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10 Best RAM Brands for Laptops and Desktop PCs 2022

What is RAM? What is clear, RAM that will be discussed is not the popular name of the land of Hindustan. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. In simple language, it is a “tool” that serves to temporarily store data in a computer or other smart device.

How RAM Works?

RAM works by reading program instructions to then be executed by the processor in one device. In a computer device, for example, when you turn on various programs and then finish and turn off the computer, the RAM will work while running the program but does not store the data that the program runs.

That’s why RAM is also called ‘volatile memory’, aka temporary storage media when the computer is connected to a power source. Meanwhile, the component in charge of storing data that can be reopened after the computer is off is storage or storage drive (non-volatile memory).

In computers, there are generally 2 type drive namely HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive). While on smartphones, there is what is called internal memory or you can say storage. If the storage type, hell, another name is different.

RAM exists because computers need instant access to temporary data in order to operate a program. Well, this temporary data is written by a program or game to RAM, not to drivebecause it is more quickly accessed by the CPU.


RAM on a PC / Laptop is a type of DDR RAM (Double Data Rate) which as the name implies has a double path in processing instructions from or to the processor. DDR is a substitute for SDR (Single Data Rate) which was used before 1990. This DDR RAM continues to grow and has several types based on its generation which finally emerged the term DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. The difference between these four types can be seen in the following figure.

DDR RAM type

There are two types of DDR RAM on the market today, namely DDR3 and DDR4. The first generation DDR and DDR2 types on the market are generally used RAM because this type of RAM is used for computer or laptop devices old school.

If your PC / laptop uses DDR3 RAM type, then you need to buy DDR3 RAM type and not DDR4. The same applies to all types because all types are not compatible with each other.

Differences in this type of compatibility include timing (latency), voltage, and number of pins. Especially for the number of pins, this makes DDR4 RAM unable to be inserted into the DDR3 slot, and vice versa.

Compared to DDR3, DDR 4 has a faster data transfer rate, larger capacity, and lower voltage. The RAM currently circulating uses the SDRAM type, which stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. That is, it is synchronous RAM that runs according to the frequency of the processor.

SDRAM which is popularly used since 2000 excels because of its power efficiency, fast data transfer, and stable data transmission. Junebe what you are using on your computer is DDR4 SDRAM or DDR3 SDRAM.

Difference between Laptop RAM and Desktop PC


RAM has an important role in terms of computer performance. The larger the number of RAM, the better the computer at running programs. In fact, there are some computer programs or games that require a certain number of RAM specifications.

For example, the Adobe After Effects CC program requires a minimum specification of 8 GB of RAM. Or for example, popular PC games like DOTA 2 which can run well if the computer uses at least 4 GB of RAM.

The same applies to laptop devices. RAM on laptops and desktop computers is actually one type but different forms. RAM on a PC is known as DIMM or dual in-line memory modules. While on laptops, they are smaller and are often referred to as SO-DIMMs Small outline Dual Inline Memory Module. The difference in DIMM and SO-DIMM sizes can be seen in the image above.

RAM on a laptop, generally has a predetermined capacity. For example, 5 million laptops which generally currently come with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. It’s just that, sometimes there are additional slots so that users can add a larger RAM capacity. In PC computers are actually more flexible because the number of RAM slots depends on the motherboard used.

Some of you may have had enough of the RAM in your computer or laptop. Not a few also feel that the RAM capacity they have is less than capable. Therefore, adding RAM is an option that can be chosen.

There are many brands of laptop and PC RAM sold in the market, it’s just that not all of them are of high quality. In fact, there is a well-known brand of imitation RAM alias KW. Therefore, for those of you who are going to buy RAM, you should choose a quality RAM brand. For those of you who need good quality RAM to support the performance of your computer or laptop, you can choose the best RAM from the following 10 brands.

Best RAM Brands Today

Well, after you know what RAM is and the difference, now is the time for you to choose one of all the best RAM brands that we recommend below.

