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10 Best Offline Horror Games for Android

You are Horror lovers and you’re looking for a list of spooky horror games? Well, this time Dafunda Game has compiled a list of the best Android offline horror games that are ready to give you goosebumps.

This horror game is a mix of lesser known titles that fans might miss but provides a terrifying gaming experience.

Most Indonesians like all things horror. This also applies in the world of games, especially games on Android. This also opens up opportunities for many game developers to create many thrilling horror games.

For those of you who like horror games, this time Dafunda Game will provide recommendations for the best offline horror games for Android that can make your skin crawl. Immediately following the summary.

10 Best Offline Horror Games for Android

1. Detention

Detention | Red Candle Games

The first Best Offline Horror Game for Android is Detention. Detention is a horror game developed by Red Candle Games with a 3D graphic display that is quite pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the development of a very thick psychological thriller nuance, this game won the IndieCade award in 2022.

Translated into Chinese, Detention means “back to school”. This game will give you a very unique experience that you probably won’t get in other horror games.

In this game, you will be the protagonist. Where your task is to explore the entire building which indirectly finds out what is really hidden in the school. Detention itself is available in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

Information About Detention

Game NameDetention
Release Date5 September 2022
Download Size629 MB
Offered ByRed Candle Games
Rating on Playstore4.4

2. COLINA: Legacy

Colina Legacy
Colina Legacy | Chance6 Studios

The second Best Offline Horror Game for Android is COLINA: Legacy. In this game you will act as a character named Alex. COLINA: Legacy itself is an offline horror game with a third-person perspective. This game tells the story of Alex who was abandoned by his family when he woke up at his grandmother’s house.

Your task here is to help Alex get out of his grandmother’s house. However, this is not easy to do. Alex has to spend the night at the house accompanied by various elements of horror that are quite tense throughout the game.

What makes this game even more gripping is the horror atmosphere that is offered very well, coupled with very good visuals and audio. In addition, additional puzzle elements will also drain your analytical skills in this game.

Information About COLINA: Legacy

Game NameCOLINA: Legacy
Release Date9 September 2022
Download Size1.14GB
Offered ByChance6 Studios, LLC
Rating on Playstore3.5

3. Mental Hospital VI

Mental Hospital Vi
Mental Hospital VI | AGaming+

The third Best Offline Horror Game for Android is Mental Hospital VI. Mental Hospital VI is the 6th series of Mental Hospital games. This game itself is a horror game series that already has several series. And the latest is Mental Hospital VI.

Mental Hospital VI tells the story of a reporter from a news company. Told if the reporter received a letter from his friend at night. The letter received by the reporter contained a notification that something mystical was happening at the Santa Monica Mental Hospital. You who play the role of the reporter must lead him to find the truth.

After arriving at the destination, you will get a terrible adventure from this horror game which is quite gripping. For those of you who like horror series, this game is very worthy for you to play.

Information About Mental Hospital VI

Game TitleMental Hospital VI
Release DateNovember 9, 2022
Download Size682 MB
Offered ByAGaming+
Rating on Playstore4.1


Strains | Jesse Makkonen

The next recommendation is the DISTRAINT game. This horror game is a game that was introduced through the PC platform. But then a mobile version was made to create a more gripping sensation.

This game offers a storyline that will make the players feel tense and gripping. What makes this game even more spooky is the sound effects that make the atmosphere even more tense. Interested in trying it?

Information About DISTRAINT

Release Date27 November 2022
Download Size96.35 MB
Offered ByJesse Makkonen
Rating on Playstore4.7

5. Smiling-X Corp

Smiling X Corp
Smiling X Corp | IndieFist

The next Best Offline Horror Game for Android is Smiling-X Corp. Smiling-X Corp tells the story of a game developer who gets a job at Smiling-X Corp Video Game Studio. In the story, he was offered to help develop a horror game. But inadvertently, work at the studio turns out to be leading him to an unexpected event.

It is said in the game that the boss of the studio has a demon-like behavior. Because the studio boss gave an order to install a new program on the server. This is still reasonable. However, the terrible thing is that all the developers in the studio seem hypnotized to continue typing program code in front of the computer screen and work without stopping.

Now your job as a player is to help the character find out what’s going on. After that, you escape from that horrible studio by solving puzzles and avoiding enemies.

