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10 Best VR Box Apps for Android 2022

The more advanced the technology, the more real when you play games. What does that mean? That is, along with the times like today you can watch videos, even play games like you are entering a game with a VR device.

Of course you can use VR on Android smartphones. But you also need an app for VR devices.

Well, that’s why before you settle for playing games or watching 360° videos with VR, you must have the VR Box application first. Here Carisignal will discuss 10 applications for the best VR Box devices on Android. Curious?

Realizing the various potentials of VR glasses, application developers have also provided many VR applications with various types, functions, and features – as shown in the list below.

1. Cardboard

app for VR Cardboard devices

Cardboard, an app for VR devices, comes from the creators of Google. Cardboard will support VR technology on your Android smartphone. Apart from being an application for VR devices, Cardboard completes the application with various kinds of videos that you can enjoy.

You can experience watching 360° videos provided by Cardboard. In addition, users cancapture images via VR that has been installed this Cardboard application. This application made by Google also allows you to fly with maps customized by Google Earth.

Are you ready to feel the sensation like entering a video or even entering a 360° game? If you like the Cardboard application, you can download it directly and for free here.

2. YouTube VR


The presence of VR glasses makes normal activities a more enjoyable experience, including watching YouTube. Yes, the Google company certainly doesn’t want to be left behind to involve the VR aspect in one of its platform the giant.

By connecting VR on your Android device, you can experience a beautiful interface immersive when selecting videos. Moreover, watching videos will feel very different.

Look around you to see the subjects in the video “for real,” as if you were diving right into the clip you’re watching. Enjoy the YouTube experience in a VR world by downloading the app here.

3. Google VR Services

Google VR Services _

The Google VR Services app brings VR functionality to Google Daydream as well as Cardboard.

Google VR Services has several features, such as displaying notifications when VR is running, connecting other devices such as headsets, and helping you to log in and out of running VR.

Oh yes, without this Google VR service, Google Daydream will not be able to function properly. So, before entering VR, make sure you have Google VR Services installed first. Download the app here.

4. Sisters


Sisters is another VR app worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of horror movies and games. The story is, you will be in a family room with a gripping feel and atmosphere.

You can look around up to a 360-degree angle, and the scene you see will also react to your vision.

It really offers a different experience. It’s not like watching a movie – this time you will truly experience the horror as if you were actually in the room. Don’t forget to use a headset when playing it to make it feel more real! Interested? Come on, download the Sisters application here.

5. Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality


Fulldive, an application for VR devices that you can use to support your VR technology on Android smartphones. Not much different from applications for other VR devices. This application offers various features in the Fulldive VR application.

Fulldive VR users can enjoy videos on YouTube directly using VR and the Fulldive application.

In addition, you can directly browse the internet using VR. You can even access the VR Market where users can directly access all VR applications on Android smartphones. Interested? Click here to download the application.

6. Netflix VR


Who doesn’t know Netflix? Media stream These films and series offer a wide collection of titles from various genres.

There are many conveniences offered by Netflix, one of which of course can make you watch foreign movies without having to download pirated ones. If you are one of those hobbies binge-watchinguse VR glasses to make the viewing experience even more exciting!

You see, so you can watch movies as if with a different background. This background can be considered very cozy – with a long red sofa, an LCD TV, and also some accents that make it feel very homy.

However, unfortunately you can’t change this background. There is also no 360-degree video playback so in terms of immersion, this application is not enough to optimize the existing potential of VR glasses. If interested, please download Netflix VR here.

7. Google Daydream


This is an application that is able to provide a stunning VR experience. Google Daydream has a useful interface for providing a collection of VR games and apps. This collection will continue to be developed with new VR content from time to time.

Unfortunately, this application can only be run on HP that supports Daydream such as the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. To see a list of cellphones that support this application, please click here. Is your cellphone one of them? If so, please download the Google Daydream application here.

8. Orbulus


For those of you who want to take a walk just to feel the atmosphere of a place, Orbulus can be the right solution. This way, you don’t even have to spend money to go abroad – the Orbulus app has a huge selection of places around the world and even Mars.

To make it easier for you, all activities carried out on this application can be controlled only by sight. Want to relax on the beach? Visiting the desert? Or curious about the atmosphere of the port?

Lots of variety of backgrounds to show with 360 degree angles and sound spatial. Let’s enjoy a fun VR experience by downloading the application here.

9. VR Crazy Swing


If you are one of the adrenaline junkies, VR Crazy Swing is the VR app for you. How come? This application can make you ride the swing with a very fast turn. As a result, you can be pushed up very high and see the view of the city from above.

The setting that is carried is a metropolitan city full of skyscrapers at night. Undoubtedly, this application can make you feel as if you are riding a ride in Dufan.

Like most VR apps, you too can see around your surroundings at a 360-degree angle. VR Crazy Swing is an app freemium who provides free trial. Please download the application at this link to try it.

10. VR Cinema


Seeing the name of this application, surely you can guess what its function is for. Yep! This app can convert any video as if it was being watched in a cinema. Funnily enough, this imitation of the cinema experience is so realistic that you get to choose your seat number.

Quite impressive, considering that other VR video players are rather rare that provide the feature seat selection for free.

With the selection of seats, you can automatically feel watching movies from different angles. If the screen feels too big, you can choose a row of seats in the back or vice versa. Are you interested? Let’s download the application at this link!

So, those are the 10 recommended applications for the best VR devices on the Carisignal version of Android. So, which app is your favourite?