34 is earphones Xiaomi with other bluetooth connectivity. This device is capable of connecting with smartphone with a distance of up to 33 feet or 10 meters. In addition, the Xiaomi Headset 2S34 can also be connected with two smartphone at a time.

In a state of standby, earphones This can last up to three days. When used to listen to music, the Xiaomi Headset 2S34 is enough to accompany your daily activities. With a fairly affordable price, these earphones are available in two color choices, namely black and white.

10. Xiaomi Youth Earphone Mini

Xiaomi Youth Earphone Mini

Xiaomi Youth Earphone Mini is also one of a kind earphones wireless with bluetooth network. This black device comes with a volume button that can be operated easily. Weighing only 6.5 grams and features oil-resistant coating, earphones This wireless is still comfortable to use and still looks clean from flashes of oil from our body skin.

Together with earphones Previous Xiaomi, Xiaomi Youth Earphone Mini is also capable of connecting with smartphone within a distance of up to 10 meters. Time standby this product reaches 180 hours and time talk timeit is 5 hours. The sound produced by the Xiaomi Youth Earphone Mini is clear and you can rely on well.

Those are some recommendations earphones The best Xiaomi from Carisignal. Price for each earphones varies depending on the specs and technology under it. And you can get the above products with prices starting from Rp. 100 thousand.