1. Corsairs

Corsair Vengeance

Corsair is a manufacturer of computer hardware devices that has been around since 1994. One of Corsair’s best products is RAM, both DIMM and SODIMM types. The Corsair RAM brand is also known to be durable and easy to find. One of the best Corsair series is Vengeance which is a type of Corsair RAM for gaming.

Because the quality is good and well known, the price of Corsair RAM tends to be higher when compared to other brands with the same capacity.

2. G. Skill


G.Skill is a Taiwanese brand that produces quality RAM. The G.Skill brand is generally found on computers or laptops with high specifications.

Just like Corsair, G.Skill is also famous for its higher price. The price can’t lie because it shows the quality of the product, just like the G.Skill RAM.

3. Transcend


Transcend is a RAM brand from Taiwan that has been around in producing computer components for a long time. This brand is quite popular in Indonesia and quite a lot of RAM products from Tanscend are purchased. Transcend presents various RAM variants at prices that are not too expensive but the products are still of high quality.

4. Kingston

Kingstone Hyper X FURY

Kingston is the most popular brand in Indonesia when it comes to memory components. This brand releases a lot of products such as flash drives, SSDs, and of course RAM. Even if the author is asked, “What is the brand of the flash drive of a million people?” Kingston is the answer.

Kingston is famous for releasing many types of RAM at an affordable price but the quality is quite good. One type of Kingston RAM that is good is Kingston HyperX FURY.

5. Hynix


Hynix is ​​a good RAM brand too. Hynix was founded in 1983 in South Korea. Long experience in the semiconductor industry and supplying a lot of RAM around the world make Hynix widely known. Many laptop manufacturers get their RAM supply from Hynix. Therefore, the Hynix brand does not need to be doubted for its quality.

6. Patriot


Patriot is a company engaged in the field of gaming accessories and games performance memory (RAM) since 1985. Some of the product categories they issue are keyboards, headsets, gaming mice, SSDs, USB flash disks, and of course RAM.

Although not as well-known as other brands, Patriot is a supplier of high-quality RAM at a more affordable price. Patriot has a RAM product line titled Viper Gaming which provides a variety of gaming RAM with varying performance and capacity.

7. Adata


Adata Technology is a Taiwanese RAM-producing company that was founded in 2001. One of these RAM brands also produces several other storage media products such as USB flash disks. SSDs, hard disks, and HP accessories. This Adata brand has a pretty good reputation. In fact, in 2022, Adata was named the second largest producer of RAM products after Kingston.

8. Venom RX

Venom RX

Venom RX is a technology company that manufactures computer components such as cases, motherboards, and of course RAM. RAM from Venom RX is one of the best. An example is the Venom RX Sodim DDR3 4GB PC10600 which has good compatibility with older DDR3 types. Those of you who plan to increase the RAM capacity of your laptop, can choose RAM from Venom RX.

9. Team Elite

Team Elite

Team Elite brand RAM is widely chosen by those who want to increase RAM performance, especially gamers. RAM from Team Elite has a relatively good quality. In addition to producing RAM, Team Elite also produces a lot of SSDs, SD cards, flash drives, and even power banks.

Team Elite has the same quality as the Corsair but is more affordable. Those of you who need RAM with quality like Corsair can look at RAM from Team Elite.

10. Crucial

Crucial Ballistix

Crucial is a RAM brand made by Micron Technology, an American company engaged in the semiconductor industry. The well-known RAM product from this company is Crucial Ballistix which is of good quality.

Crucial Ballistix is ​​the RAM that you can choose, especially for PC gamers who need RAM with good quality and capabilities.

In addition to the RAM brands already mentioned, there are many other RAM brand variants such as V-Gen, Adata, Lenovo and so on. You can search for the type of RAM you are interested in and according to your budget, but the 10 brands that have been mentioned are highly recommended to choose from.