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10 Best Offline RPG Games for PC, Console and Android

RPG games have their own fans, especially Japanese RPGs, also known as JRPGs. RPG or Role Playing Game is growing until now. Some well-known titles such as Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Dragon Quest, Tales series, and many more, each have their fans.

In addition, not only consoles or PCs have RPG games, there are even many mobile game developers who make RPG games with long stories, such as console and PC games. Now for those of you who are looking for the best RPG games, we will present recommendations for the 10 best RPG games. Ready? Here’s a list of the best RPG games from Buddy Games.

Best Console or PC RPG Games

1. Console or PC RPG Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The seventh series of RPGs made by Square Enix has finally released its remake series this year. This remake version offers very significant differences, from graphics to gameplay. Unlike the original version, FF VII Remake offers a more lively and immersive RPG style of action. Gameplay is somewhat similar to FF XV, however, FF VII Remake allows you to switch characters. Plus, this game includes several scenes that weren’t in the original version which makes this game an even more exciting story to follow.

2. Console or PC RPG Game: Chrono Trigger

For JRPG veterans, you must be familiar with a title from Square Enix called Chrono Trigger. What’s interesting about this game is the character design designed by one of the famous mangaka, Akira Toriyama. Therefore, you will see similar characters from Dragon Ball. The Battle System Chrono Trigger basically has no difference from other JRPG games. However, the storyline of Chrono Trigger.

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3. Console or PC RPG Game : Lost Odyssey

Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu as one of the leaders in the JRPG world finally left the project that made their name and made a JRPG game that was also in demand in its time, namely Lost Odyssey. This game basically has another JRPG-style battle system, which is turn based. But what are the advantages of Lost Odyssey? Lost Odyssey has interesting gameplay mechanics and storyline.

RPG Games 3

4. Console or PC RPG Game : Pokemon Let’s Go

For those of you Pokemon fans, you must follow the Pokemon Let’s Go game which was released for Nintendo Switch. This game is inspired by its predecessor games, namely Pokemon Red and Blue, and Pokemon Yellow. The gameplay is actually not much different from the previous Pokemon games. What distinguishes it is the graphics that use 3D graphics. Pokemon Let’s Go comes with two series including Pikachu and Eevee. Do you prefer Pikachu or Eevee?

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5. Console or PC RPG Game : Baldur’s Gate II

After we mentioned Japanese RPGs, this time it’s the turn of western RPGs. One of my favorites is Baldur’s Gate II. Basically western RPG games have a different gameplay mechanism with Japanese RPGs which usually come with a turn based battle system.

RPG Games

Baldur’s Gate II was developed by BioWare, one of the legendary RPG game developers who has spawned several series such as NeverWinter Nights, Mass Effect and many more.

Best Android RPG Games

1. Baldur’s Gate II

Because the mobile game industry is growing rapidly, there are several games that were released on PC that can finally be played in the palm of the hand. One of them is Baldur’s Gate II. For Baldur Gate’s II this Android version is the Enhanced Edition edition. Basically, Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition is a remastered version of Baldur’s Gate II.

RPG Games

What distinguishes it from the original version is that this game can be played with a higher resolution so that it looks sharper.

2. Final Fantasy XV

After the success on the console version, Square Enix boldly released Final Fantasy XV for the mobile version. What distinguishes it is the graphics that appear on the Android and iOS versions are the characters who appear chibi, unlike the console version.

RPG Games

However, in general, Final Fantasy XV has the same storyline as the console and PC versions. You can play this game for free for the first chapter. To continue, you have to pay.

3. Final Fantasy III

Square Enix seems to continue to pound the mobile game market with its old products. One of them is Final Fantasy III. This game is arguably a remake version of the original because it has many differences.

RPG Games

One of them is the 3D graphics. You will find FF characters with cute and chibi looks. If you’ve never played FF III, try playing the mobile version now.

4. Chaos Rings III

Looking for quality JRPG games to play on your smartphone? Try playing Chaos Rings III. This game has cool 3D graphics that make you feel at home playing. Not only the graphics, the gameplay and the storyline are also interesting to follow. However, to play this game, you have to pay first.

RPG Games

5. Chrono Trigger

Besides being released for PC via Steam, Square Enix also released the Chrono Trigger game for mobile which you can get on the Google Play Store.

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In terms of gameplay and graphics, nothing is different, so for those of you who want to reminisce, you don’t have to worry about adapting. To play it, you need to pay the price listed on the Google Play Store.