Information About Smiling-X Corp

Game TitleSmiling-X Corp
Release DateDecember 21, 2022
Download Size52.53 MB
Offered ByIndieFist
Rating on Playstore4.0

6. Scary Killer: Escape House Horror

Scary Killer Escape House Horror
Scary Killer Escape House Horror | Evil clown survival games

The next recommendation is the game Scary Killer: Escape House Horror. Scary Killer: Escape House Horror is a horror game that offers very interesting gameplay. This game presents a game that is quite gripping with an interesting style. The story of this game is set in a house that is believed to have occupants in it.

In the house there is a very fast and strong killer character, which no one can survive from. But there are also those who think there are ghosts from people who previously lived in the house.

The person is killed and begins to terrorize anyone who is in the haunted house. To get out of the gripping haunted house, you as a player must collect door keys that are placed in various corners.

Information About Scary Killer: Escape House Horror

Game TitleScary Killer: Escape House Horror
Release DateJune 5, 2022
Download Size77.89 MB
Offered ByEvil clown survival games
Rating on Playstore4.3

7. The Dark Pursuer

android offline horror game
The Dark Pursuer | Digital Secrets

The next recommendation is the game The Dark Pursuer. In accordance with the title of the game, The Dark Pursuer presents a horror game that will take you to feel the creepy sensation in the dark. This game tells you that you are locked in an abandoned place.

But there is something very unexpected, you don’t live alone but are accompanied by a mystical figure. Not much different from most other mobile horror games, your task here is to find a way out with all the instructions that have been provided.

The advantage of this game is that it offers excellent horror game play, this is evidenced by presenting a dark impression in the game which is quite real and can make you feel tense.

Information About The Dark Pursuer

Game TitleThe Dark Pursuer
Release DateJune 1, 2022
Download Size121 MB
Offered ByDigital Secrets
Rating on Playstore3.8

8. Endless Nightmare

android offline horror game
Endless Nightmare | 707 Interactive

The next Best Offline Horror Game for Android is Endless Nightmare. This game will take you to play the character of a police officer named James. James’ wife and child had been mysteriously murdered several years ago.

Now your task is to help James to uncover the truth of the death of his wife and child. But not as easy as imagined, something terrible has happened during the investigation process. A woman with a scary appearance is trying to hunt down James. For that, you are required to keep James alive and struggling in an endless nightmare.

Information About Endless Nightmare

Game TitleEndless Nightmare
Release DateJune 30, 2022
Download Size96.75 MB
Offered By707 Interactive
Rating on Playstore4.4

9. Paranormal Asylum

android offline horror game
Paranormal Asylum | Rzerogames

The next recommendation is the Paranormal Asylum game. Paranormal Asylum is a very fun survival horror game to play. Because this game offers gameplay that looks quite real. In this game, you are tasked with finding some dolls in a building. You will be equipped with some equipment such as a handicam to navigate every place.

What makes this game even more spooky is the sound effect that makes the atmosphere even more tense and tense. In addition, every time you get the doll you are looking for, the doll will make a sound like a baby. This of course adds to the spooky when playing this game.

Information About Paranormal Asylum

Game NameParanormal Asylum
Release DateJune 22, 2015
Download Size40.79 MB
Offered ByRzerogames
Rating on Playstore4.2

10. Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

android offline horror game
Eyes Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game | Fearless Sp. z oo

The last Best Offline Horror Game for Android is Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game. Eyes: Scary Thriller is a survival horror game where you have to enter a building at night, steal twenty bags of money and escape from the crime scene unseen.

Instead of wanting to run away from the place, you find something unexpected. When you want to run away, you are even being chased by the mystical inhabitants in the house.

As the title implies, in one of the rooms you will find a picture of an eye on the wall. These eyes when touched will show phantasmagorical visions of certain places within the building. You decide what you want to do with the information.

Information About Eyes: Scary Thriller

Game NameEyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game
Release DateJune 14, 2013
Download Size74.12 MB
Offered ByFearless Sp. z oo
Rating on Playstore4.4

How About Our Best Android Offline Horror Games?

Best Offline Horror Games Android
Best Offline Horror Games Android

So, that was the recommendation for the Best Offline Horror Game for Android that we can give to you lovers of Android horror games. There are still a lot of game recommendations that we haven’t shared with you, so keep an eye on Dafunda Game!!