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10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in 2022

Everyone who has ever been in school must have experienced the experience of drawing on paper using a pencil. Although it sounds simple, drawing is not an easy job to do. Only those with an artistic spirit are able to draw well.

As technology develops, drawing work can now not only be done manually. Those who draw for a living can already do their work digitally using existing technological tools. One of them is a pen tablet.

Reporting from Wikipedia, a pen tablet or graphics tablet is a computer input device hardware that allows the user to draw by hand and enter drawings or sketches directly into the computer, just like drawing on paper using a pencil. This tool consists of two components, namely a digital tablet as a base and a digital cursor or pencil as a drawing.

Today you can find a variety of different brands and models of pen tablets on the market. If you are in need of this tool, below Carisignal will discuss some of the best recommended brands and models of pen tablets. The products on this list are all in the pen tablet category (not display pens or computer pens).

1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 1

Wacom is one of the most popular pen tablet brands in the world originating from Japan. From the country of origin, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the Wacom pen tablet. In the pen tablet category, the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large is one of the best we recommend. You can get this product from IDR 8 million.

The Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large is the tallest model in the Wacom Intuos Pro family of pen tablets. Paper Edition allows you to automatically convert paper sketches into digital files, as you draw. Its wide size (430 x 287 x 8 mm) with an active area of ​​311 x 216 mm provides extra comfort when you draw.

The Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large offers the thrill of drawing with the Wacom Finetip Pen on paper while capturing every stroke digitally for further work in your favorite software. You can also connect it to your computer and work directly in the application of your choice.

2. Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 3

We also recommend the medium size regular Wacom Intuos Pro (338 x 219 x 8 mm), a compact model with a larger active area. Beyond the Wacom Finetip Pen and Wacom Paper Clip, the Wacom Intuos Pro offers the same key features as the Paper Edition, including the Pro Pen 2 which has 8,192 pressure sensitivity and 8 programmable Express Buttons.

In addition to being compact, the Wacom Intuos Pro also offers a slim and light design and a customizable user experience. With a price of Rp. 5 million, the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is a great choice worth it as the tool you need for more natural drawing or photo editing.

3. Wacom Intuos Pro Small

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 5

The Wacom Intuos Pro Small is the newest model in the regular Wacom Intuos Pro family. Boasting a size of 269 x 170 x 8 mm with an active area of ​​160 x 100 mm and a weight of just 450 grams, this small model offers great portability without losing its quality.

Because it is smaller than the Medium and Large models, the Wacom Intuos Pro Small only offers 6 programmable Express Buttons. This model also does not offer the programmable 4 Touch Ring functions. If what you are looking for is portability, this Rp 3 million pen tablet is the right choice.

4. Wacom Intuos Medium Bluetooth

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 7

The Wacom Intuos is an inexpensive option for those of you who do a lot of brush work. If you don’t need the extra features that Intuos Pro offers but you frequently use a paintbrush, pen, eraser, dodge, or burning tool, you should consider the Wacom Intuos.

Wacom Intuos consists of four different models, namely Wacom Intuos Small (Bluetooth and Non Bluetooth) and Wacom Intuos Medium (Bluetooth and Non Bluetooth). Our recommended Wacom Intuos Medium Bluetooth model offers 3 software packages for one operating system, more complete than the other three models.

The three software are Corel Painter Essentials 7, Corel Aftershot Pro 3, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO. This software support certainly helps to increase the creativity that you create. Meanwhile, the addition of Bluetooth connectivity means you can connect to a PC with just the click of a button pairing on/off.

5. Wacom Intuos Small

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 9

The Wacom Intuos Small offers a 7-inch (10-inch) diagonal work surface (10 inches for the Medium model). With a price of around IDR 1.2 million, the Wacom Intuos Small can be a cheap option for users who will only use the tablet only at the table and don’t mind messy cables.

In terms of the software offered, Wacom Intuos Small users can only choose 1 of 2 software packages for one operating system, namely Corel Painter Essentials 7 or Corel Aftershot Pro 3. Overall, Wacom Intuos Small can be a good choice for beginners before go professional.

6. XP-PEN Star 03 Pro

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 11

We also highly recommend the XP-PEN pen tablet which is also from Japan. One of the most popular XP-PEN pen tablet series in Indonesia is the XP-PEN Star which offers quality at an affordable price. One of the best and best-selling models is the P-PEN Star 03 Pro which is sold at IDR 800 thousand.

This pen tablet offers a 10 x 6 inch active area that gives you enough room to exert your imagination and is suitable for both right and left handed use. Some of the advantages it offers include 8 customizable shortcuts for smoother and more efficient images and a battery-free stylus that has a pressure rating of 8,192 and does not need to be recharged.

7. XP-PEN Star G640S

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 13

XP-PEN Star G640S is also the choice of many creative workers in Indonesia. You can get this pen tablet at an affordable price, which is Rp. 600 thousand. At just 9mm thick, the slim XP-PEN Star G640S offers great portability and is easy to use on the go.

XP-PEN Star G640S comes with a 6.5 x 4 inch active area, enough for a good drawing experience. This pen tablet also offers pressure sensitive 8,192 levels. Additionally you will find 6 customizable hotkeys for quick access to customize and optimize your workflow.

8. XP-PEN Star G430

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 15

With a price of IDR 500 thousand, the XP-PEN Star G430 comes with an extra thin portable design. This pen tablet offers an optimal 4 x 3 inch active area for OSU! Gameplay. Meanwhile, its small size and light weight help you increase the level of accuracy.

Some of the key features of XP-PEN Star G430 include battery-free a stylus that does not need to be refilled as well as a stylus that features automatic line correction and an intelligent shockproof function with a pressure rating of 2,048 to make lines and colors smooth and fluid.

9. Huion H640P

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 17

Huion is a pen tablet brand from China that we also recommend. One of the popular pen tablet models is the Huion H640P. Sold at IDR 500 thousand, this tablet offers a compact design with a 6.9 x 3.9-inch work area and a stylus with a pressure level of 8,192.

Another advantage offered by this product is that it is only 8 mm thick, making it easy to carry around. This tablet also has a battery-free electromagnetic resonance technology that allows users to be creative anytime and anywhere.

10. Huion H420

10 Best Pen Tablet Brand Recommendations in the Year [year] 19

Huion H420 is the cheapest pen tablet on this list at only IDR 300 thousand! This tablet with a minimalist design can be used for both signing and drawing. In addition to offering more comfort with a thickness of only 7.5 mm, the work area measuring 4 × 2.23 inches is also comfortable for creativity.

Huion H420 is a pen tablet for electronic signing which can be widely applied in various industries. It comes with pretty good specs in its price class, including a 2,048 level of pressure sensitivity, 3 programmable express buttons and a 4000LPI pen resolution.

Well, those are some recommendations for the best pen tablet brands and models for you. Because we do not discuss each one in detail, you can ask the seller further about the product you are buying, so that you can get the right product according to your needs. Pen tablet products from the three brands above, namely Wacom, XP-PEN, and Huion are the three best choices from Carisignal.